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  1. Rob2010SS

    Starting over again

    Good luck to you! It'll probably be like riding a bike - once you get going, you'll begin to remember things or remember WHY you did things a certain way.
  2. Rob2010SS

    New Spike Fermenter Issues

    We're running their Nano setup and 3 of the CF30's since we started selling publicly. We bought the Nano system used, and when we got it, there was 2 things wrong with it... 1. The seller of the equipment shipped the steam condenser lid with the 90 deg arm clamped to the top of the lid and the...
  3. Rob2010SS

    Withdrawn 14 Gal and 7 Gal SSBT Unitanks for Sale

    I apologize for the delay on this everyone. I know I've gotten a few responses and DM's and we've had some things come up that may change what we're doing. I'm going to withdraw this for now as I'm unsure of our plans for these tanks at the moment. I deeply apologize for any inconvenience and...
  4. Rob2010SS

    Withdrawn 14 Gal and 7 Gal SSBT Unitanks for Sale

    Looking to sell our 14 Gal and 7 Gal Unitanks. These come with all attachments and fittings and everything works properly. Any questions just ask! Cheers! 14 Gal - $600 OBO 7 Gal - $400 OBO
  5. Rob2010SS

    For Sale 20 Gal Spike eHerms System - $5,500

    Selling our 20 gal Spike TC eHerms system. This was a great system for us and worked flawlessly. We moved up to the Spike Nano and are no longer using this setup and would love to see it go to use. Picture below is of the entire setup. I can get more pictures as requested. Located in Spring...
  6. Rob2010SS

    Wanted Pak Tech Can Carriers

    Hey all. Anyone got a box of Pak Techs laying around that you want to get rid of? Would love to take them off of your hands. We'll gladly pay shipping or some other kind of payment, whatever works. Let me know! Thanks in advance.
  7. Rob2010SS

    Schwarzbier Schwarzbier - 2nd Place Medal 2022 Reggale & Dredhop Comp

    So full transparency, I don’t really ever adjust the hop utilization number. We just leave it there and tweak the recipe if it needs it. As for your 60min addition, seems right. A little low if anything but not drastic enough where I’d tell you to adjust. We did this one a few months back on...
  8. Rob2010SS

    Schwarzbier Schwarzbier - 2nd Place Medal 2022 Reggale & Dredhop Comp

    Awesome! Good luck! Let me know how it comes out and what you think of it. We still make this today and haven’t changed a thing on it.
  9. Rob2010SS

    Whole Fruit to purée conversion

    Hey everyone. Anyone done any tests with regards to X amount of whole fruit is approximately Y amount of purée? Specifically, looking at converting 7lbs strawberry and 5lbs rhubarb to pure amounts. I’m prepared for trial and error just didn’t know if someone had gone through this already. Thanks!
  10. Rob2010SS

    Rice Lager

    This is why I like this forum! Great point!!
  11. Rob2010SS

    Amber Ale thoughts...

    Long overdue follow up to this. The Amber Came out pretty good! Really happy with it. Great toffee/caramel notes in the nose and taste and a nice pine/citrus rind note on the back of the palette. The only thing I’d consider MAYBE changing is just reduce the late addition hops by 10% or so. Not...
  12. Rob2010SS

    Rice Lager

    Meh, what I don’t know is did we just KILL it on getting the sugars out of the Pilsner and Munich with little contribution from the rice, or did the rice work just fine? Unsure how to know…
  13. Rob2010SS

    Rice Lager

    We’ll have to try that next time. Everything I’d read said you could simply cook the rice and add it to the mash so that’s what we did. Efficiency on this ran high for us. We’ve been running around 82% but this one came in at 88%.
  14. Rob2010SS

    Rice Lager

    Interesting. Are you saying that what I did shouldn’t have worked? Or just that method gives a better result?
  15. Rob2010SS

    Rice Lager

    My mistake. Guess I should have posted that. This was an 18 gal batch, finished boil volume. Ended up cooking the 8lbs of rice the night before and added it right to the mash. Never made Jasmine rice before. That was shticky! Pretty happy with numbers and color. We’ll see how she does.
  16. Rob2010SS

    Rice Lager

    So I’m curious. Why does a 30% addition of rice constitute a sake? And where did I say that I was mashing at 153 and pitching at 68?
  17. Rob2010SS

    Rice Lager

    Honestly, not really expecting a benefit. We haven’t done one with rice and we want to try it. We’re doing an 80s themed murder mystery party at our house and we wanted to make a beer for that. When googling what beers were popular in that time frame, we saw that was the emergence of Bud Light...
  18. Rob2010SS

    Rice Lager

    So you’re doing the cereal mash right? It could just be cooked ahead of time, correct? Or am I misunderstanding something?
  19. Rob2010SS

    Rice Lager

    Hey all. Doing a rice Lager coming up as a test batch. Never done one. When building the recipe, I’m looking to use 8lbs of Jasmine Rice. It seems to me that this would be dry, uncooked weight. However, I started thinking about it and figured it would just be safer to check. So, when using...
  20. Rob2010SS

    WY3787 Dry sub?

    Anyone know of a comparable dry yeast to WY3787? From what I’ve read, I haven’t found a solid option. There are ones that are close but not quite there. Thoughts?