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  1. Abyssal

    GIVEAWAY for Inkbird Digital Instant Read Thermometer BG-HHIC (ended)

    Thanks! Count me in! Good luck everyone!
  2. Abyssal

    DIY cast iron pipe draft tower

    Oh I guess I should mention, I was thinking of using copper pipe insulation for my insulator, so that paired with 1-1/2" pipe do you guys think would be enough for air flow?
  3. Abyssal

    DIY cast iron pipe draft tower

    This guy made something pretty much the same as what the OP posted. The main difference (besides using premium stainless steel pipes...) was that he used a couple 2" X 1/2" 304 Stainless Steel Threaded Bushings and then drilled out the 1/2" hole to 7/8" so it'd be nice and tight. So that's an...
  4. Abyssal

    First time Root Beer from scratch, need advice on carbonating.

    And are you trying to make it alcoholic? Because if you throw yeast in there it will eat all that sugar and produce alcohol. So if you plan on serving this root beer to kids I wouldn't use yeast :D But there are some relatively cheap forms of force carbonating! The simplest would be to find...
  5. Abyssal

    Transition from Extract to All Grain- Equipment recommendations

    I throw my ballot in with the BIAB'ers. Especially if you're moving from stovetop. I tried a couple 5 gallon all grain batches with my brother on a turkey fryer and cooler mash tun,but ended up with really bad efficiency numbers. Later I was doing 1 gallon stovetop batches, then about a year...
  6. Abyssal

    Organic brewing

    Pointing to a thread I found the other day with a lot of resources
  7. Abyssal

    So you think you know 220v wiring? Well i need your help.

    I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this already, but if that was originally set up for a generator, I'd be careful that there's not some kind of switch in the main panel that would turn off the circuit from the mains and draw power from the generator? So pull power from "Generator" receptacle...
  8. Abyssal

    Homebrew Talk Super Awesome Happy Funtime Giveaway

    @TxBrew Thanks for the update! And thank you both for the giveaway! Here is my first attempt at an electric brewery. Using CraftBeerPi as a controller!
  9. Abyssal

    Fermentation monitor

    I know it's been forever, but I'm guessing the trials didn't work out so well? I've been searching the internet to see if someone has successfully used on the of the MQ-3 alcohol sensors, but so far I've only found research papers that don't go into the coding and/or calibration of it. I...
  10. Abyssal

    MQ-3 alcohol gas sensor for measuring fermentation progress?

    Adding on to this thread, found this thing: It's an ethanol sensor, and it looks like it is used mainly for educational purposes. Any one know of any other ethanol sensors or any DIY stuff for it? I know of the Tilt hydrometer (and the DIY...
  11. Abyssal

    Inkbird Giveaway for New Wireless BBQ Thermometer IRF-2S

    USA and red please! And thank you! Good luck everyone!
  12. Abyssal

    The Gruit Beer Thread

    Again late reply :D but I just finished reading through the thread! I was at first bummed because I wanted some fresh Juniper berries and boughs but didn't think they grew naturally here in the Midwest. But then I saw that juniper is actually a pretty common landscaping tree/bush! And once I...
  13. Abyssal

    The Gruit Beer Thread

    Sorry for the late reply! I just finished reading the this thread, which I love by the way! It's a great idea! I had something similar happen to me. I went super crazy with my first gruit and used some sketchy home malted wheat and rice as my grains. I was even more crazy and didn't boil it...
  14. Abyssal

    Inkbird September Giveaway for ITC-310T-B Temperature Controller

    Count me in! I would love to win one!
  15. Abyssal

    iSpindle - DIY Electronic Hydrometer

    I feel like if you hard wired anything to the float then the wires would throw off how the float reacts to the change in density? Like the hanging wires would throw off the center of gravity and couldn't keep it consistent depending on how the wire hangs.
  16. Abyssal

    iSpindle - DIY Electronic Hydrometer

    This is can be used in the current version of Craftbeerpi I believe.
  17. Abyssal

    CraftBeerPi - Raspberry Pi Software

    I don't see that happening. This software was developed for homebrewers, and it's free for us! On the commercial side I see no problem with Manuel getting a cut if people want to use his software to make money!
  18. Abyssal

    Brew-Boss Giveaway! 20 Gallon Kettle

    Count me in! Good luck!