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  1. rico567

    Irish Red Ale Irish Red (1st place HBT comp)

    Aging is taking the fermented beer and racking it into a carboy or other suitable container, for whatever period is suitable. I have aged barleywines, for example, as these beers pretty much require it. I have made this beer, but never aged it. I see no point.
  2. rico567

    My Ugly Junk- Corona Mill Station...

    Looks good! (aka UGLY). I use the bucket-in-bucket setup myself, and it can't be beat. My old Craftsman 1/2" drill goes through a grain bill in about 5 minutes, and when I mash, I hit my numbers every time. Total investment = less than $25.
  3. rico567

    average age of a home brewer

    70, brewing 6 years in November. Sent from my Star Fleet hyperspace communicator
  4. rico567

    Forgot to sanatize carboy!!!

    As a friend of mine is in the habit of saying "Don't do that." As a recurring theme in this thread seems to be drinking before or during brewing, my invariable rule is: no beer drunk until the lid's on the fermenter. End of story.
  5. rico567

    Oxygenation system???

    I don't know about the prospects of using the O2 bottle shown, but I can highly recommend the wand / stone from William's Brewing. It is a stainless steel wand with an SS stone on the end. All that's necessary is to throw it into the boil along with the chiller and it's automatically sanitized...
  6. rico567

    Tyranny of the "craft" beer

    I reject "all beers are the same" arguments, which at bottom are like those stated by "brrman," no matter how they're dressed up. Until I was in my 50's, I drank the same lagers 90+ percent of American beer drinkers still drink. Then I was gradually introduced to the likes of Guinness...
  7. rico567

    Tyranny of the "craft" beer

    I'm not completely sure I'm clear on the OP. While some craft beer has become stratospheric in price, I simply don't buy it. Problem solved. Resenting the brewers or the price the beer is sold for boots nothing. On sale, I can still get some very respectable craft beers for $7-8 a six. Above...
  8. rico567

    Anheuser busch new home tap

    That article is over three years old. I would expect to have seen this system locally* by now, but I haven't. *Central IL, and we have Schnuck's locally, which is / was evidently an outlet.
  9. rico567

    Growing pains, bigger kettles... Anyone do this?

    I dunno- I just use Fermcap to keep the boil from foaming up. Sent from my Star Fleet hyperspace communicator
  10. rico567

    Growing pains, bigger kettles... Anyone do this?

    C'mon, everyone knows that Jif "Skippy" Washington invented peanut butter. I read it on the Internet, so it must be true.
  11. rico567

    Growing pains, bigger kettles... Anyone do this?

    I bought a 30 qt. pot when I started brewing, brewed extract batches in it for 18 months, then switched to AG. I have no problems doing a full 6.5 gal. boil in a 7.5 gal. pot. The secret is simple: Fermcap-S, available from finer homebrew suppliers everywhere. There's no magic here. It jus uses...
  12. rico567

    Oatmeal Stout Yooper's Oatmeal Stout

    I concur with your assessment. This may be related to a bottle cleaning issue I discovered this Spring (see my recent thread posted in the "Bottling/Kegging " Forum:
  13. rico567

    Oatmeal Stout Yooper's Oatmeal Stout

    My first batch of this was brewed last Fall, and proceeded strangely. It was allowed to be in the fermenter for a month, after which it registered exactly the 1.014 on the hydrometer that it was supposed to. After a month's conditioning, it was a nice, tasty beer. Starting late in the Winter...
  14. rico567

    How much for a 6 pack of dead guy?!?

    The prices of Rogue hereabouts (Central IL) have gone up to that of Dogfish Head. I like Rogue's products, but not that much. Since DH moved back into our area, I've treated myself to a six of Indian Brown Ale....that's been about it. Most beers have to go on sale under $8 / six or I just drink...
  15. rico567

    Beers You Want to Like... But Don't

    OP: "Beers You Want to Like... But Don't" My tastes run to the darker and hoppier types, but I don't actively dislike any beer I can think of. If I were in the position of the OP, I would be more likely to ask myself "Why do I feel this way?" rather than "Why don't I like this beer?" Ain't...
  16. rico567

    Carboy bottom.....blew out..

    Glass is glass. Just had my first two bottle bombs last night after 6 years in this pastime......and in a beer that passed FG on the hydrometer with flying colors....
  17. rico567

    Shipping Homebrew

    I've never shipped it, but we've transported it by air on several occasions, most recently all the way to Italy. Obviously, this has to go in your checked luggage. I use 9" non-returnable longnecks. I wrap each bottle in one layer of bubble wrap, sealed with packing tape. A gallon ziploc bag...
  18. rico567

    Anybody else brew beers you never really intend to drink?

    No, never. Well....I useta did. I would brew "Fruity Pebbles" (a clone of Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat) because the females hereabouts would drink it. Then they quit, and I haven't brewed it since- because it comes under the category of "a beer I wouldn't drink."
  19. rico567

    Aerating your wort

    For my first four years, I ærated by pouring the wort into the fermenter, back to the boil pot, and into the fermenter again. Mostly, the fermentations went fine. But the lag time previously mentioned was occasionally problematic. Two years ago, I got the oxygenation system from William's...