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  1. kaiser423

    Spike Brewing Group Purchase

    Oh god, don't let me miss that promo. The lust-to-price level might actually get to the right point to make me buy a new kettle.
  2. kaiser423

    American Porter Bee Cave Brewery Robust Porter

    I routinely make this without the malto dextrin and love the bite of it. Was cleaning out my keezer the other day, and realized that I still had half of keg of this (line had clogged somehow, just assumed it was out). Needless to say that was a good day :rockin:
  3. kaiser423

    After Hours/Weekend CO2

    Thanks. Local bartender was willing to loan me a his mini backup. Hitting up the LHBS for a backup bottle tomorrow.
  4. kaiser423

    After Hours/Weekend CO2

    So, I ran out of CO2 this evening at 5pm. I want beer this weekend. I have parties this weekend. I'm a *******. I've called the usual suspects, but no one seems to be open on weekends or in evenings. Anyone have any tricks up their sleeve? btw, I'm in Albuquerque, NM if that helps...
  5. kaiser423

    New Product! Cool Brewing Fermentation Cooler

    Damn it. I gave in and ordered one :) I figured that if I could buy a beerbuckle for my brother in law, I could at least get one of these for myself. This is at least useful; I can now make light beer in the summer :)
  6. kaiser423

    American Porter Bee Cave Brewery Robust Porter

    Just brewed this for a second time. The first one cashed fast. Damned friends making excuses to stop by to drink it :) Definitely making this a regular. So nice to brew. Heat water to 160, pour in cooler with grains, do something for an hour. Start heating sparge water, drain wort, sparge...
  7. kaiser423

    New Product! Cool Brewing Fermentation Cooler

    Love this idea. My pin lock cornies that I ferment in are ~25" high, so it looks like it might fit and if it doesn't it will likely be close enough.
  8. kaiser423

    Anyone ever hear of this? Killer prices!!

    I have the 8 gallon aluminum pot in the bargain cave and it's a good pot. I've probably put ~30 batches through it and it's still going strong. One handle on mine leaked a very small amount, but that went away. I have some dents in it, but that's more to do with my carelessness than...
  9. kaiser423

    Irish Red Ale Quaffable Irish Red (All Grain) Scrapper's

    Getting the ingredients today. Maybe brewing Friday or early next week. Wife asked for an Irish Red, this looks to be a good one!
  10. kaiser423

    Beer in Albuquerque?

    Stay away from Kelly's and Bad Ass. Abq Brew Pub and Chama both have some nice food/atmosphere to go with the beer. Chama has some solid ones. Brew Pub is by the guy who won Sam Adam's Longshot contest a while back. They ferment and serve in kegs, and their beers tend to be a bit maltier...
  11. kaiser423

    American Porter Bee Cave Brewery Robust Porter

    I ferment in a corny keg. Even with foam control less than 8 hours after pitching, this clogged my blowoff and pressurized the keg to >50psi :eek: Bled off, cleaned everything out, and it went right back to fermenting like crazy. This guy is a monster!
  12. kaiser423

    American Porter Bee Cave Brewery Robust Porter

    Just brewed this as my return to brewing after a ~1 year hiatus. Hit all my numbers perfectly, went into the fermenter and are looking good! My hops were ~1 year old, so I did a FWH to extract a touch more.
  13. kaiser423

    Closed-system pressurized fermentation technique!

    No, I use the more adjustable one. I had thought about getting that one, but had those same concerns. I had to spend more money than I wanted, but it works.
  14. kaiser423

    Brewpub brewing techniques

    Kelly's around here I think does some extract. Their beers taste like they don't care about the product, and when I complained about a bad beer once the waitress chastised me for complaining about the beer that *she* made. I can only imagine that's extract. Yea. Place has a killer atmosphere...
  15. kaiser423

    SS autosiphon... any interest??

    Yea, bent and broke my autosiphon siphoning hot wort (no/low chill). Been looking for something else. I'll probably end up going with a brew kettle with a spigot on it. My cheap aluminum pot can't handle one, so all new for me......I'd be down with this, but it's probably half or more the...
  16. kaiser423

    425 bbls per year ?

    Niiiiiice. Good execution man.
  17. kaiser423

    The [Horribly Unpopular] Soccer Thread

    +1. So much frustration in the second half. Don't worry, the US looked much better in the first half. That last 20 was horrid.
  18. kaiser423

    Why the hate on agitating?

    If I agitate at a high psi, that means that I'm disconnecting all of my other lines, etc, etc. If I had a spare bottle + regulator around, I might do it. But the setup I have is in the keezer. When putting it in the keezer, after hooking up the gas, I usually shake it around some while...
  19. kaiser423

    Why is it so anti-craft beer to get drunk?

    There's lots of people in here. There's always going to be someone here whom knocks someone else for something that has to do with something and some other things while promoting something to do with some belief they hold. I've seen people knock and promote just about everything here.
  20. kaiser423

    ebay aquarium temp controller build

    Pretty much. Or just use a transformer, like here: For the real DIY'er, you could try to wrap one yourself! (note, don't try that) In the end, you'll...