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    For Sale All My Brew Equipment - Make Me An Offer - Houston Texas Pickup Only

    See picture but short list is: 2 each 6-gallon fermentation Buckets 2 each 5-gallon glass carboys 1 each 50-foot wort chiller 1 each 5 gallon SS pot 80 - 100 Grolsch Flip Top Bottles Misc other large and small flip top bottles Misc other brewing necessities. This is about 90% of what a newbie...
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    Hot Temperatures and the Secondary

    Whether needed or not I keep the secondary in the swamp cooler with water. I try to keep it at 70 to 75 which may require a frozen bottle or two in the summer but its not a big deal compared to the primary and first few days as has been discussed. I don't know if it is needed but it makes me...
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    Northern Ireland

    I just noticed this post but it has been interesting to read. I too am one of those Americans of Irish decent that cannot wait to "go home". My Dad's family came here a long time ago but was originally from Derry. Dennis
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    When everything that can go wrong goes wrong...

    I started brewing a little less than a year ago and what I have learned is that brewing beer is one of those things that is just a continual learning experience. The things I’m learning at this point are not things that make or break the beer but just odds and ends that make the process easier...
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    Airlock and Blowoff question

    I agree. The blowoff problem will occur in the first few days so after the activity starts to slow down, put in a regular airlock. If you have gunk in your blow off tube it will be much easier to get it out at that point than 2 weeks later. To clean that tube use anything with pressure to...
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    My beer isn't boiling!

    I agree with not using a lid otherwise you get dimethyl sulfide and potentially bad boilovers. Most kitchen stoves don't have the horsepower and BTU's to boil that much volume. Either do a smaller boil, split it in half like someone said, or go outdoors. Using a fish fry type burner you will get...
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    Adding water after fermentation?

    On my first couple of brews I was short volume in the secondary. Afraid of oxidation due to the open space, I added pre-boiled and cooled down water. If you are only talking about a little bit of water, say a quart or less, it will not taste watered down. If you have to add more than that you...
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    Airlock and Blowoff question

    I got this idea from someone else on this board. You can use one of those 3-piece plastic airlocks to make your blow-off tube. Use only the main body of the airlock. On the bottom of the airlock tube, i.e. part that sticks in the grommet on the fermenter, you will see it comes to a point and...
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    Awe sh#t!!!!

    I'm one of the ones that did this before and posted a question about it here. I did all the research and as you have figured out already, no mercury no lead. I always strain my wort so no pellets or glass made it into my fermenter as far as I could tell. I just went on about my business. It was...
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    Newbie in the house

    Most basic starter’s kits are good and will give you exactly what you need. You can easily grow from there should you desire but a person can brew beer great his whole life with beginners equipment. The kit with 2 buckets is probably for single stage brewing and if you want to do single...
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    help, my wife spit in my beer

    You know, if you have been married long enough, spit or swallow you don't really care as long as your getting action.
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    help, my wife spit in my beer

    I remember that but wouldn't know where to find that post. After seeing it though, it gave me an idea that has worked well for me. I took a smaller section of hose, about 18" - 24", and attached a barbed coupler to one end. For siphoning, I slide this into the end of the siphon tube and start...
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    How much to boil?

    I agree. That's how you cool her down. It's generally better to boil more than less and boiling with only 2 gallons seems awful small, but I can't speak to the possiblity that perhaps your recipe is made to work with a smaller amount. I think a lot of times the kits, and procedures that come...
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    Would You Guys Review My Recipe For Me?

    Good point. I like Wyeast products and I know they have Kolsch yeast. I may give that a try instead. Here is an issue. I made a batch of Kolsch a few months back and it has an extrodinarily high amount of loose sediment. Unlike my other brews I have to leave a lot of my kolsch in the bottle as...
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    Would You Guys Review My Recipe For Me?

    Yes, I guess I never really paid attention to the terminology. I have always done it this way since first brew. Shown to me by another brewer. I know what you mean about learning. For me the term "Learning" is a polite way of saying "stumbling around figuring out everything the hard way"...
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    Would You Guys Review My Recipe For Me?

    I guess it would be called steeping but kind of like a partial mash. I've used those grains in the past. I have to keep the temperature constant during the steep. I use iodine to test to see the starches are converted.
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    Would You Guys Review My Recipe For Me?

    Heretofore I have been using recipes developed by others but on my next brew I am thinking about using a recipe I put together myself. I have no problem using other people’s recipes, it’s just that, while they all are good, I have a flavor I’m looking for and I am at the point where I think I...
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    It's been nearly 8 years.....

    I wouldn't use them. Grains don't last but a few weeks after grinding so after 8 years I'm sure they have nothing left to offer. Who knows about the sugar but I am sure it could have problems after that long a time. Sugar is cheap so my suggestion is to get some fresh. Dennis