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  1. bjhbrew

    Homebrew Talk 3D Print Thread.

    Another print I did recently was a little wrench dealy for removing the top of these kegland disconnects
  2. bjhbrew

    Homebrew Talk 3D Print Thread.

    I just finished 3d printing a steam condenser body for mounting on the top of my kettle. I previously had a stainless steel tee based condenser that I side mounted but it seemed like a lot of weight once mounted on the lid with an elbow. The filament is pet-cf from bambu labs - should be easily...
  3. bjhbrew

    Re-pitching a yeast that had produced excess sulfur

    Thought I would update this thread. The original wit bier that I brewed is now pouring sulfur free and delicious after giving it a couple weeks of conditioning. The white IPA that I pitched with the harvested yeast fermented vigorously and completely. After 10 days in primary I performed a soft...
  4. bjhbrew

    Re-pitching a yeast that had produced excess sulfur

    That’s great to hear - I guess I should pull my keg out of the fridge and let it come up to room temperature. I went ahead and re-pitched the wit yeast into my ipa today. Hopefully it turns out! Thanks for the replies
  5. bjhbrew

    Re-pitching a yeast that had produced excess sulfur

    Unfortunately it’s still pretty strong in the finished beer. I’m thinking that I may have kegged it too early because otherwise it attenuated well.
  6. bjhbrew

    Re-pitching a yeast that had produced excess sulfur

    Like many, I often line up a few brews that allow me to harvest and reuse the same yeast. In the spring I like to make a witbier followed by a white ipa. In the past I’ve used the mangrove jacks wit yeast and liked the result, however, this time around my lhbs only had Lallemand wit in stock. I...
  7. bjhbrew

    What would you do? Keg transfer help.

    If you have a hose with two gas disconnects you could jumper from the keg gas post to the gas post on the fermenter. This only helps of course if the keg was purged and the airspace is co2.
  8. bjhbrew

    Using fermentation pressure to bottle

    I’ve bottled spunded beer before. My sop used to be to brew extra, say 7 gallons, put 5 gallons in a keg and bottle the remainder. It’s been awhile but I ended up reducing my batch size because I found the bottling part to be a pain, mostly due to foaming. Some things to consider: you will use...
  9. bjhbrew

    Hi from Vancouver Canada!

    Gotcha, that's a bummer. I hadn't realized that the paintball crowd were moving away from CO2 and I'm completely unfamiliar with the bottle type you have. Good luck finding someone who can fill it!
  10. bjhbrew

    Hi from Vancouver Canada!

    Hey, I'm also from the Vancouver area. I've seen several posts on Facebook Marketplace offering CO2 refills for soda stream at a lower price than the grocery store swap. I assume it's just people with larger tanks at home and the fittings to be able to fill the smaller bottles. Maybe try one...
  11. bjhbrew

    Brewzilla Gen4 Discussion/Tips Talk

    This is such a tough thing to try to diagnose from afar. I would agree that your crush looks great; all the hulls appear to be intact and should allow a decent runoff. I’ve put about 20 batches through my Brewzilla and only had a stuck mash once, which of course was on the very first batch. I...
  12. bjhbrew

    Stouts turning acidic

    Fwiw I live in a suburb of Vancouver with the same water source. Here’s the numbers I use as a starting point on my water: Ca 4 Mg 0 Na 1 Cl 2 So4 1 Hco3 10 Indeed the water is very soft, I would absolutely be adding baking soda when making a beer with roasted grains
  13. bjhbrew

    Starter from sour beer dregs has floaties

    Well, I did end up proceeding with this beer… almost exactly 1 year ago. Which is a good reminder that I should give it a taste and see how it’s progressing. The starter had those weird floaters but it smelled pleasant and a small taste yielded light acidity and no obvious off flavors. In the...
  14. bjhbrew


    I followed the instructions on this blog when I made banana wine. Seemed to work out pretty good.
  15. bjhbrew

    Small batch on Brewzilla 3.5L

    I have the Brewzilla gen 4 and have done 3 1/2 gallon batches in it (to fill 3 gallon kegs for serving) It works great and has become my preferred batch size. The Brewzilla has very little dead space under the malt pipe so I suspect you could probably go down to 1 gallon batches but I haven’t...
  16. bjhbrew

    Removable heating element

    Here’s a headstock that’s been well engineered; looks good’n safe to me:
  17. bjhbrew

    Brewzilla Gen4 Discussion/Tips Talk

    @KegLand Thanks for posting this video. I was finding that the temperature probe in my gen 4 BrewZilla was reading about 4 degrees lower than actual temperature when mashing but then was reading a few degrees too high when at a boil. I followed the steps in the video to set 2 calibration...
  18. bjhbrew

    No-Chill Brewing?

    The first time I used a corny for no chill I found that the rubber got very soft and it felt like the glue was giving away on the rubber base. Now I just put the corny into a small Rubbermaid bin with cold water in it before filling with hot wort. The water is just high enough to cover the...
  19. bjhbrew

    Brewzilla as a Fermenter

    You could grab one of the distillation lids. They come with a seal and can be clamped down. Put a bung and airlock in the hole and I don’t see why you couldn’t do the entire ferment in there. I would also be a little leery of transferring out the ball valve when packaging but I’d probably do it...
  20. bjhbrew

    Brewzilla Gen4 Discussion/Tips Talk

    I didn’t see any settings in that regard but if I remember right I’m pretty sure I got a notification on my phone each time it reached the end of a step.