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  1. jeff_2506

    The Great Arizona Homebrew Competition

    I'm just excited to get a medal. It was my first competition ever, took silver. I can't wait to get it!
  2. jeff_2506

    The Great Arizona Homebrew Competition

    HOLLA! Campfire Barleywine takin' in silver! My first ever homebrew competition
  3. jeff_2506

    Hello from Sunny Arizona

    Liquid Courage and all other Maricopa Brewers, I'd be happy to head up something like a Maricopa Brewers group. I know Liquid is interested, anyone else? I'll also put a post on 85239. Chimone, we'll accept people from Sierra Vista if you'd want to join.
  4. jeff_2506

    AZ Strong Beer Fest 2/28/09

    I'm depressed I can't make it this year. *sighs*
  5. jeff_2506

    The Great Arizona Homebrew Competition

    Any updates on the results? I entered my barleywine
  6. jeff_2506


    Yeah I'm not worried about the irish moss much. The oversparging, I'm just hoping it's not too astringent and that the gelatin will help remove some of that if there is. In addition, the gelatin will help clear the beer.
  7. jeff_2506


    First brewday with my new equipment today. I was excited that my efficiency didn't suffer, and things went nice and smooth...I was so proud watching it all work. OOps, gauking at my new brew set up I didn't pay attention to sparge volume. When I realized it, I took a reading of my...
  8. jeff_2506

    Aerating w/ diffusion Stone

    It's all good. The pores were closed from touching the stones. I boiled them for about 1 minute and tested them out in water, and they worked great. I can't wait to try this out on something real like WORT instead of water lol
  9. jeff_2506

    Aerating w/ diffusion Stone

    I'm curious, I will boil the stones to see if it improves. HOwever, I'm wondering if my regulator is bad? I have it cranked all the way open, but not much results. I'll boil, if I see bad results, I'll consider returning the regulator. How vigorous is the surface of the wort when it hits...
  10. jeff_2506

    Aerating w/ diffusion Stone

    I FINALLY decided to upgrade my wort aeration from using the piece you attach to a drill, to pumping pure O2 into my wort. Just received my oxynator today, bought a new O2 tank, and tested it in water to see how it works. The O2 comes out very slow through the diffusion stones, just small...
  11. jeff_2506

    When does it end?

    My wife asks me that all the time...she say's there will ALWAYS be something I'm building, or buying to make my brewing experiece just a little better :D
  12. jeff_2506

    How many styles have you brewed?

    25 months thats it? You better pick up the pace, I really don't think you even qualify to be called a noob :fro:
  13. jeff_2506

    Labor Day Weekend 2008 - What's in Your Kettle???

    I'm brewing a pale ale on Sunday. YIPPEE
  14. jeff_2506

    Decoction Mash Times?

    That's what I do when I do it.
  15. jeff_2506

    How many styles have you brewed?

    Here's my resume: 2A. German Pilsner (Pils) 3A. Vienna Lager 3B. Oktoberfest 6A. Cream Ale 6C. Kölsch 8C. Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale) 10A. American Pale Ale 10C. American Brown ALe 11C. Northern English Brown 12B. Robust Porter 14B. American IPA 15A...
  16. jeff_2506

    Whats the deal with Austin Homebrew Supply???

    I've had great experiences with AHB. Excellent customer service, and Forrest was always quick to help with anything I needed. Northernbrewer, and midwestsupplies are both great ones too. If I order stuff online, it's always something from one of those 3 sites.
  17. jeff_2506

    Unfriendly brewshops?

    I think that' my BIGGEST complaint about HBD, is the belittling you face if you don't buy every item in your homebrewery from them. I don't appreciate it, and guess what? The piece I was looking for, they didn't even have! So I HAVE to go elsewhere to buy what I need sometimes.
  18. jeff_2506

    Unfriendly brewshops?

    Nope no hurt feelings meant, and I'd love to join! I just never heard of the BATF group. I kinda thought you were trying to make a joke about joining the Bureau of Alchohol, Tobacco and Firearms...and I didn't quite understand the joke :drunk:
  19. jeff_2506

    Brewing Demonstration?

    I have to give that a +1!
  20. jeff_2506

    Unfriendly brewshops?

    I'm all for supporting LHBS, just not ones were repeated lousy customer service is repetitive. This particular one is not necessarily my go-to type place, because Brewer's Connection is much closer to where I work, however, I'm always willing to visit others and see what's going on. I had no...