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  1. HenryHill

    Yooper Brewday this summer?

    So sad to see this suffocate. This has been a really weird year for people trying to get together, for some reason. I have noticed all spring and summer that people are too busy or just have conflicting schedules for getting together for events or a weekend. I'm real busy and just keeping up...
  2. HenryHill

    Big difference between 1/4" and 3/8" diameter wort chiller?

    1x2" x 50' ftw. Make it yourself.
  3. HenryHill

    Dip Tubes -to cut or not to cut?

    Don't cut or bend the out tube-you WANT the first pint to be sludgy and to get the gook out of the keg. Even if the second isn't perfect, the other 4 3/4 gallons will be clear.
  4. HenryHill

    10 Gallon Round Cooler Mash Tun

    You can richen up the grain to water ratio a bit for making a big beer, too.
  5. HenryHill

    I'm going to skip starting with extract and start with all-grain

    I started out AG, and wrote my own recipe using BS. Study the process of the mash and steps after fermentation. Get a good thermometer, a good 10G coolerMLT with a SS braid, weigh out everything every time and double check your water volumes both in recipe and when you dough in and sparge...
  6. HenryHill

    Fermentation Temperature Controller Sanity Check

    I used a Ranco single stage digital controller and wired in an extension cord for feeding in power and for an outlet to the freezer cord. Wouldn't this work for your plan?
  7. HenryHill

    Premium Membership Worth It?

    I have heard of some of the pettiest reasons for not paying. 'Tex sent me a reminder my subscription was running out, so I'm not going to pay just because he pissed me off.' Do whatever you want, but I'm not sorry and money is not easy anymore. It's twenty bucks to get your feet wet or...
  8. HenryHill

    Missed FG

    I give the fermenter a swirl about 3 days before it's done, without even checking gravity, as sometimes the yeast just needs a little rousing to finish up.
  9. HenryHill


    You may want to familiarize yourself with the recent controversy of notty yeast not starting quickly or fermenting as is usual experience and it's subsequent recall. I do not think your issue is with the star san if you are mixing it correctly and using it correctly, and frankly it ain't hard...
  10. HenryHill

    Black IPA fermented too low! wth

    What yeast and what temp was it fermented at?
  11. HenryHill

    Local Brewpub kind of sucks...

    Homer, I totally understand wanting your local brewery to brew fabulous beer and you see that they aren't and know that they probably fairly easily could be; trust me, I feel your pain. I get it. I get it. My local brewery, which I need not name, used to make fabulous beer and was starting to...
  12. HenryHill

    Local Brewpub kind of sucks...

    Still in business. "This CPA and engineer researched what business would fill a niche needed in Port A. They came up with an affordable family friendly restaurant with beer and pizza and apparently were not wrong." "Brewery owner, June Petitt, is pictured here with daughter Catie, son...
  13. HenryHill

    Local Brewpub kind of sucks...

    I have seen it work better to slowly work up to the point of judgment or comparison of work by first seeing what is going on-in this case as suggested, a tour of their facility and maybe a look-see at an actual brewday. From that perspective, you can say what YOU DO, and if he has it in him...
  14. HenryHill

    Local Brewpub kind of sucks...

    My kid and his buddy went to into Windsor for fun one night and stopped in down town Detroit for a few before going over. I can't say for sure which one it was now, so I won't mention it, (although I am fairly sure who it was) but Jon and his buds at college know craft beer and prefer it when...
  15. HenryHill

    Local Brewpub kind of sucks...

    Revvy, I'd be interested to know, in your eyes, who in MI makes brewery/brewpub beer from extract that is impressive? I know of a restaurant that set up a brewery and they have EXCELLENT beer, but they went all grain-Big Rock Chop House.
  16. HenryHill

    Local Brewpub kind of sucks...

    I'm thinking that no matter how he reacts to your face, his real reaction is somewhat less open-minded. ;)
  17. HenryHill

    Local Brewpub kind of sucks...

    There's more than one cafe or restaurant that wants to have a bragging point and stroke their own ego, just like there's more than one celebrity who wants his (or her) own 'vanity beverage'. (Who makes a special point to buy Kid Rock beer?) Maybe to appear to be more competent in food/beverage...
  18. SRMChartByStyle


  19. ModernSchools-HartsvilleSC