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  1. millstone

    GIVEAWAY TIME - INKBIRD Wireless Meat Thermometer INT-11P-B

    To ENTER the GIVEAWAY: Leave a comment with (inkbird wireless meat thermometer) i could see me using these... Thanks inkbird!
  2. millstone

    (Giveaway ended)-INKBIRD Giveaway & Black Friday: Enjoy discounts up to 50% OFF

    I have lots of Inkbird stuff, but not this one! : )
  3. millstone

    FREE TEST for INKBIRD WiFi Water Leak Detector

    I'm willing to test the device, always wonder when the sump pump might stop working.
  4. millstone

    That sour taste... from GUINNES... how to get it?

    This is another site that might help you. --> link
  5. millstone

    Your chance to trial a FREE Pinter!

    I brew with my son so we get to bond for maybe 8 hours, lunch and have a few together, we do this every month. Also being able to make a variety of beers, most I would not order when dining out. Tom
  6. millstone

    FREE TEST for INKBIRD CO2 Detector

    This would be a great replacement for my ageing unit, THANKS for the offer!
  7. millstone

    INKBIRD NEW PRODUCT GIVEAWAY!!! - 4 IN 1 Digital pH Meter

    This sounds like a great tool to add to my loooooog list of needs! thanks!!
  8. millstone

    ⚡️14.99--50% off for INKBIRD NEW 3-in-1 Infrared Instant-Read Thermometer with probe and Cooking Timer

    Would like to try this. Can I get a code for myself and one for my brewing partner?
  9. millstone

    Golden Promise or Maris Otter

    Thanks for this article. As time has passed, I have moved on to Briess for any American type brew and TF Maris Otter for any English brew both giving good results. Tom
  10. millstone

    Show Us Your RO Water Storage Tanks

    I believe BrewBama is referring to YOS Yeast Oxygen Scavenging, see this ---> https://www.**********************/deoxygenation-revisited/ Added link Don't know why link is not working, should be The **************** dot com / deoxygenation - revisited /
  11. millstone

    INKBIRD GIVEAWAY!! & Amazon Prime Day

    Thanks InkBird, great deals!
  12. millstone

    LABOR DAY GIVEAWAY!! Enter to win Inkbird Wireless Freezer Thermometer

    Hope everyone had a Happy Labor Day! I did with "masked" friends and family
  13. millstone

    Pump for basement sink?

    Do a search for "pump for washing machine in basement" lots of stuff to think about.