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  1. Plan9

    Fat Basset Bochet Cyser - Cider with "Burnt" Honey

    Did this cider dry out, or did the caramelization leave unfermentable sugars behind? I made a burnt mead and it was very sweet, but it was high ABV and my yeast may have pooped out.
  2. Plan9

    Why can't I hit my target OG?

    You have a good point there. It was a very soupy mash and there was wort left over after the carboys had been filled. Something is probably off in my equipment profile. Next batch I will do all my math on paper, measure boil off and dead spaces. Then if I see a change I can adjust the...
  3. Plan9

    Why can't I hit my target OG?

    I have a bad track record of my OG ending up about 10 points less than Beersmith is expecting. Even with lowering the efficiency to 65% I wanted to describe my system and process and see if I can get some advice on what I may be doing wrong, or over looking. The system is a single tier, 3...
  4. Plan9

    Interview for a job at a brewery

    It's 82 degrees back here in Orlando today. ;) Congrats though :mug:
  5. Plan9

    Tell me whats wrong with this chamber plan

    I'd like to build a new fermentation chamber out of what I have laying around. Hoping for some review to see if I'm over looking some obvious problems. I have a dead 25 cu ft chest freezer and a working Sanyo 4912 mini fridge that I currently use as a kegerator. My thought is to build a...
  6. Plan9

    Separating plants

    This spring I planted two rhizomes too close together and they grew intertwined. Wouldn't be a problem except one is nugget and one is cascade. Now I have a mixed harvest. Now that they are done for the season, can I dig one up and move it? Would it be better to wait for the spring? FYI...
  7. Plan9

    RTD temp sensors

    Can any of the automated systems use RTD temp probes? I'm considering upgrading from PIDs and would like to reuse what I can.
  8. Plan9

    Fermentation chamber insulation

    That makes sense. Thanks!
  9. Plan9

    Fermentation chamber insulation

    This has probably been covered already. When building a fermentation chamber most people use rigid foam with an R value of about 5. What about using fiberglass which has a rating from 19 to 30?
  10. Plan9

    Force carb, then Belgian bottle?

    I have an all brett beer that I want to keg half and bottle half in corked belgians to let it age. I know I could prime the bottles and let them carb naturally, but since I have a keg set up, why deal with all the sediment? I guess the two questions are... 1. If I force carb, transfer...
  11. Plan9

    There is also a homebrew shop in Sanford. It is at Magnolia Street Market. Sorry, I don't have a link.
  12. Plan9

    Bochet Mead (burnt mead)

    I made a batch of this today. 10 pounds of clover honey cooked down until it looked like milk chocolate, and and puffs of smoke instead of steam. I don't know the exact amount of water I added, but I filled a 3 gallon better bottle. After stirring it with a drill stirrer I got an OG...
  13. Plan9

    Help with AG Breakfast Stout recipe

    Yeah, I way overdid it with the coffee. I just tasted like cold black coffee. Age did not fade it. If I were to brew this again, I'd probably cut it back to a quarter pound or so.
  14. Plan9

    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    Entered :mug:
  15. Plan9

    Large Giveaway - Fermenter, Mash Paddles, Thermapen

    username: Plan9
  16. Plan9

    BCS-460, is it worth it?

    Man, that thing is cool as hell! If you want to let any more of them go, let me know.
  17. Plan9

    Mill motorizing help needed.

    When you mentioned a jackshaft, I pictured a 2 belt system with 4 sheaves. A double stepdown system. That would have been overkill. :D
  18. Plan9

    Mill motorizing help needed.

    I think a jackshaft may be overkill with the small speed reduction I'm doing here. Most guys motorizing mills are stepping down from a few thousand rpm. I do like the idea of the pillow bearing. I'll probably use a longer shaft with the drill, and support the end with the bearing. That will...
  19. Plan9

    Mill motorizing help needed.

    Yeah, I'll probably move the 3.5" to the drive, and pick up new belt and a 8" for the mill.
  20. Plan9

    Mill motorizing help needed.

    1.5" on the drill, and i think it's a 3" on the mill.