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  1. Kee

    how about a meme generator thread...

    I worked on an offshore drilling rig with a galley hand (a retired Marine Master Sergent who worked to keep from drinking too much). He told me about the cook that decided one day to make Cordon Bleu. He tried to talked him out of it, knowing the eating habits of crew. The meal was served...
  2. Kee

    Love Golf?

    Yes, but fortunately for him, starts were delayed and he made his tee time.
  3. Kee

    Stupid Joke Thread!

    A guy I knew (he's not from Texas) walked into a lumber supply store and asked for a certain amount of 2 x 4s. The employee asked "how long do you want them"? "I need them for a long time. I'm building a barn".
  4. Kee

    Weird house / real estate listings.

    A friend of mine bought a church and has concerts and parties there. The first couple of times I attended it felt a little strange sitting in a pew and drinking beer. He's a savvy real estate guy so he probably got a good deal on it.
  5. Kee

    Best line from a song

    Well, here I sit, all along with a broken heart I took three bennies, and my semi-truck won't start.
  6. Kee

    Best line from a song

    Jackson Browne has some lines that I can ponder for years. From Walking Slow Don't know why I'm happy I've got no reason to feel this good Maybe it's because I'm all alone and I've got no place to go And everywhere I look I see another person I'll never know
  7. Kee

    Best line from a song

    Every line in that song is inspired.
  8. Kee

    Best line from a song

    Don't hit me no more mister, I'm dying as fast as I can.
  9. Kee

    Hola from Spain!

  10. Kee

    Weird house / real estate listings.

    A good test for any person or couple that considers themselves minimalists.
  11. Kee

    Best News Headlines

    Years ago I searched the racks at JC Penny for my size pants (32W 34L). After no success, I asked for help. "We don't carry that size" said the guy, and he was kind of smug about it. That was my last shopping experience at JC Penny.
  12. Kee

    Best News Headlines

    We should have known that asbestos, miracle product that it was, had a downside. But back in the day, if you had welding/cutting/gouging slag directed your way, you could take an asbestos fire blanket and make a poncho out of it. Way better than leather sleeves, except for the fact that it might...
  13. Kee

    Love Golf?

    A shack with a tee box, that's cool!
  14. Kee

    Northern Brewers - AWOL?

    I do a brew in the bag, no sparge mash. I need a finer crush or I lose efficiency. And it only takes a few minutes to run it through my Corona mill so it's not that big of a deal.
  15. Kee

    Spring 2024 Corny Keg Giveaway

    A Belgian triple with Brett added at bottling.
  16. Kee

    Love Golf?

    I took about 20 years off myself, I can relate. But I'm happy to be back in the game.
  17. Kee

    Love Golf?

    Tuesday I had my first golf lesson since I started playing again. The guy knows his stuff and had me hitting better shots in just a few mnutes. A couple of easy changes in my setup and a downswing move that will get me more open at impact. Here's hoping it only takes 10,000 or so shots to...
  18. Kee

    Belgian Dark Strong Ale Westvleteren 12 Clone - Multiple Award Winner

    Sure seems like a strange comment from Wyeast. Maybe the rep just didn't want to be bothered. That aside, I've never looked for or expected much yeast expression from Wyeast 3787, especially in a Belgian dark strong. If you are looking for more, the only thing I can think of is to let the...
  19. Kee

    Best News Headlines

    WTF? So he fired multiple times without a target to aim at, apparently in pure panic mode. He needs to turn in his badge. BTW, I lived in Okaloosa county for about 15 years (in the last century) and the local law enforcement impressed me as more professional than most fwiw.
  20. Kee

    All things Trappist

    That would work, especially if your first beer's original gravity is not too high, but I'd rather overbuild a starter and save some of that yeast. Alternatively, 3787 is a top cropping yeast and you could harvest fresh krausen from the first batch if your risk tolerance and fermenter allow you...