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  1. arover

    Adding color to a dry stout without touching flavor.

    Hey guys, I'll be brewing a classic dry Irish stout recipe tonight (Jamil's recipe from BCS, 10/20/70 roasted/flaked barley/2 row, never fails me) but the LHBS only has 300L roasted barley. This seems very light to me, and I really enjoy that jet black color in my dry stout. Without modifying...
  2. arover

    Chocolate Oatmeal Rum Stout

    The amount of rum to add in order to contribute flavor will probably not raise the alcohol content much over 5-5.5 gallons. If you're going to add it, any time after fermentation will do. I personally would add it during a transfer to secondary, let it settle out over a week, then give it a...
  3. arover

    Founders KBS

    Anyone know where to find bottles of this in the DC area? I know one place that is tapping a keg tonight, but not being a native to the area I'm pretty clueless.
  4. arover

    Cola Brew (No Actual Cola Involved)

    I tried posting this the other day but no one seemed to get my idea, some thought I literally wanted to use cola in beer! I'm thinking at boil out, based on old recipes for Coca Cola as well as "OpenCola" that I've found: (Listed in parts, proportions can be figured out according to ratio)...
  5. arover

    oops I forgot the Malto dextrin!

    I would boil some in the minimum required volume to dissolve it, then toss it during secondary or kegging..Doesn't really matter. I've done it both ways with good results.
  6. arover

    Kirkland Beer Lineup Change

    Are you talking about Costco carrying mass volumes of craft beer? Being in the bay area, they usually sell 24 packs of Lagunitas at a good price. That's about as "private label" as I've seen though.
  7. arover

    Cola Beer

    There would be no coke or pepsi in this ale. I'm simply talking about using the same flavoring extract that is used in such drinks, and for things like Lemon I'd imagine zest would also be a viable substitute.
  8. arover

    Cola Beer

    I recently stumbled onto an old recipe for Coca-Cola as well as "OpenCola" and it got me thinking, has anyone tried a brew with any combination of these flavors (being the "flavor extract" for Cola): Orange Oil Lemon (/Lime) Oil Nutmeg Oil Corriander Oil Neroli Oil Cinnamon Oil Lavender oil...
  9. arover

    A small piece of homebrew history to remind us...

    I had to look up what Zima was. Shows how young I am. Seriously though, look at how much we've grown as a community as well as the state of homebrew and craft beer today- it's stronger than ever! Or it appears to be anyways. :ban:
  10. arover

    A small piece of homebrew history to remind us...

    That everyone has to start somewhere. Note: Due to link redirects from HBT, it won't jump directly to the thread, so copy and paste this if you want to be scrolled down automatically: Found this on Reddit, thought I'd share with HBT. :mug:
  11. arover

    Thoughts on this Dbl. Choc. Stout

    You'd be surprised, just for kicks see if your LHBS would know where to get it. I would say a half pound (8 oz) of Roasted Barley would do it some good.
  12. arover

    Thoughts on this Dbl. Choc. Stout

    Nibs are pieces of the cocoa bean separated from the husk and are often used when brewing chocolate beers to incorporate that dark flavor. I would highly recommended holding off on brewing until you can get some roasted barley or black patent, though I guess the chocolate could impart some of...
  13. arover

    Thoughts on this Dbl. Choc. Stout

    I definitely second the comment above, table/raw sugar in a stout is going to give an undesired effect, and there's definitely no need for 2 row. I'm also curious as to why you're using two different types of light malt extract? I'm assuming it's what you have on hand? Also you're going to want...
  14. arover

    Clone Beer Founder's Breakfast Stout Clone

    Thx for the input- I'll be kegging this in about 2 weeks and I was contemplating splitting a batch and adding bourbon soaked oak chips or kegging the whole thing and letting it age then perhaps splitting it with some bourbon added (seeing as this recipe is similar to the Kentucky Breakfast Stout...
  15. arover

    Clone Beer Founder's Breakfast Stout Clone

    Just curious, has anyone tried adding a dash of bourbon after pouring a glass of this stuff to see how it complements it?
  16. arover

    Advice on adding malt extract post-boil.

    Yeah, I've generally done very well with my mashing- I usually get 75-80% efficiency. I just had one of those "off" days. I'm thinking about boiling the LME in as little liquid as possible and adding it but you're right- there's a definite increased risk of contamination. I'm just a...
  17. arover

    Advice on adding malt extract post-boil.

    Quick question for ya guys, I did a Founder's Breakfast Stout clone yesterday and ran into two problems I never had before- stuck sparge, and undershooting the target gravity. Needless to say, after a very long brew day of boiling off a lot of water, I still managed to miss my target gravity...
  18. arover

    BYO magazine worth it?

    I would honestly go for Zymurgy over BYO. Depends what you like I guess, but along with my Zymurgy subscription I get the brewpub benefits card which gets me happy hour prices at all times at brewpubs across the nation. It's definitely paid for itself over the past year. Zymurgy has often more...
  19. arover

    Clone Beer Founder's Breakfast Stout Clone

    The grain bill looks fine to me--I'm raising the originally posted bittering addition to reach roughly 50-55 IBU as calculated by Beersmith and then letting the coffee and nibs account for some extra bitterness to reach ~60. I'm also doing the late additions a little closer to flame-out as to...
  20. arover

    Clone Beer Founder's Breakfast Stout Clone

    Godfather, there was an active thread a while back with the recipe for KBS posted in Zymurgy by one of the head brewers(?) from Founders. You may want to look at it if that's what you're looking for more of. I'm brewing this recipe up tomorrow...very excited :D