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  1. Bedlam

    NorcalBrewing Solutions Giveaway!

    Me, too, pretty please! Thanks!
  2. Bedlam

    Well, this is gonna suck...

    This is fantastic! I toast you and your beloved! I remember this thread and am glad you took the time to post up. I like closure, what can I say. There have been many relationship dilemmas posted here that I've been curious about.
  3. Bedlam

    Etiquette Question

    I almost spewed coffee when I read this.
  4. Bedlam

    Who is NOT going out for St. Pats day?

    We've built a bonfire and are having friends over for beef stew and my IPA. There will be low-key revelry.
  5. Bedlam

    Help with job interview (non beer related)

    I think that you re-phrase that as: "I have a tendency toward being a bit introverted. I get a little overly-focused on the task at hand and may not come across as warm as others might expect. I've been working on this by pushing myself to engage my coworkers during breaks or other...
  6. Bedlam

    Why are people afraid of snakes?

    After frequenting this forum, I'm now afraid of mead... Thanks, Creamy. :mad:
  7. Bedlam

    Any Bluegrass or Folk Fans Out There?

    There are some GREAT suggestions on here. I'll be checking out some of these folks here ASAP. I do have to brag, though...last night we got to go to a taping of Mountain Stage (an NPR show). We got to see Larry Keel, The Downhill Strugglers, Lunasa, aaaaannnnnnnd....ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL...
  8. Bedlam

    The insult game

    Typical Southern style offerings: "Whew...he's so fat, if he hauls ever ass, he'll need two trips." "Her? She's so stupid if she tried to hit the ground, she'd miss." "She could out-ugly a possum!" Also keep in mind that here in the South, insults are generally followed with "bless...
  9. Bedlam

    Canoe ride anyone?

    I can't believe someone posted this! My husband said something just tonight about taking me on a canoe ride. So exciting! Don't think he was talking about beer, though. And I don't see a canoe around here. Wonder what he means? :D
  10. Bedlam

    Im finally sort of a brewing adult

    I have obtained official permission from El Hubbo to post this: He is wearing a sash of the tartan of my family, Maxwell clan. Guilt by association! ;) Calm down, ladies...he's spoken for. I'm a lucky, lucky woman. :ban:
  11. Bedlam

    Need advice on my wife.

    Garage Dweller, I want to speak to you as a calm voice in your time of pain. It sounds like you were wronged and you are generalizing your pain to the world at large and my gender in general. I do not now, nor ever would I advocate cheating or lying to a significant other. If she led you to...
  12. Bedlam

    Im finally sort of a brewing adult

    ^ THIS! What an excellent suggestion!
  13. Bedlam

    Im finally sort of a brewing adult

    I have a winged helm, a'la that of a valkyrie. If I wear it when racking an ESB, will I hit the right SG?
  14. Bedlam

    Do You Cook With Your Homebrew???

    Today we put some trub from my completed ESB in with the yeast for a pizza dough. Fantastic! Much improved rise and a nice doughy, malty flavor. It was just a little bit, too...maybe 1/4 cup or so.
  15. Bedlam

    Who would you go gay for?

    My advice? Hold out for a while and see how my Brew Shed build goes before you commit. ( :p
  16. Bedlam

    Who would you go gay for?

    You know, I've been following this thread for a few days and it really has me thinking. I've tried very hard to consider it seriously and come up with an honest answer, but it is much harder than you might think. I like guys. (I'm a chick, for those of you who keep forgetting. ;) ) I...
  17. Bedlam

    Buffalo Recipe

    3/4 cup Franks 1/4 cup white vinegar 1 tbl worstershire (sp?) 1/2 cup butter or oil Toss wings in them. We keep a jar of this around for various uses...the most recent of which was to make a batch of KILLER beef jerky.
  18. Bedlam

    Grrr.... flat beer.

    There's only one solution: okra! :rockin: Seriously, I agree that some more time in a warmer environ is warranted. Keep out a couple to make some black & tans just to tide you over and let the others do their thing outside of the fridge.
  19. Bedlam


    The Turd I've had several cats, but none as connected to me as this guy. He's my buddy and tends to be wherever I am. Very in-tune with my emotions, too, never intrusive but always present and usually doing his own thing, too. I love this guy. His "real" name is Keowyn, but his actions...
  20. Bedlam

    Bedlam's Brew Shed Build

    Wow! That's JUST what I'm looking for! Thank you so much.