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  1. lustreking

    Go RVing

    If you decide that popups are your thing, then is the place to go
  2. lustreking


  3. lustreking

    The Great HBT Taco Thread

    Also, sometimes my son makes me proud. I think this was 1st grade. Not tacos, but close enough for me.
  4. lustreking

    The Great HBT Taco Thread

    So my wife and son dragged me to one of those paint-your-own-pottery places and this happened.
  5. lustreking

    Things about your co-workers that annoy you

    Hey Sergio, enjoy your 2 week vacation right in the middle of our big VOIP rollout. I'll just be here losing 3 or 4 days of my vacation as well as coming in early because I have to do my work, as well as yours.
  6. lustreking

    Pokémon Go Anyone?

    I've heard that argument before, but If they did, what's the chance that they talked about anything but Pokemon?
  7. lustreking

    OCD or just weird preferences?

    Exactly! I used both a bidet and took a shower this morning and, without a doubt, a bidet provides a MUCH higher pressure, more directed stream than a shower head ever could, unless the shower head could be reduced to a single 1/8" stream. I actually installed a valve on the supply line to...
  8. lustreking

    OCD or just weird preferences?

    The water does the work. I do a wipe with toilet paper after to dry off, as well as to make sure I'm clean. So I still do use some TP, just a lot less.
  9. lustreking

    OCD or just weird preferences?

    You're talking about using your shower as a bidet, so you're literally washing poop off your ass. When I take a shower, my ass is already relatively clean of poop. I used to have this one. it installs in 15 minutes and is...
  10. lustreking

    OCD or just weird preferences?

    You can get a bidet for as low as $25, though and not have poop in your bathtub.
  11. lustreking

    The walls have ears...........

    So how does it hear you say "ok google" if it's not listening?
  12. lustreking

    Car recall

    It looks like it might be more than Honda. I got a notice for the passenger air bag in my 2006 Subaru Outback.
  13. lustreking

    I generally hate customer service, but...

    I have to give a gold star to both Moen, and Denon customer services. I've called them both twice and they've been great.
  14. lustreking

    Eagle Cam...

    Here's another bald eagle cam to watch. I don't think either egg has hatched yet.
  15. lustreking

    The Walking dead

    I always assumed that the little development they are in was called Alexandria... I'm not going to go back and watch the episode again, so maybe this was addressed, but why did they leave the car when they found the truck? Does Daryl not drive things with more than 2 wheels?
  16. lustreking

    Things about your co-workers that annoy you

    Yesterday, my office mate was playing some type of streaming lullaby station. Did he not realize this, or is Baa Baa Black Sheep just his jam? About a month ago, this conversation with him happened I was the only person in the office at the time, so I was playing music, probably pretty...
  17. lustreking

    Who lives next to train tracks?

    I used to live somewhat close to tracks. We were far enough away that we only heard the horn from them, and at our distance it was a very relaxing sound on a warm summer night.
  18. lustreking

    Nottingham yeast for cider?

    I use Nottingham for my cider. I haven't experimented with other ale yeasts, but never saw a need to.
  19. lustreking

    Finding the cable between 2 switches...

    show cdp neighbors should show you the hostname of connected switches, and which port they're connected to