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  1. DrPhilGood

    False Bottom BK Bottom Drain Keggle?

    I purchased the false bottom and stand and it does not fit for an upside down bottom drain keg. There is a significant gap between the stand and the false bottom.
  2. DrPhilGood

    PC Case Control Panel Build

    I am using this old schematic by P-J. I want to add a second PID for monitoring mash temps. Also the element select switch is LED, and the main PID power switch is LED as well so I need to wire them accordingly. I cannot remember how to wire the 3 position switch to have the switch select...
  3. DrPhilGood

    PC Case Control Panel Build

    Did some work on the panel last week. I was impatient waiting for the paint to dry so I need to scrape off some newspaper on the bottom. I am going to wire in the inside tomorrow.
  4. DrPhilGood

    PC Case Control Panel Build

    It swings open ok. The hinged end is grooved so when the case was closed it fit snug in there. The only time its tough is when you go to close the door. It has a little hiccup when the groove locks in. If i really wanted to I could probably take an angle grinder to the groove and take it out...
  5. DrPhilGood

    PC Case Control Panel Build

    Added the hinges today and cut the sheet metal to cover the openings. The door doesnt swing open that smoothly, but it wasn't designed to be hinged.
  6. DrPhilGood

    FS beverage air dd68 kegerator nyc

    necro bump but this is still available for sale
  7. DrPhilGood

    PC Case Control Panel Build

    So I found the wiring diagram that was made by P-J. We used this for our original control panel build. I want to make some slight alterations to it now. The switches for the 2 pumps, element select, and PID power will be 2-way LED, and 3-way LED respectfully. I am also adding a third temp...
  8. DrPhilGood

    PC Case Control Panel Build

    So I was cleaning out my garage and I found an old Alienware PC case. It's about time we upgraded our existing control panel, so I figured this might work for the new box. Anyone have built something similar? The dimensions are 20x17x8 which is pretty similar to most standard panel sizes. The...
  9. DrPhilGood

    Kill-A-Watt Brewery Build Compilation

    Could a similar build work without the RIMS, and instead using the HEX in the HLT/BK as a HERMS? Dough in the MT then heat HLT to mash temps. Recirc the mash through the HEX in the HLT, once mash is finished you "sparge" with what you have in the HLT and recirc and then dump everything back...
  10. DrPhilGood

    DIY Beer Line Cleaner

    Does anyone know what size flare fitting fits on the firestone gas post? Thanks
  11. DrPhilGood

    Sanke Keg Washer build

    Great thread. How many kegs can you clean per hour?
  12. DrPhilGood

    Cooler Mash Tun FB Idea (help)

    That is the direction I was thinking. I want to use this style cooler . I was thinking trying to get a compression fitting on the inside and somehow connecting to this coil and keeping the round...
  13. DrPhilGood

    Cooler Mash Tun FB Idea (help)

    Hey guys so we have an electric keggle system that we do our 10 gallon batches on and we had some coil left over from our herms. I wanted to put together a 10gal cooler mash tun and possibly using this left over coil as a false bottom. I am mildly handy but I am unsure of the best way to...
  14. DrPhilGood

    Hop plant dificiencies

    Look at this guy. Yea I was using techno flora fertilizer every couple of weeks and I just dressed some compost on top the other day. I guess we will see how it is in a few weeks. Are you getting any flowers yet?
  15. DrPhilGood

    Hop plant dificiencies

    hey guys i noticed on my hop plants there seems to be some deficiencies and was wondering if anyone could help me out. I took a few pictures of leaves from three plants, cascade, centennial and williamette. There seems to be multiple deficiencies, the pale yellowish leaves I would guess is...
  16. DrPhilGood

    Home Super Brewery Build: Hybrid Electric/Gas 3BBL Build

    Is one of the outlets the cold water and the other the hot water? P.s. what is the flow rate at 185 degrees?
  17. DrPhilGood

    Pennsylvania Last call on rhizomes

    How long will the rhizomes last refrigerated?
  18. DrPhilGood

    Single Tier eHERMS TriClamp (mostly) build

    I'm still dying to find out how the trub filter works in the bottom drain suspended like that. Any updates or testing?
  19. DrPhilGood

    Bottom Drain Mash Tun Silicon gasket

    I JUST found this haha. Thanks for your help!
  20. DrPhilGood

    Bottom Drain Mash Tun Silicon gasket

    Hey Guys, so I am thinking of converting my mash tun to a bottom drain via the sanke neck with tri-clamp fittings and I was wondering what is the best gasket to use for this. I have currently, but it doesn't seem to fit that perfect...