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  1. potseeslc

    New England IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    Hey this is my Podcast and thanks for sharing! New Image is probably one of the better hazy IPA breweries in CO. This post is great summary of what we discussed. My question is where would you get a Terpene hop extract as a home brewer? Brandon talked about doing hop shots. Any other resources?
  2. potseeslc

    Open Fermentation

    Want to know the complete list of top cropping yeasts that work for open fermentation? Check out 👇
  3. potseeslc

    Bottles, Kegs and Cans

    Here's to another beginners series that talks about packaging after fermentation. Listen to the full episode 👇 and tell us what's your favorite the most, bottles, kegs, or cans?
  4. potseeslc

    Beginner Series - Burners

    Are you new to homebrewing? Here's a beginner episode, it talks about the fundamental piece of equipment when it comes to brewing- the burners. Listen now to the latest episode. 👇
  5. potseeslc

    New Order Lagers with Dan Moore

    If you're a member of New Order Lagers Facebook Group, you probably know Dan Moore. He is the group's admin and a former Head Brewer over at Nighthawk Brewing. In our latest episode, we talked about pressure fermenting lagers at ale temps. Listen now to the latest episode. 👇...
  6. potseeslc

    Recreating an Ancient Beer with Sara Toth Stub

    Who is into beer history? I would say I love history so I am very excited to share this episode with all of you. In this episode, I talked to Sara Toth Stub, a journalist. We talked about her article for Sapiens magazine about archeologists that recreated an ancient beer with yeasts discovered...
  7. potseeslc

    Beer-Chef: Lambic Style Ale

    I am truly blown away at the quality of beer that can be made at home. This week we put that to the test with our first Beer Chef episode. We have a home brewed example and have two BJCP judges taste it against a commercial example in that style to see who will win. Think Iron Chef for beer...
  8. potseeslc

    Flora Brewing with Sara Flora

    If you are active on home brewing social media chances are that you have seen Flora Brewing. This was an interview I have been looking forward to for a long time and I had a great time talking to Flora about her brewing, equipment, and what is in her future. Listen to the full episode here...
  9. potseeslc

    The Beerologist with Edgar Huitema

    Beer is a science that you can drink. Do you agree? Listen to Homebrewing DIY's latest episode. In this episode, Edgar Huitema talked about his Substack newsletter “The Beerologist". This episode is all about science, beer science, and yeast wrangling. Check it out Episode 65- The Beerologist...
  10. potseeslc

    BrewPi Remix with Lee Bussy

    It is Thank Giving so re-enjoy this episode from the archives. One of the biggest issues of BrewPi Remix is that people Google BrewPi and they get directed to old forum posts. When you look at old posts like this you will find outdated instructions. With BrewPi Remix you can install the...
  11. potseeslc

    Episode 63- Brew’d Up with Tyler and Laurie

    In this week's episode, I talk with Laurie and Tyler the hosts of the Brew'd Up Podcast about their love of home brewing and the Real Housewives. This was a very fun interview talking with two of the coolest female homebrew podcasters out there. This was a very fun interview talking with two of...
  12. potseeslc

    Episode 62- Moonshine Stills with the Distillery Network

    This week we have The Distiller Network join us on the show to talk about how they build handmade copper stills in the USA. We also discuss the process of distilling.
  13. potseeslc

    Episode 61- Pseudo-Lagers

    You should give it a try. I would make sure you check the strain of Kveik. Some will throw some fruity flavors.
  14. potseeslc

    Episode 61- Pseudo-Lagers

    I have been trying to nail the Kveik pseudo-lager for a while now. It is a process at this point but the idea of doing lagers fast is super appealing to me. So today we talked to Ryan Pachmayer BJCP Judge and beer writer about making the pseudo-lager. From the classic hybrid to fermenting under...
  15. potseeslc

    Pilsner with Tom Acitelli

    For me one of the hardest styles to nail is also one of the simplest. I have been trying for years to homebrew a great pilsner and I always feel I can do better. In that quest I invited Tom Acitelli on the podcast to talk about his new book Pilsner. We talk about the style, it's history and why...
  16. potseeslc

    Beer with Ben

    Ben Richards has been doing a project where he has decided to grow all of the ingredients for a single batch of beer. I mean all of the ingredients. Water, hops, barley, and yeast are all grown on a small plot of land, and then he has chronicled his experience. Ben also recruited experts to help...
  17. potseeslc

    One-Gallon Batches

    One of the cool things about brewing beer is the fact that you can make as much or a little as you would like. Today I do a deep dive into brewing one gallon and small batches of beer. Click the Full Link Podcast episode: Episode 58- One-Gallon Batches - Homebrewing DIY
  18. potseeslc

    The Brew Bag with Rex Slagel

    BIAB is probably the way most people start with all-grain. I still do BIAB for all of my batches. Today we talk to Rex Slagel of...
  19. potseeslc

    Episode 56 – Brewing Beer in the Philippines

    Are you familiar with the brewing style of Southeast Asian countries? If not and you're interested to know about it, check out our latest episode. Click the link Episode 56 - Brewing Beer in the Philippines with Raoul Masangcay - Homebrewing DIY In this episode, I talked to Raoul Masangcay...
  20. potseeslc

    3D Printing and Brewing

    Hey guys! Who are into 3D Printing? I just want to share what I've learned about that coolest open-source project. In my latest episode in Homebrewing DIY, Byran Heit and I talked about 3D Printing in Homebrewing. Link : Episode 55 - 3D Printing and Brewing with Bryan Heit - Homebrewing DIY