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    First Double IPA Recipe Attempt: Feedback and Suggestions Welcome!

    I think it looks pretty good. Here are a couple of thoughts: I’m not sure about the oats, if me, I’d omit them. Same with the carapils. Replace those with pale ale malt. I’ve never used biscuit but at that amount, I think it’d play well. The hops look good. Those are a matter of preference so...
  2. K

    Constant stall troubleshooting

    There’s a lot of unconventional ideas that pop up around here but a monster mead might be the best in a while. Might try to make the mead then add the monster when it’s finished fermenting? Making mead is challenging under the best conditions, it can get real messy when you start to color...
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    Honey in a beer? -- Newbie trying to learn! (Grain Bill incl.)

    Once you get your recipe where you want it, make sure to read up on fermentation of high ABV beers. They can be very tricky. When treated well, yeast will easily surpass their “ABV tolerance”. When treated poorly, you can get a range of undesirables, from nasty boozy burn to under fermented...
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    Loving Marris Otter - Yum!!!

    MO is one of my top two malts. Vienna being the other. Both are fantastic
  5. K

    4 gauge secondary for kegerator?

    Full disclosure, I’ve only just converted to this setup 2 weeks ago. I still feel a little uneasy about push fittings on the gas side but I haven’t had any issues. Overall I’m very pleased with how this went together and has worked.
  6. K

    4 gauge secondary for kegerator?

    I have a standup fridge, not a keezer but this is pretty low profile.
  7. K

    American Wheat Beer Hazy Cheapskate - Miraculix forbidden Ale

    Or blast the crap out of it with a paint stirred in a bucket of 150*F water. Then add it to the mash.
  8. K

    American Wheat Beer Hazy Cheapskate - Miraculix forbidden Ale

    Pre boil sample. This might need some food coloring when it’s all said and done. That’s really pale
  9. K

    Neo Mexicana Hops

    Arrived a day early with a bonus free root stock of Arcadian! Planted this morning. I ordered over the phone because I had questions. The lady I spoke with was friendly, informative and incredibly helpful. What great customer service, Great Lakes Hops!!
  10. K

    American Wheat Beer Hazy Cheapskate - Miraculix forbidden Ale

    Ok, here we go. I got my water up to strike temp, poured half the water into another bucket. I then dumped the 5 pound bag of flour into the water all at once. Next, I hit it with a paint stirring wand on my drill for 2 or 3 minutes. After that I dumped it back into my mash tun with the grain...
  11. K

    BIAB attempt at Tree House IPA

    This is easy. Just drop your kettle to the desired whirlpool temp and stir every 5 minutes or so for the desired time. More labor intensive but it does the job. I don’t know the reason to pressure ferment a NEIPA. Typically pressure fermentation is done to speed up fermentation without getting...
  12. K

    American wheat addition

    Clean American yeast and raspberries for a summer crusher.
  13. K

    IPA’s to Calibrate Sensory Palette

    This would be great for single hop associations, I’ll look for it!
  14. K

    IPA’s to Calibrate Sensory Palette

    Thanks for the responses and WCIPA suggestions, that’s more inline with my personal taste. I’m not necessarily trying to avoid a NEIPA I’m more so trying to find IPA that tightly aligns with more singular descriptor categories, specifically citrus, fruity or pine/dank. I’ve been considering...
  15. K

    Heavy sludge / mud slide / Krausen top of fermentor

    Looks like 1am at the club. Yeast are partying hard, right before they go home and crash hard
  16. K

    IPA’s to Calibrate Sensory Palette

    I don’t drink very much commercial beer these days. Additionally, I feel the IPA space has become convoluted with the sheer amount of fruity hop blasted NEIPA’s. I’d like to “calibrate” my IPA sensory analysis but don’t really know where to start. I’m looking for widely available commercial...
  17. K

    Brew calculators

    I use a combo of three. I build my recipe with brewersfriend, first. Then I use @VikeMan excel sheet to fine tune everything. His product is very accurate. Finally I run water chemistry with bru n water.
  18. K

    Neo Mexicana Hops

    My wife gave up on her climbing roses due to three years of uncontrollable powdery mildew. She asked if I’d put some hops in to climb the garden arbor. Uhhh, yes! I’ve been eyeing Neo Mex from Great Lakes Hop for a while now so I pulled the trigger. Inbound are Neo1 and Amelia! There’s...
  19. K

    American Wheat Beer Hazy Cheapskate - Miraculix forbidden Ale

    I’m thrilled I found this. I’m planning a 50/50, P2R/wheat flour. Cellar Science Monk and lemondrop hops for a “Witbier”. If it turns out good I’m going to brew it again for a beer and wine charity event.