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  1. WarEagleBrewer

    Moon Creek Brewing Supply

    Has anyone ever purchased from them? Recently? They had a really good deal on a Ss Brewbucket, so I gave it a shot. The website looks legit. ( I placed my order on Sunday and got a automated response. I haven't noticed any movement on my order and started looking...
  2. WarEagleBrewer

    Is Beer Smith worth it?

    Yup, worth it. This is just one of the smallest amounts you are going to end up spending on this hobby, so you might as well do it now.
  3. WarEagleBrewer

    Canning beer

    @jready Yup! Seeing your pic lets us know you are DEFINITELY single.....and congrats on THAT!!! If you want to know what marriage looks like, just take all your stuff, throw it in the garbage, and clutter your house with women and children crap. You sir, are living the dream!
  4. WarEagleBrewer

    Inkbird December BBQ Thermometer Giveaway

    USA - I want my wife to buy me guns for Christmas!
  5. WarEagleBrewer

    Can I harvest top crop yeast now???

    I want to harvest off the top because this yeast is usually MUCH cleaner. I've been harvesting off the bottom after primary, but I'll be dry hopping this extensively and am wanting to get as clean yeast as possible.
  6. WarEagleBrewer

    Can I harvest top crop yeast now???

    I've got an IPA going that I used WY1318 on. Today is day 6 and I'm well past high krausen. I had a lot of yeast come out airlock (I filled the fermenter too full). I have since learned quite a bit about top cropping yeasts such as this. I haven't opened the lid to the bucket, but it is still...
  7. WarEagleBrewer

    Homebrew Talk Super Awesome Happy Funtime Giveaway

    @uncleben113 This stuff is AMAZING!!!
  8. WarEagleBrewer

    Did I blow out all my yeast???

    So, I’ve never had this problem.....I filled my fermenting bucket a bit too full and get quite a bit of blow out thru the airlock. It was most wort at first, then what appeared to be some hop trub, (I’m cleaning it all off the top of the bucket periodically) then the prettiest, creamy, thickest...
  9. WarEagleBrewer

    Took a chance on cheap CO2 tank....

    My Paypal account shows the money was it's all good. I was REALLY hoping this would not end the way it did....
  10. WarEagleBrewer

    Took a chance on cheap CO2 tank....

    Just saw my email too. I already paid, so I went to the resolution center to open a says "Paypal reports a case should not be opened. If you have already paid, you can try to resolve the issue by contacting the seller". Yeah right! Oh well.....
  11. WarEagleBrewer

    Took a chance on cheap CO2 tank....

    Right. This was my thoughts as well, but with the PayPal and eBay guarantees.......and even if I lose $33......there is always that chance that the too good to be true ISNT. I just hope the person get them shipped before the authorities find out he stole them!
  12. WarEagleBrewer

    I have hard water what now?

    Hell, playing with the Brun Water program to see what works is half the fun!
  13. WarEagleBrewer

    I have hard water what now?

    Ditto on the water report. Then, get yourself a copy of Brun Water and adjust! I have slightly hard water and it is a great base, I just add a little gypsum here, a little calcium chloride there, maybe a hair of Epsom salt depending on the style, and viola....amazing (as of late) beer! I also...
  14. WarEagleBrewer

    Took a chance on cheap CO2 tank....

    I already have one 20lb tank I bought from the local PEPSI Co (have a receipt!) so I can trade that one in. I just bought a MIG welder and needed another bottle, but when I called PEPSI, they no longer sell the tank AND she implied they wanted the one they sold me back (shouldn't have given me...
  15. WarEagleBrewer

    Took a chance on cheap CO2 tank.... I may not get it, but $33 and free shipping on a 20lb tank? Too good to be true usually is, but for $33 I can afford it.....I'll let you...
  16. WarEagleBrewer

    Grits vs flaked maize

    You will have to adjust your water JUST SLIGHTLY as the grits tend to absorb a bit more water than crushed barley. I add another half gallon per 5 gallon batch.
  17. WarEagleBrewer

    Grits vs flaked maize

    Use quick grits. The cereal mash has been done for you. Add directly to the mash. I do it all the time with cream ale's.
  18. WarEagleBrewer

    Food grade grease

    NOT to be confused with Mineral Spirits!!!
  19. WarEagleBrewer

    Food grade grease

    Mineral Oil. It's tasteless, and is what I use for keg lube. It can be ingested (one of its uses is to relieve constipation).