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  1. Sneaker

    What style takes the least amount of time?

    Due to my housing situation, I am unable to brew til the first of August. But I'd like to enter the homebrew competition at my local county fair, which is the first of Sept. What style would be good for a relatively short fermentation and conditioning period? I'd like to do a wheat and/or...
  2. Sneaker

    Easy Partial Mash Brewing (with pics)

    How do you know when conversion has occurred?
  3. Sneaker

    What affects Original Gravity?

    Ah. So the OG could actually be higher that the reading I'm getting? Or is it indeed wasn't mixed well, I'm stuck with 1032?
  4. Sneaker

    What affects Original Gravity?

    JiveTurkey: It was a partial boil. Orfy: I see. Lots of possibilities. I understand each item on your list, except #3. Are you saying it could it be operator error, or is there another "better" way to use the hydrometer?
  5. Sneaker

    What affects Original Gravity?

    I just brewed my first partial mash, an oatmeal stout, from a Northern Brewer kit. The instructions say the the OG should be 1042. Mine was 1032. What factors determine the OG? What might I have done differently to make the gravity higher?
  6. Sneaker

    Black Currant in Stout?

    Can you elaborate?
  7. Sneaker

    Black Currant in Stout?

    Years ago when I was in Ireland, I enjoyed many a pint of Guinness with Black Currant added to it. I would like to experiment with currants in a stout recipe, but I can't find any online. The recipes I've seen are for fruit beers, or wheats or lighter ales. If I were to add black currant...
  8. Sneaker

    Alcohol-y taste. What causes it?

    It was in the corner of the coldest room in the house. I was actually afraid it was too cool there. I'd say the room temperature was 60-65. Thanks for the info, everyone :)
  9. Sneaker

    Alcohol-y taste. What causes it?

    That's good to know, but is it preventable? What causes it? (my original question) And how long will it take to mellow? I am giving some as gifts, so what do I tell people — don't drink this until … ?
  10. Sneaker

    Alcohol-y taste. What causes it?

    I tried my Holiday Ale for the first time yesterday. Brewed from a Brewer's Best extract kit. It sat in the primary for about 7 days, then in secondary for a couple of weeks, then in bottles for the full 21 days. The recipe kit contained corn sugar, as an alcohol booster. The beer has what I...
  11. Sneaker

    Great source for label artwork

    Just wanted to let everyone know about iStock, which sells high-quality royalty-free illustrations (plus photos, video, and audio) for not much money. Do a search for "beer label" and you'll see many designs that you could simply add type to. There are also great illustrations you can use on...
  12. cheers1


  13. Sneaker

    Smaller, test batches

    BAIB? That's not in the list of acronyms. What is it? S05 - also not in the Wiki. What is it? No idea what this means. "Dough in"? And, I've only brewed four batches, but I've never seen anything about putting something in the oven. Please explain.
  14. ImperialIPAinthefermenter


    It's about to blow!
  15. First-everbottling


    First-ever bottling, done!
  16. Homebrewing


    Adding apricots at the end of the boil
  17. Sneaker

    Smaller, test batches

    I am eager to try different kits and recipes (still doing extract brewing for the time being), but at 5 gallons a pop, I just can't afford to brew very often. And I can't drink/give away all that beer. So I'm wondering if it's possible to make 1-2 gallon batches. If so, do you just divide the...
  18. Sneaker

    Critique my logo

    Vectors rock :) I think the globe is overpowering the rest of the logo. It's too bright. The mash paddle gets lost cause it's too dark. Maybe you just have too many elements. Simplify!
  19. Sneaker

    Reuse yeast from the secondary?

    I am still quite the noob. I just found out that you can re-use yeast. I have a Holiday Ale in secondary (Nottingham yeast). Can I use this, or is it preferable to save the yeast from the primary?
  20. Sneaker

    Taking a gravity reading = oxygen into the wort?

    Third batch ever. I have it in secondary, and have checked the gravity twice, so that I'll know when it's ready to bottle. I'm using a wine thief to take a sample, which means I have to take off the stopper of the carboy. Doesn't this release all the CO2 and introduce oxygen?