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  1. hiphoppotamuss

    Pitching 2 strains in a Belgian Golden

    For what it’s worth, last year brewed a Tripel with a nearly identical grain bill to yours. Pitched Belle Saison and MJ31 together at the start of fermentation ( attributed to pure laziness) Probably the best Belgian I’ve brewed. Didn’t last long. 😂 MJ31 is pretty strong on banana/ bubblegum...
  2. hiphoppotamuss

    soaking oak chips in bourbon, discard bourbon or add all?

    I've always tossed in the oak chips/cubes with the roughly 6oz of soaking bourbon into my RIS's and they've always been delicious. But then again I love strong oak and bourbon flavors so....
  3. hiphoppotamuss

    Easiest Way to Collect Yeast from Keg Cake?

    Totally anecdotal but I repitched yeast from a 1.090 Barleywine into a 1.060 IPA and there were no issues with the 2nd fermentation. The IPA was absolutely delicious. I think yeast are pretty adaptable little buggers and are capable of handling more than we give them credit for.
  4. hiphoppotamuss

    OVER-attenuated Barleywine

    Whoops. PH 5.3 just corrected. Hmm. Must look into BrewCipher.
  5. hiphoppotamuss

    OVER-attenuated Barleywine

    That's what I was hoping to hear!! I have just never seen an English/Scottish yeast blow past 80% attenuation like that. The fermentation was impressive to say the least. I had a full blown jacuzzi happening in the fermenter 3 hours after pitching. I figured contamination was unlikely given...
  6. hiphoppotamuss

    OVER-attenuated Barleywine

    Never thought I'd be having this discussion as my high gravity ales usually underattenuate... but I'm trying to figure out why my Barleywine attenuated so high?? 90 minute mash at 152F/ pH 5.3 16 lb (83.4%) — Crisp No19 Floor Malted Maris Otter Malt — Grain — 2.9 °L 1 lb (5.2%) — Simpsons...
  7. hiphoppotamuss

    Does floor malted grain need a step mash?

    excellent! Doing a Brown ale this weekend and a Barleywine in a few weeks. Can’t wait!
  8. hiphoppotamuss

    Does floor malted grain need a step mash?

    Maybe a silly question but , I just grabbed a 25kg bag of Crisp #19 floor malted maris otter for my British Ales and barleywines. Does this need a step mash or will a single infusion suffice? I’ve step mashed my floor malted pilsners but don’t have experience with floor malted ale malt. 🤷‍♂️
  9. hiphoppotamuss

    Made Simple Invert Sugars. - Jeff Alworth's Method.

    could one use lemon juice or cream of tartar in place of citric acid and if so how much? 🤔
  10. hiphoppotamuss

    What To Look For in a Grain Mill?

    Now that I’m up to brewing 8-10 batches a year, I think it’s finally time to bite the bullet and get my own grain mill. I do mainly BIAB 5 gallon batches. Should I splurge for the 3 roller or will a 2 roller suffice? Which brands are high quality and which should I steer away from? Anything...
  11. hiphoppotamuss


    silly question maybe… but lid on or lid off?
  12. hiphoppotamuss

    Top 5 Dry Yeasts?

    Love this thread! What would be your go-to for these styles/categories? 1. American Ale - Haven’t found one yet. Not crazy about US-05 Tend to go liquid.. if I had to go dry, I’d use Nottingham even in US style ales. 2. English Ale - Nottingham, S-04 distant second 3. Belgian Ale - Made...
  13. hiphoppotamuss

    Scottish Ale yeast for Non-Scottish ales

    Thanks for those presentations VikeMan. So much great info in there!
  14. hiphoppotamuss

    Scottish Ale yeast for Non-Scottish ales

    Wondering if folks could share their experiences using the Scottish Ale yeasts ( Wyeast 1728/ WLP028 ) In NON Scottish brews? I’ve been reading that 1728 in particular is increasingly being used as a house strain for stouts, pale ales, barleywines and even IPAs! What kind of attenuation are...
  15. hiphoppotamuss

    Vitamin Flavor in IPA

    Funny. I brewed a cream ale and wanted to give it a touch of orange flavor so I used Mandarina Bavaria for my hops. I’m getting exactly what you’re describing! It’s got an aftertaste that tastes like vitamin C chewables. Nothing else for my brew practice, water chemistry etc. was changed...
  16. hiphoppotamuss

    KVEIK: worthy of being a house strain?

    Get yourself a pressure fermenter. At 20-25* C you can use just about any yeast strain. Thank you David Heath for this pressure fermenting database: As others have commented above, I’m just not a fan of the Kveik strains. There always seems to be a difficult to place “off” flavor to just...
  17. hiphoppotamuss

    1st time pressure fermenting - Yeast stalled out already?

    You’ve probably double checked this but I pressure ferment using that exact same system. I seem to ALWAYS get micro leaks from one or both the top two carbcap posts unless I put some PTFE tape on the threads and really screw them on tight. I know kegland says not to over tighten, but honestly...
  18. hiphoppotamuss

    AEB Group Yeasts

    Was the AY3 any good? I’m wondering if it’s closer to Nottingham since the listed attenuation goes up to 83% 🤔
  19. hiphoppotamuss

    AEB Group Yeasts

    …those of you who have read my other posts are aware that I am a huge fan of dry yeasts. I stumbled across this company this morning. Crazy affordable prices on dry yeasts! Does anyone have experience with them, results and any ideas which strains they culture their yeasts from...