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  1. Banjoman76

    New Product! Cool Brewing Fermentation Cooler

    Seeing you are both in the same town... Wouldn't it be easier to bike, walk or drive ?
  2. Banjoman76

    Who else has received their delivery from Great Lakes? (pix)

    GLH is on E-Bay
  3. Banjoman76

    Mini CO2 Setup

    This is what I use as a portable dispenser.
  4. Banjoman76

    Clean-in-place keg and carboy washer with 360 rotating spray ball

    Seriously, 50 bucks for the Plastic Drum-Washing Nozzle ? I was looking at your idea for an economical idea.
  5. Banjoman76

    11:37 time to pour the last pint of 2011

    The Mayan Calendar hook-um is supposed to take place December 21, 2012. I think you have plenty of time to down some more pints. I think the Mayan's ran out of stone while making their calendar. Remember the lights and computers were supposed to go haywire on Y2K and we are still running. :mug:
  6. Banjoman76

    Anyone ever use these plastic conical fermenters?

    Too bad there isn't a smaller model for the 5 gallon batches that I make. I'm thinking the extra headspace would be too much.
  7. Banjoman76

    A Better Brewer's Best American Cream Ale?

    Try steeping a pound of 10L crystal in 1 gallon of 150-160 degree water in a grain bag for 20-30 minutes. Remove the grain bag and follow your BB instructions.
  8. Banjoman76

    Makeshift Hop Drying

    Aldi's has a food dehydrator for 19.99. I picked one up and dried what turned out to be 3/4 of an ounce of Hallertauer's after 5-6 hours and me rotating the trays. FYI
  9. Banjoman76

    How much pickling lime in a tsp?

    Ever think of making pickled cucumbers to drink with your brew ? :mug:
  10. Banjoman76

    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    Sign me up TxBrew ! :mug:
  11. Banjoman76

    BIAB Brewing (with pics)

    A link to that episode would be helpful instead of searching.
  12. Banjoman76

    Does Founder's Brewery have tours?

    Let's not forget Arcadia Ales too in Battle Creek, which is not that far from the aforementioned establishments.
  13. Banjoman76

    Crushing your own grains

    Try adding a couple of washers behind the butterfly nuts. They tend to even out the plates. Then there is this venerable thread that inspires.
  14. Banjoman76

    Does Founder's Brewery have tours?

    Send them an e-mail and request a tour.
  15. Banjoman76

    michigan brewer

    There are tons of homebrewers from Michigan on this forum. Check out the Michigan Mashers in the Groups section. Ionia... Closest Home Brew stores are Red Salamander in Grand Ledge and Siciliano's in GR.
  16. Banjoman76

    C02 Tank Identification Help

    Seven, How much did they charge you for hydro-static testing that tank ?
  17. Banjoman76

    Imperial Stout - First Batch

    Don't use snow only as a way to cool your wort. As you stated it took 2 hours to cool to near pitching temperature. Snow makes a good insulator because of the intricate shapes of the flakes. These shapes trap air in between the flakes as they pile up. These tiny pockets of air prevent air from...
  18. Banjoman76

    Brewed my first all grain...thoughts?

    Use the tube the hydrometer came in to measure in a pinch of time.
  19. Banjoman76

    Can I use old peanut oil container as a fermenter?

    Make the trip to Siciliano's and pick up a 7.9 Gallon fermenter and a bottling bucket. Take time to drool over all the other gadgets they have. :cross:
  20. Banjoman76

    New, Stationed in Hawaii

    Mele Kalikimaka, I was stationed at Kaneohe from 78-81. We drank mass quantities then, at $2 highs as homebrew craftbrew was in its infancy. Enjoy it here and ask questions !