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  1. rasherb

    Wood Causing Haze?

    I Added Makers Mark soaked on toasted oak cubes to a barley wine about a week ago. Now there is some wicked haze going on that was not there before. Has this happened to anyone else when adding wood?
  2. rasherb

    fermcap oops

    I just poured about an ounce of fermcap in my starter. Am I in trouble?
  3. rasherb

    My first beer job!

    Cool! Where in Roswell will the store be?
  4. rasherb

    Brewmasters Warehouse

    BMW: Great store, Great service, Great people,......Packing Peanut Nightmares. They are my #1 store and have worked hard to earn it. I just wish I had something productive to do with all those packing peanuts....
  5. rasherb

    Diacetyl Help

    I checked yesterday and the Diacetyl was gone. So that's about 5 days at 64-66 degrees F. Maybe if I checked earlier the Diacety would have been gone on day 3 or 4.. Time to descend to lagering again... Thanks for the help everyone!
  6. rasherb

    Diacetyl Help

    It was about 2-weeks in primary when I started the rise to d-rest. 24hrs D-rest. Then I take it down from there 2 degrees C per day. It's at 2C right now, but I just shut off the temp control so it should free rise back up to room temp (68-64 F).
  7. rasherb

    Diacetyl Help

    12/42 = about 70% attenuated. Did I wait too long?
  8. rasherb

    Diacetyl Help

    Have not racked it yet, fortunately. I'll bring it back up to d-rest temps (64 sound good?) for a while. Maybe a week?
  9. rasherb

    Diacetyl Help

    Attenuation is a lot lower than I expected too. It started at 1.042 and is now at 1.012 after three weeks.
  10. rasherb

    Diacetyl Help

    I finished my diacetyl rest (24hrs) on a lager and started ramping the temp down to 2C. I tasted it today and there was still a lot of diacetyl character. Should I raise the temperature back up for more resting time? Yeast is WLP 830.
  11. rasherb

    HomeBrewTalk 2012 Big Giveaway

    Yay! Fist bump, brah!
  12. rasherb

    Trader Joes Vintage Ale 2011

    Very tasty. Moderate spice notes (not over the top). Some tartness, maybe sour mashing? Rich toasted grains. Belgian yeast character of course.
  13. rasherb

    Opening a Pub / Feedback please!

    I agree with this! There's a lot of cool pressed sandwiches you could do that would interest a foodie crowd, but that's probably not the right answer if you want to make money...
  14. rasherb

    American Lager OMG! Classic American Pilsner is Awesome

    You'll need about 25 grams of dry yeast according to Mr malty. So that's 2 of the bigger packets.
  15. rasherb

    American Lager OMG! Classic American Pilsner is Awesome

    Oh yeah. That would be great. I've done this recipe with different percentages of American and German Lager yeasts. The best batches have been with mainly German Lager yeast. The dry Safale would be great as long you take care of the yeast. Rehydrate....pitch enough cells...temp control....
  16. rasherb

    TN/Northern GA/Southern KY - Hop Buy

    +1 on the Motueka. That's a stellar hop. Maybe my favorite.
  17. rasherb

    Online Recipe Creation Site?

    beertools is good. I also like the brew builder on brewmasters warehouse.
  18. rasherb

    Cigar City - Jai Alai

    Wow. Quick reply from Wayne. This is one killer hop schedule and one amazing beer: FWH - Ahtanum Columbus Bittering - Columbus Ahtanum Amarillo Flavor - Columbus Centennial Cascade Aroma - Amarillo Cascade Ahtanum Dry - Simcoe
  19. rasherb

    Cigar City - Jai Alai

    The brewer's email is not on the site, but using wayne at cigar city brewing did not bounce back...
  20. rasherb

    Cigar City - Jai Alai

    Thanks. I'll give emailing them a shot. It's not all citrus/tropical fruit. I get other herby/spicy notes that are really nice.