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  1. kinison_fan

    Grain Milling Techniques

    I also have a Corona style mill. My suggestions: -These mills were designed to make flour-so loosen them up to crack your grains. -Set/gap the plates about the width of a credit card-stick a card between and tighten it down. (then tighten a little more for good measure). -when using a drill...
  2. kinison_fan

    Oaking & flavouring advice

    For 5 gallons, I usually take a smaller mason jar (6-8oz?), almost filled with oak chips then topped off with bourbon. Put the lid on and let it sit for weeks to months. Then I brew the beer, after primary ferm, move to secondary, then add the bourbon and oak to the fermenter. I'll let this...
  3. kinison_fan

    Is all grain kit still good?

    brew it. If it doesn't come out right, dump it. You already sunk the cost of the materials, all you'd be losing now is the time to brew.
  4. kinison_fan

    Brew Dogs...

    I've enjoyed the show a lot, since it started. Took a couple of episodes to get used to their accents, but now kind of "know" their personalities and sense of humor, and enjoy watching it while having a homebrew or three. They definitely are into "extreme" brewing, but that really does show how...
  5. kinison_fan

    My Ugly Junk- Corona Mill Station...

    Looks good, but you're gonna want a dust cover!
  6. kinison_fan

    Irish Car Bomb: Your Thoughts?

    I have a friend from Ireland who would Americans feel if the Irish had drinks named Twin Towers, or Sandy Hook...or the latest stateside incident. Boston Marathon...too soon?
  7. kinison_fan

    I think I found why my beer does not carb

    Does your flat beer have extra mouthfeel?
  8. kinison_fan

    Favorite food/beer combo?

    Pizza and a pale ale. Seafood and an IPA. Mexican food and a light lager.
  9. kinison_fan

    Show your steins!!

    My Father in law had a nice little collection of Steins when he passed away about 10 years ago. I mentioned wanting them, but wife and her sibs let them go to the estate auction. I did not go to the auction, or I probably would have bid on them; don't even know what they went for. Some lucky...
  10. kinison_fan

    Humorous homebrew names

    "Apfelwein...(aka Panty Dropper)"
  11. kinison_fan

    How much cold-brewed coffee for 5 gallon batch?

    Try cold brewing 4 ozs of coffee in 2 cups of water. Add to taste at brewing/kegging time. Go a little strong, it will mellow some.
  12. kinison_fan

    Homemade soda

    You can put a small batch in a five gallon keg. You'll just use more co2. But to try it out, that's cheaper than buying a half keg.
  13. kinison_fan

    What You Wear While Brewing

    Tuxedo if it's after six...what am I, a farmer?
  14. kinison_fan

    Renting homebrew equipment?

    No legal problem renting equipment. The legal issue with homebrewing is no alcohol sales. The problem with renting is your second question--finding someone who'll rent to you.
  15. kinison_fan

    HomeBrewTalk 2013 Big Giveaway!

    Count me in!--Thanks!
  16. kinison_fan

    Show us your Mead in a photo!!!

    Wow. There are much cheaper vodkas to use as airlock sterilizer. :o
  17. kinison_fan

    Brown Bag Carboy Cover - with pic

    Black Trash bags here also-upside down with a small hole cut in the bottom for the carboy neck to poke through. Lift up to see what's going on inside. Rinse and hang to dry when spilled on. Been using the same ones for years.
  18. kinison_fan

    My mouth hates IPAs now

    Not ready to pull man cards YET. But if you start picking out lipstick colors to go with that woman mouth syndrome...well, you better turn your card in before we have to come looking for you!