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  1. NateLTB

    What's in your fermenter(s)?

    10 gallons of cream ale 5 gallons of American hefeweizen 5 gallons of American wheat ale that will have peaches, apricots and scotch bonnet peppers added in secondary
  2. NateLTB

    Craft Beer MAW

    I think so @absoluthamm did it work?
  3. NateLTB

    Craft Beer MAW

    C'mon @weirdboy, give us an update!
  4. NateLTB

    Maybe a dumb ques- new to all grain, can hot liquor and boil be same pot?

    You could make it work but you would have to run off your runnings into some other container to collect them while you sparge. When you are done sparging you would then pour all of your runnings into the HLT/BK and proceed with your boil.
  5. NateLTB

    WOOO Welcome to untappd LEGENDARY!

    I'm currently sitting at 1862 unique but I started in May 2012. Cheers!
  6. NateLTB

    Craft Brew Pubs in Portland

    Can't go wrong with Apex, Belmont Station, Green Dragon or the Horse Brass Pub.
  7. NateLTB

    Men: Getting snipped. Yay or nay?

    I had mine done last March, after my son was born, and it wasn't too bad. My doc was a fellow home-brewer so we talked about beer and brewing while he did the procedure. The procedure itself was pretty pain-free but I did get kicked a couple of times afterwards by my boy and that was painful.
  8. NateLTB

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2016?

    + 10 gallons of a NE inspired IPA =1872
  9. NateLTB

    What was your Gatewaybeer to craft beer?

    Guinness led me to Black Butte which led me to Mirror Pond. Been hooked ever since.
  10. NateLTB

    GOOD on Netflix STREAMING?

    I'm four episodes in and can't wait to finish it. I'm completely hooked by this show. Master of None was hilarious. So is Aziz Ansari's stand up. Can't wait for the next season of House of Cards. Daredevil and Jessica Jones are both great. Lots of good stuff on Netflix these days.
  11. NateLTB

    Haven't made beer in a while

    I'm in the same boat but for a different reason. My son turns one tomorrow and I just haven't had the time to brew since he was born. I brewed one batch in the last year compared to the fifty batches I did in the three years before. I'm hoping that I'll get to brew again soon but I don't see...
  12. NateLTB

    Video Games

    Pip-Boy > Power Glove
  13. NateLTB

    Funny things you've overheard about beer

    I stopped by a new little bottle shop that opened up close to home to check out the selection. I was warned about the owners of this place not knowing much about craft beer by a friend. I picked up a Gigantic Superbad coffee stout and a bottle of Firestone Walker 19 Anniversary. As one of the...
  14. NateLTB

    Video Games

    I play as mostly a stealth sniper build and I use VATS all the time while I'm traveling from place to place. I randomly click VATS just to make sure I'm not going to stumble into some raiders/mutants/deathclaws etc. It seems to work pretty well at letting me know what's ahead so I can snipe...
  15. NateLTB

    Video Games

    The first barber I found was in Diamond City, near the newspaper. You'll be able to change your hairstyle there.
  16. NateLTB

    Video Games

    Anybody pick up Blood Bowl 2? I used to play the tabletop game about 20 years ago and I'm loving the video game version of it.
  17. NateLTB

    Video Games

    Just got my copy of Fallout 4 pre-ordered. Now the waiting begins...
  18. NateLTB

    Obnoxious Football Trash Talk Thread

    It couldn't have possibly been the fact that the Jets coach at the time, Eric Mangini, was a former Pats assistant.
  19. NateLTB

    Obnoxious Football Trash Talk Thread

    So covering up the Patriots logo on their shirts and/or sweatshirts when they were taping the opposition's hand signal isn't considered covert? Saying that they were with NFL films or Kraft productions isn't considered covert?