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  1. BrewandWineSupply

    Polish Beer - Lomza

    we carry quite a few Polish hops, Lublin, Lomic, Maryinka, sylba, etc.
  2. BrewandWineSupply

    Polish Lublin Hops

    stocking them in 1 oz packages in addition to the 4 oz packages.
  3. BrewandWineSupply

    Poplar Bluff Missouri folks

    We have some honey in stock. its a bit pricy for the gallon size (12 lbs) but that is because the supplier is high. Check with the local dept of ag in your area for bee keepers. Otherwise we are in Hillsboro and have a full stock of beer and wine supplies including grain by the oz.
  4. BrewandWineSupply

    Anyone in mid missouri?

    We are in Hillsboro, just south of St. Louis. Just moved into a larger location with more stock, not all on the web site yet, thats a work in progress. Shipping to mid-Mo is almost next day depending where you live. We have $10 flat rate shipping on most stuff ( except bottles and 50 lb bags...
  5. BrewandWineSupply

    Thee NEWest BREW CLUB in the St. Louis Area

    I'll be there! Anyone local is welcome to stop in and join us!
  6. BrewandWineSupply

    Homebrew store owners that have their dogs hanging out?

    If we ever had a dog in our store the Health Department would shut me down so fast..... Yes we are inspected by the local Health Dept, Just had to put in a three bay sink and hand wash station to wash the grain scoop. If you eat or drink it, its food, if its food, it has to be inspected. Btw...
  7. BrewandWineSupply

    Champagne Q?

    Higher alcohol does not carbonate as well as lower alcohol, try to carbonate everclear.
  8. BrewandWineSupply

    Jefferson County Homebrew Club meeting (JCHB) MO

    The second meeting of the Jefferson County Homebrew Club will be this Thursday (10/17/2013) at Tangelfoot resturant in Festus MO. Meeting will start at 7:00 pm till ? Anyone interested is more than welcome stop by. :mug: Also check out our Facebook page of the same name.
  9. BrewandWineSupply

    LHS banned double milling

    We don't charge for milling or 2x milling, its customer service.
  10. BrewandWineSupply

    New AG Brewer in St. Louis

    Welcome, We're just south of you.
  11. BrewandWineSupply

    Barley Crusher Rollers

    I gotta type
  12. BrewandWineSupply

    Barley Crusher Rollers

    It comes with a rubber o ring around one of the rollers. In the instructions it says not to worry if it breaks, the grain going through the rollers will make both turn. You're in good shape.
  13. BrewandWineSupply

    Ball Lock Disconnect Questions

    beat me to it...:D
  14. BrewandWineSupply

    Brewers Best Gluten Free Ale kit

    Brewers Best has just introduced a Gluten Free Ale kit, Don't know much about it. The kit contains 2-3.3 lb white sorghum, 1 Belgium Golden Candy syrup, some maltodextrin, a spice pack, which includes: bitter orange peal, lemon peal and some whirlfloc. It uses 3 packages Cascade hops and Windsor...
  15. BrewandWineSupply

    Ball Lock Disconnect Questions

    It should snap in. Do you have a hose clamp on the disconnect? Hope this helps.
  16. BrewandWineSupply

    Searching for Schlafly Pumpkin Ale

    there may be some O'Fallon Pumpkin around too, that's pretty good.
  17. BrewandWineSupply

    Wine thief suggestion

    I stock a few different thief's but the one you guys are talking about where you can put your hydrometer into is Fermitechs "The Thief":
  18. BrewandWineSupply

    That moment...

    They are from Poland, here is a link to the web site with all the info.
  19. BrewandWineSupply

    Schlafly Tripel - Anyone have a recipe?

    BTW, its nice to see someone cloning local beers!
  20. BrewandWineSupply

    That moment...

    We've got those:mug: