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  1. November

    Best connections for plate chilling

    No problem. I find 40 pounds of ice in 30 or so gallons of water works to bring a batch from 190ish post whirlpool to 54 or thereabouts. That's for a half barrel batch with very warm ground water. Might give you a starting point.
  2. November

    Best connections for plate chilling

    Two Pumps, one wort and one ice water.
  3. November

    Best connections for plate chilling

    I fill my MLT with ice water and pump it from there. I capture the waste water in my HLT and use that for cleaning.
  4. November

    Perception of Serving Temperature

    Yeah, that's my feeling as well. I think some people just get fixated on a number. I have a black lager that seems to hit it's stride as it warms a touch.
  5. November

    Perception of Serving Temperature

    So, I was recently chatting with a friend and he mentioned that he was upset that his kegerator was pouring at 40f rather than the 36f or 38f he was accustomed to and certainly not the 34f he had it set to. This got me to thinking, a dangerous thing, and I wondered; what is the human ability...
  6. November

    Medieval Ale & Beer Info

    So years ago, I brewed a batch with little to no tech. It wasn't period specific but the method was a mix of primative and improvised. Here's the thread. Maybe it'll inspire you. Primitive/Improvised Methods Beer
  7. November

    Using my wort pump to circulate ice water

    That's exactly what I do. No problems.
  8. November

    Easy Wheat Malting (Picture Guide)

    I cover it just to keep stuff out of it. I've done large batches where the cover just consists of newspaper or cloth. Certainly, you don't need a cover depending on your environment. I frequently do this in my 'Arizona Room' so a cover keeps the birds, bugs, etc out. It's not necessary for...
  9. November

    wilserbrewer Black Friday door buster $10 BIAB bags

    Just ordered another one. Stupid cat destroyed my last one.....
  10. November

    Why I absolutly hate Harbor Freight

    They won't heat at the same rate depending on how you heat it. I snapped the bolt head off of my grain mill. I was able to get a hold of a piece of it but not enough to turn it. I heated the exterior and then was able to unscrew it with what little bit I was able to grasp.
  11. November

    Why I absolutly hate Harbor Freight

    Have you tried heating up the screw with a torch? Might expand it enough to let the broken piece fall free with a rap or two.
  12. November

    Kettle too big for 3g batches

    This. Keep the 15g and for less than 70 bucks the problem is solved and you've increased the flexibility of your system with more brewing options.
  13. November

    American Light Lager Ahab's Prize Light Lager

    I've made it with a variety of ratios. Right now with how hot it is here, the batch I have on hand is 80/20 2 row/Munich. I've also been toying with a batch that I added glucoamylase to. That definitely lightened it up and dried it out but it's still more flavorful than regular light beers...
  14. November

    Star Wars fans, any ideas for recipes?

    An Imperial Stout. Call it the Deathstar. Bonus points if you yell "It's a stooooouuuuut" at all your friends while drinking it.
  15. November

    Brewers Hardware in line filter

    I have one and don't have any clogging issues. To be honest though, I never really see much stuff caught in it since I whirlpool. I could probably remove it and not notice any change but since I have it I just leave it in place.