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    What changes made your beer better?

    1 joining this forum (picked up so many useful tips) 2 RO water and salt additions 3 vorlauf, this addition to my lautering process improved my extract efficiency by 10 percent 4 whirlpooling helped improve my pour of the trub for clearer wort 5 pressure fermentation, no need to worry about...
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    BrewPiLessGx: BrewPiLess with Touched TFT display

    Hi @pocketmon I am trying to get this project working on an ESP32-2432S028R device, it loads fine and I can communicate via the web interface but the display doesn't come on, is there something I need to do in the platformio.ini file? I expected it to work with the original settings as the...
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    Replacement firmware for iSpindel (GravityMon)

    hi @mper just updating my problem hopefully for anyone else having similar problems. after testing on Ispindel software and getting similar results and also the same on the gravitymon software and a esp32c3 build with the same issue I found I had to place the mpu6950 completely horizontal on all...
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    Replacement firmware for iSpindel (GravityMon)

    thanks @mper looks like I will have to do some digging and also check if it works with standard ispindel firmware
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    RAPT Pill wireless charger compatibility

    I have installed a bare bones kit and use a charger off the shelf and have had no problems at all. check with kegland wether your pill is compatible with the charging kit. did you get a good seat to the coil when fitting? and did you possibly damage the coil wire?
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    Replacement firmware for iSpindel (GravityMon)

    hi I have put two devices together based on the esp8266, I calibrated for 90 degrees on the horizontal then treated it on the vertical, one read 39 degrees and the other 50, is this normal or do I have a problem? can I calibrate them like this if I set it at 25 degrees using a proportional...
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    Replacement firmware for iSpindel (GravityMon)

    I have another question for you, in the circuit diagram for the esp32 you show the same D0 to rst connection via schottky diode as for the esp8266, from the esp32 specs this should not be necessary as the esp32 wakes up via rtc timer directly unlike the esp8266, the esp32 c3 works similarly. is...
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    Replacement firmware for iSpindel (GravityMon)

    I have some esp32 c3 supermini boards which I would like to use with your software, I see from the device pinouts that they are not the same, which pins are used and what are the functions? I can then see if I can adapt the board to work.
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    Kegerator Issue - Compressor Constantly Running

    there is often one other item to check, that is the door seal. of not sealing properly it will allow the cold air to escape.
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    blasphemus beer blending?

    in my youth in the UK west Yorkshire, a black and tan made of dark mild and bitter 50/50 was a favorite of mine, I still enjoy the same mix with my home brew when I make a dark mild.
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    Unusual Mash Problem

    in the early 80's I also used a Burco boiler but had a different approach, I mounted a windscreen wiper motor on the centre of the lid with a bar under the lid where I suspended my bag, I had lots of space around my bag for it to rotate and I controlled the temperature with a probe and solid...
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    Dry Hop Questions (using magnets)

    I use neodymium magnets they are chromium plated and don't react with the brew, I pressure ferment and don't want to lose the pressure by opening so this helps and allows for dry hopping without losing pressure or opening for air ingress. for those who are fearful of getting oxygen in the...
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    Chilling wrap/jacket? Does this exist?

    I made something like this with a water geyser jacket, strapped 10mts of 5mm plastic hose on the inside and ran chilled water through it, chilled the water with a glycol chiller. just tied the jacket around my fermenter with string and covered the top with some of the jacket cut-offs. worked ok...
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    Use fermenter as keg: possible?

    my 2 penneth worth, I transfer my ale under pressure from my fermenter to a pet keg and serve from that at the required pressure no co2 needed, I do use a co2 bottle to keep pressure up later in the consumption but you could, if you consume quickly enough attach a second ferment via a splitter...
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    Candida/ Pichia infection

    Candida albicans inhabits the human body, it can be in the mouth and digestive tract or anywhere on the body as a spore, it is generally a yeast and likes temperatures around body heat so in cold conditions has very little impact but when the temperatures rise it can devastate a batch of...
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    Keezer Dying?

    is it freezing up? if so you may have a leak on your door seal, if not then it is possibly the refrigerant, if you have a Schrader valve on the low side you can check the running pressure which should settle between 4 and 6 psi.
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    Why is there no Bluetooth pressure sensors on the market?

    I put together a fairly simple device using an esp-12f device and a pressure sensor plus a small power supply module, that gives me the pressure on a simple web server on my phone, needs a bit of soldering knowledge, assembly on a small prototype board and fitting inside a plastic box, I use it...
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    Need Help w Acetaldehyde (I think)

    not seen any mention of Candida albicans, a Bad source of acytaldehyde, suffered from it in my youth and lost many a brew both ale and wine to it, all was well after finishing ferment but a week later all was spoilt, never realized I had aural candidiasis at the time. Candida likes warm weather...
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    12v compression fridge

    yes you are correct, these look to be an expensive option and I am not sure how it would be utilised as a fermentation cooler. still better to use a fridge.
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    12v compression fridge

    you may find it is an expensive failure, they are usually only for a very small volume and work on a Peltier disk, I built a 3 x 30lt box with polystyrene insulation and tried a 2 x 60 watt Peltier unit, big failure. ended up building a 350watt refrigeration unit to cool it down, works a treat...