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  1. jacobyhale

    RIS Swap ~ olllllo's Beer

    Late to the party. I also received your beers ollllo.
  2. jacobyhale

    08-08-08 Russian Imperial Stout Exchange

    I've PM'd all my recipients, but just in case, my beers will be going out this weekend. Sorry for the delay, my upcoming transfer to Portland has kept me out of town most of the past month. To all the PDX'rs out there, what are some good beer stores and homebrew shops in town?
  3. jacobyhale

    Hello from Utah

    It's actually not Legal today, but there is a something going on at the capital today with a Bill they're trying to get passed to legalize Homebrewing. Write your local legislator, help the cause!
  4. jacobyhale

    My first competition...

    Congrats man, that's really cool. I'm scared for the day that I enter a beer competition. I already love brewing, but add that competitive side to it and it's all over. Might as well sign the divorce papers now :D
  5. jacobyhale

    Just found an interesting source for bottles. My Job!!

    From everything that I've read, wine bottles make poor containers for beer because they weren't made with the intent of being under pressure. You risk a very dangerous bottle bomb. Not too mention, that you'd have to decant the entire bottle of beer at once, otherwise the yeast would get really...
  6. jacobyhale

    Stuck Taps

    I just bought 2 faucets from that guy on Ebay as well. They arrived a couple of days later with the shanks, and were in crazy protective packaging. I can't stop playing with them....I need to get the rest of my gear together so I can hook these bad boys up!
  7. jacobyhale

    Best Non-Home Brewed Beer

    I feel like my list is pretty generic, but it's what I like. 1- Rogue Dead Guy Ale 2- Deschutes Obsidian Stout 3- Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout 4- Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar 5- Anything Chimary 6- Sam Adams Octoberfest 7- Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve...
  8. jacobyhale

    Fluorescent light & skunky flavors?

    I don't know the science behind skunking, but in reef aquaria, the lights are special (and expensive) because of the types and high levels of UV rays emitted that mimic the sun. I doubt regular house flourescent lighting has the ability to produce these UVA and such rays. But again, I'm not sure...
  9. jacobyhale

    Who's brewing 08-08-08 RIS? Post your notes here!

    I just bottled mine this morning. Man does this stuff taste GOOOOD! It has a serious bite to it, almost makes my mouth tingle. I can't believe the difference it has from a couple of weeks ago. It was terrible then. Man do I hope I can let this stuff last until August! Good thing we're shipping...
  10. jacobyhale

    Yeast Starter

    I went to the local brewpub and got a growler for like $1.50 empty.
  11. jacobyhale

    Make your own AG equipment

    I would at least by the 10gal cooler. I have the 10 round Gott cooler, and now wish I would have gone even bigger! 10 Gallon beers are really difficult, and most impossible, to do with this cooler. Just a heads up, as going bigger now will end up saving you money down the road if you want to...
  12. jacobyhale

    Festbier BierMuncher's OktoberFAST Ale (AG)

    Good to know, I was a little bit worried about that. I definitely was drawn to this recipe after seeing the great reviews from the swap, and the fact that it's got a more malty profile. Would you change anything from your recipe when you did this again? You think 2 weeks in secondary was long...
  13. jacobyhale

    Festbier BierMuncher's OktoberFAST Ale (AG)

    Two good looking Better Bottles sitting next to me, filled with these brew. Hydro sample tastes good, but don't they all? I did overshoot my OG a little and ended up at 1.059. My LHBS was also out of Safale, so I went with Nottinghams. We'll see if I can get it to stop in your range.
  14. jacobyhale

    Festbier BierMuncher's OktoberFAST Ale (AG)

    I just doughed in my first 10Gal batch of this recipe. Doing it at work, since I have a gigantic steam kettle in my kitchen. Ssshhhhh....don't tell.
  15. jacobyhale

    Hello from Utah

    Welcome. I am also living under the constant fear of the local Homebrew Police in Utah. This board is great! I've learned so much here, and met a lot of really cool people. There's a few other locals active on here as well. Where in Utah are you?
  16. jacobyhale

    My kegerator supplies

    You should check out Keg Connection. They have awesome deals on kits, and I've heard several people recommend them on here. Keg Connection
  17. jacobyhale

    prices, prices prices!!!

    "Man, I remember when a dime bag cost a dime. You know what I mean? You know how much condoms used to cost back in them days?" "How much?" "I don't know. I... We never used them."
  18. jacobyhale

    Keg diameter for cutout

    I've seen conflicting measurements on the diameter of a corny keg. I need to make some cutouts so that I can measure chest freezers. Is it 8.5" or 9"?
  19. jacobyhale

    Lowes Coupons on Ebay?!?

    Yeah, these are only from sellers with great even has 100% positive feedback. They list the expiration date in the auction. Worth the risk at $6, when the potential is saving myself $50