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  1. Tripod

    Finally AG!!!

    Woop Woop!! I'm so happy to announce that I finally stepped up and joined the AG crew! My lovely swimbo hooked me up with a 15 gallon Stainless Steel and propane-burner set up last christmas and I've been building a dedicated fermentation chamber so I could finally do this. The inagural...
  2. Tripod

    Cheap & Easy 10 Gallon Rubbermaid MLT Conversion

    I just built one of these last weekend for going AG. I got lucky in a local Ace Hardware and found SS cut washers that were plenty big enough for this setup. Can't wait to try it out!
  3. Tripod

    Making Bottling Less Painful

    What kind of capper are you using? My wife bought me a bench capper. Way easier than the two-handed type. Highly recommend!
  4. Tripod


    Subcribed. There are some excellent looking loaves here!
  5. Tripod

    Help me understand the range of IBUs.

    :off: Oh man. If only I could hop forward (pun intended) on a time machine and taste that 5-year barleywine! I'm planning something for my 40th next August as well. No comparison to the big 5-0 but certainly a milestone worth brewing if I need an excuse.
  6. Tripod

    Tasted hydro sample of Oatmeal Stout - huge problem

    This is where having a pipeline going helps a lot. Brew more. Brew often.
  7. Tripod

    I did not ruin my beer.

    I'll definitely add that book to my ever expanding library. Thanks for the tip! I did a little more digging on the subject of blending and came across this site on "Blending and the art of salvage". I was hoping to find some equations but the author describes in detail how he adds a portion...
  8. Tripod

    I did not ruin my beer.

    Excellent info! So your original calculation makes more sense the way you stated it here. Also, I was misreading gravity units as gravity points in your other post so it threw me for a loop. It wouldn't be the first time! :D Gravity Units = (volume)x(SG-1) So where did you come accross...
  9. Tripod

    Marking your carboy

    Mine was a smaller bottle for around $7.50 I believe. It doesn't take much at all...
  10. Tripod

    I did not ruin my beer.

    That's where the math gets fuzzy for me. I'm actually pretty good at math but I'm not positive if the above method is the correct way to calculate the total gravity from two different worts that are combined. I'm not saying you are wrong...just that I don't know for certain. :mug: That's what...
  11. Tripod

    I did not ruin my beer.

    Me too! The results so far are grand. Hence the title "I did NOT ruin my beer". This is coming across so far like a Light IPA. Not heavy at all and very quaffable but the flavor profile is pretty close to what it should be. I'll know for sure once it is bottled and matures a bit. -Tripod
  12. Tripod

    Help me understand the range of IBUs.

    ooooo you just beat me to it! :mug:
  13. Tripod

    Help me understand the range of IBUs.

    +1 more to Yooper's post. The balance of the ratio is a better story to tell. I found this graph on HBT a while back and it may be helpful. It compares OG against IBUs and shows how balance can be achieved for any level of both. You can see how 40 IBUs will be "extra hoppy" in a beer...
  14. Tripod

    I did not ruin my beer.

    It's time for an overdue update on this attempt to fix a broken batch. It ended up being Sunday before I could get around to dry-hopping and testing the batch but what I found waiting for me was very nice! First of all, the scent coming from the carboy was heavenly...first test = pass...
  15. Tripod

    Marking your carboy

    Some of these are really creative!
  16. Tripod

    I did not ruin my beer.

    Hi kids (and I use the term with the highest respect), Just a quick update. I originally pitched the yeasts into the low-grav wort on the 11th and my attempt to fix was the 12th. So it has been 8 days and everything looks good so far. Fermentation has finally started to show signs of...
  17. Tripod

    I did not ruin my beer.

    Hello HBT, It's been a while but I wanted to share a crazy brew day experience in hopes that a new brewer may be able to get something out of it and learn from my mistake. Basically I am turning a total f**kup into a learning opportunity. I really have no idea how this will turn out but I'm...
  18. Tripod

    Logo Thread

    Thanks Throwbook! I'm not fully decided on the actual labels but I've been toying with the idea of having a background that would use different color schemes for different brew styles and then using the logo as-is in the design somehow. Since it looks so good on the caps I think I can keep...
  19. Tripod

    Some Critiquing on my Labels Please? Thanks

    Beat me to it! That's what I noticed first. Also +1 on the tinting... -Tripod
  20. Tripod

    How to dry bottles without a bottle rack?

    + another 1. My dishwasher also has the "sanatize" feature so I just let it do the work and bottle straight from the washer...