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  1. grampska

    what does the pbw powder taste like?

    FYI: The slimy feeling from PBW is your skin cells coming off.
  2. grampska

    Milling grains - corded vs. cordless drill

    Not full answers but here's what I've been trying: I went with a AC Motor Speed Controller: I believe the Portly Gentlemen talks about it in one of his videos. However, I don't know if I have the right...
  3. grampska

    GIVEAWAY TIME - INKBIRD Wireless Meat Thermometer INT-11P-B

    Mine just broke. I could definitely use a Inkbird wireless meat thermometer
  4. grampska

    Why do people Quit brewing?

    I might quit because dealing with carbonation sucks - bottles suck, cornies suck, balancing lines sucks - I'm also the cellerman at a local brewery and it sucks there too. Seriously though, I almost gave up this year. I thought I was loosing a step. Not just in brewing but work and music as...
  5. grampska

    How do you brew during the cold months?

    We have schizophrenic weather here. So we have random days of warm weather in the winter where I can brew but the basic brewing heating pads you can keep the fridge that I have in the uninsulated garage at 68F once the cold weather kicks back in.
  6. grampska

    Why do people Quit brewing?

    If I ever quit, it would probably because of carbonation. Kegging, bottling, whatever. It's a pain in the ass.
  7. grampska

    Editable PDF Brew Log

    I found this:
  8. grampska

    Oxebar Keg?

    I figured I'd throw my two cents. I really like these. Force carbing goes super quick since they're so easy to shake compared to a full size corny or sixtel. And they work great on their side which is what I did because I have a big honking cooler that can probably hold three of them lying down...
  9. grampska

    Cleaning a sanke keg

    The one at the brewery I work at fills with CO2 and there’s an air compressor and air filter hooked up as well so oxygen is involved as well.
  10. grampska

    iPhone brewing apps - what you got?

    I stopped using Beersmith because using on multiple devices seemed a little wonky. Beerfather ok but is lacking if you’re offline at all. Usually not a problem but the detached garage is just far enough to get in that in between Wi-Fi and mobile data neverneverland. I renewed not long ago but I...
  11. grampska

    FREE TEST for INKBIRD CO2 Detector

    Definitely could use this. There's not a lot in the market for reasonably priced options.
  12. grampska

    First 5G Wifi Meat Thermometer on Market

    I just misplaced my bluetooth thermometer. Might want this as a replacement.
  13. grampska

    Recirculating with Brewers Edge Mash&Boil

    Oh, and I always recirculate with the built-in pump for a few minutes after stirring.
  14. grampska

    Recirculating with Brewers Edge Mash&Boil

    I use 5 gallon paint strainer bags in the mash pipe. Makes cleaning up easy as well. $5 for 2 at most hardware stores or just under $1 each off Amazon. I added that, decreased my grind from .35 to .28, and stirred every 15 minutes instead of every 30 minutes and my mash efficiency went from...
  15. grampska

    Foam Issues

    Uploaded to Youtube.
  16. grampska

    Foam Issues

    Ok, I think I have everything figured out but haven't confirmed on the kegerator since that's at the band's practice space. Kegerator: - probably over carbed due to being in the fridge which hovers around 34F but I might have still had the pressure set for 11psi - I'll probably just deal with...
  17. grampska

    Foam Issues

    I was thinking about how I might have overcarbed these which would explain the 2 kegs that have had issues with the kegerator. Those were done in the garage fridge and I might not have recalculated the pressure for the slightly lower temperature. However, the two kegs in the keezer right now...
  18. grampska

    Foam Issues

    Turning up the PSI definitely didn't help. I'll have to figure something else out.
  19. grampska

    Foam Issues

    Found that thread you mentioned. I’ll turn it up a couple notches. I guess I shouldn’t rely on Brewfather for carbing numbers if overcarbed beer turns out to be the problem.