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  1. dzlater

    Imperial Cream Ale

    I brewed this Turned out well.
  2. dzlater

    Pale Ale

    This turned out well 84% 2 Row 8% carapils 8% flaked corn cluster@60 23 ibu's cascade @ 15 10 ibu's cascade @ 5 4 ibu's dry hop cascade 5 days US-05
  3. dzlater

    engineering help needed for siphoning project

    I took my garden hose. put a shut off valve on one end. filled the hose from the tap. shut the valve. disconnected the hose from the tap, put a shut off on that end. so I had a hose full of water. tossed one end in the pool , opened the valves.and siphoned away
  4. dzlater

    When To Apply Keg Lube to O-Ring

    I've never used keg lube. Haven't had any problems, so I see no need to start.
  5. dzlater

    Good summer ale?

    That sounds good. Nice and simple. Do you use flaked rye or malted rye? DS
  6. dzlater

    A Quick Question + Impatience

    As far as equipment you can brew a batch pretty cheap. Get a couple used plastic buckets from a bakery or grocery store. One for a fermenter and one for a bottling bucket. Purchase a bottling bucket spigot from a home brew store and install it on one of the buckets. About $5 Get several feet of...
  7. dzlater

    Rinsing Lager Yeast Strain

    I wouldn't bother rinsing it. Just keep it all.
  8. dzlater

    Vienna/Northern Brewer/California Common SMaSH

    I'm not sure how it would score in a competition as a "common". (and I don't really care" but as I said the I really enjoyed the beer. I know folks use clean fermenting ale yeasts for the style, to me BRY-97 seemed to fit the bill.
  9. dzlater

    Vienna/Northern Brewer/California Common SMaSH

    I brewed something similar that turned out really well. 10 lb vienna 1/2 lb crystal 45 .6 oz magnum @60 1 oz N. Brewer @20 1 oz N. Brewer @0 BRY-97 yeast
  10. dzlater

    Green Brewer...Green Beer...

    If it's done fermenting , bottle it.
  11. dzlater

    Wort chiller for fermentation cooling

    I've been thinking of trying this method, but haven't got around to it yet. I got the idea here
  12. dzlater

    pearled barley?

    I roasted some in the toaster oven to use in a stout once.
  13. dzlater

    Pete's Wicked Ale

    I got your recipe off the AHA forum, and planned to brew it this weekend. The weather's kind of ****ty and I brew outdoors so I might have to put it off till next weekend. I'll let you kow how it turns out.
  14. dzlater

    is it possable to brew a beer like ....

    This is a recipe for a three gallon batch I brewed. I wanted a flavorfull lager, but wound up with a very light low flavor beer. So much so that I am either going to blend it or dump it. But it might be close to what you are looking for. 4 lbs 4.0 oz Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0...
  15. dzlater

    Pressure kegs?

    I've never seen them for sale in the US. You could try going with polypins.
  16. dzlater

    Mash tun keeps getting clogged

    Scroll down to "Building the Mashtun"
  17. dzlater

    Quick yeast starter?

    You could always take some of your first runnings maybe a quart or so give it a quick boil, chill it down pitch the yeast in that. Shake the hell out of it every once in a while. Let the yeast get happy while you finish brewing. And pitch the whole thing.
  18. dzlater

    English yeast and overcarbonation

    It certainly seems that it was done fermenting. Don't know what to say.
  19. dzlater

    English yeast and overcarbonation

    I seriously doubt that yeast from another batch carried over, but I guess it's possible. I've found that English yeasts sometimes need a bit of rousing to help them finish up. What was the OG and how long was it in the fermenter?
  20. dzlater

    How can some brewers cold crash and keg so soon?

    Unless the yeast was really old, I wouldn't bother with a starter for a one gallon batch. A one gallon batch is basically a starter. I would just pitch the yeast. If you want to get a couple of brews out of it just harvest some from the one gallon.