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  1. duker

    Favorite place to buy extract kits?

    I agree!!
  2. duker

    How big a mistake?

    It will be bottled. I did think about leaving it alone, but not sure how strong it would be, no problem for me, but taking it on a trip and some friends will be trying home brew for the first time. Hope it turns out ok. Thanks for the info!
  3. duker

    How big a mistake?

    2 week ago I brewed a batch of Cream Ale, pitched the yeast and let it so it's thing. An hour or so layer it hit me I did not add water to bring it up to 5 gal. Last night I racked to the secondary and added 1 gal to bring the brew up to 5 gal. Should I be worried. Everything was thoroughly...
  4. duker

    Picture of my Pilsner - What do you think?

  5. duker

    Lime Ale?

    Thanks for the info guys, I will let you know how it works out.
  6. duker

    Lime Ale?

    Has anyone tinkered with with adding lime flavor to an ale? There seem to be quite a few commercial brews coming out with lime flavoring added. My homebrew has seem to become a hit with the friends and neighbors, and I have had a request to try adding lime. Any suggestions on which type...
  7. duker


    Soccer around my house is pretty much year round...U14 Cub season is underway, with the Select travel starting in Sept. I can not wait!!! My Prem League Club...Liverpool
  8. duker

    Navy vs. Marines

    My father in law loves to get his boys fired up!! Calls the younger one (Navy), Squid, and the older (Marine) Jr Squid, it's good stuff to watch them bicker back and fourth:D
  9. duker

    Favorite Brewing Music

    AMEN, brother, can not wait!!!! But for now Hair Nation:rockin:, or the 80's :fro:
  10. duker

    Navy vs. Marines

    Man that is funny, my brother in laws will love is was a Marine the other was in the Navy:D
  11. duker

    How Many Days in a Row...

    For me about 35 days...I was in Japan for 5 weeks on business (3 different times last year), they fly me first class, so free beer:ban:, on average 3-4 a night, beer vending machine in the lobby where I stayed, the weekends it was "on" :drunk: because why not, all public trans so no worries...
  12. duker

    Cheaper beer

    My .02 is, look into some extract kits, (so far all I have used), and at this price you will double your inventory...most kits are $22.0-$29.00 for 5 gal., but your brew will be far better than any store bought, watered down, "Beer". I started brewing in January as a hobby, now I have a hard...
  13. duker

    HBT Contest - Win a Lifetime Membership

    Have you got a little Captain in You!
  14. duker

    Something isn't "clear"

    I use extract kits, with a liquid yeast "smack pack" At least 2 weeks in primary, keep an eye on gravity reading, 2-3 weeks in secondary, when racking into bottling bucket very little has settled in bottom of carboy, after bottling and conditiond "All is clear" Could be beginners luck...
  15. duker

    How to Roast a Whole Pig

    Man have I been itching to do this.... I have been to a few roasts and they have been great. I do alot of smoking (beef, pork and chickens that is :D), but have yet gone "hog wild". I have a double graduation next year (son high school, daughter middle school) so this may be the time, of course...
  16. duker

    HBT Contest - Win a Lifetime Membership

    Snowboarding in Nagano...
  17. duker

    HBT Contest - Win a Lifetime Membership

    Not a deli
  18. duker

    HBT Contest - Win a Lifetime Membership

    Anyone thirsty?
  19. duker

    HBT Contest - Win a Lifetime Membership

    Mt Fuji...
  20. duker

    HBT Contest - Win a Lifetime Membership

    My kind of Circus...