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  1. The Bone2

    Hot Break??

    just boil the hops separately, using the same timing as you would with your fermentables? Boiling hops: 60 minutes (fermentables are boiling concurently) Flavor hops: 15 minutes ???:confused: Do you strain the hops prior to addition to the fermentables?
  2. The Bone2

    If a full boil is possible, DO IT!!

    If you use one of the keggles, and do a full boil, how to you transfer the wort to your carboy? I can say that there is no way I could lift that monster. I have a hard enough time with a 3 gallon boil getting it into the carboy. Do you siphon?:drunk:
  3. The Bone2

    Dry vs Liquid yeast.

    Dry yeast = no starter Liquid Yeast = starter Wyeast Smack Pack = no starter :drunk:
  4. The Bone2

    ultra hangover

    you need to work on your stamina.:ban:
  5. The Bone2

    First beer brewed for over a year

    I got in way over my head about a year ago. Beer bottles everywhere, multiple carboys in the dining room.... I really don't enjoy bottling, but I'll get over it.... I love beer, especially hoppier tastes!!!:mug:
  6. The Bone2

    First beer brewed for over a year

    I had about 55-60 gallons under my belt and then took a hiatus from brewing. I just brewed a steam and it turned out really good. Funny thing is, I kind of didn't have my equipment totally dialed in! I couldn't find the screen to my funnel, so I poured the wort through some sanitized...
  7. The Bone2

    Explosive Carbonation - Barleywine

    I seriously doubt that my priming sugar wasn't mixed properly. I suppose, but doubt. The beer is "young" for a barleywine, from what I have heard. So, the additional conditioning time in the bottle will not make a difference, just how long I chill it before I pop?
  8. The Bone2

    Explosive Carbonation - Barleywine

    in the refrig about 1 hour before decanting.
  9. The Bone2

    Explosive Carbonation - Barleywine

    was 5 oz, just as called for. I did not use a secondary. I bottled it after the final gravity was established. Will it settle down?
  10. The Bone2

    Explosive Carbonation - Barleywine

    It's been about 3 weeks since I bottled. The OG and FG were right on target. I know you guys say to wait awhile for Barleywine, but I just wanted to sample for fun.:fro: I just opened a bottle....the entire contents of the bottle exploded out of the bottle all over everything, including...
  11. The Bone2

    Tried and True versus variety?

    Do you find yourself having settled on a couple or a few beers that you know you brew well and always like the outcome? Or, do you continually experiment with new beers?
  12. The Bone2

    Belgian Tripel Questions

    secondary? If the fermentation is done, why not just go straight to the bottle? I understand why the brew should sit in the bottle to condition for a long time, I'm just not sure what additional advantage to a long secondary?
  13. The Bone2

    How do I accomplish this... SWMBO insists on it... Help

    in fact, I had a 6 pack of one a couple of months ago, that led me to do a cream ale with orange peel. I used the orange peel from the brew store and added it to the last 5-10 minutes of the boil. Unfortunately, the orange essence is so light it is almost negligible. I'd try one of the...
  14. The Bone2

    I hate LME!!!

    and they all are different color depending on the type of LME, steeping grains, etc...:confused:
  15. The Bone2

    My Beer will never be cold again...

    SWSBO knitted this for me for Valentine's Day...
  16. The Bone2

    Barleywine Final Gravity 1.02?

    Started at 1.088. Brewed 1/26/08, today is 2/16/08, exactly three weeks. 12 lbs of LME White Labs 099 - Super High Gravity Yeast with Starter Hops and all the other normal stuff Does this sound about right?
  17. The Bone2

    What Do You Do When They Won't Even TRY IT?

    Right now, I'm sort of hoarding my beer. I've only been at it since Dec 1 (proudly 50 gallons in, 30 bottled). Now, I'm actually at a weird intersection where I'm running out of bottles to bottle the 20 gallons I need to bottle within the next couple of weeks. So, at Super Bowl, I offered...
  18. The Bone2

    Foiled smack pack

    I too, can find the inner pouch. Last time, I found it, pinched it a couple time, felt around again, thought that I had broken it, then set the package down on the counter and banged on it with my fist a few times all over the pack. When I pitched the yeast, the activator pack still wasn't...
  19. The Bone2

    Foiled smack pack

    don't always swell that much. I think the ambient air temp can cause the smack packs to appear to be inflating, but this is just a theory. All I know is I have had smack packs that inflated like a balloon, others that inflated very little after the activator was punctured, and ones that I...
  20. The Bone2

    Weak link - bottling bucket

    nOOb alert. The plastic bottling buckets are a weak link in my process. The spigot seems to inevitably leak (even if just a bit). Also, the spigot housing where the spigot "turner" resides has a little pin hole in it that sprays out beer unless you position the "turner" just right. Am I...