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  1. jimmayhugh

    Do you need a 1 off Stainless part built for your system? Let's discuss it.

    Hi Jaybird, I'd like to get a price on fabricating a short 2" spool with a 1.5" or 1" Tee added. I want to keep the 2" portion as short as possible. Basically, it would look like your lyne arm without the perf, and the 2" section as short as possible. PM or e-mail me with a quote. Thanks
  2. jimmayhugh

    Help a guy out

    My concern would be whether the rivets holding the steel(?) ring in place are vapor-tight.
  3. jimmayhugh

    Suitable containers for 96% ethanol

    If you've got LOTS OF MONEY... Another slightly cheaper option, especially if you wrap the silicone gasket with PTFE tape. Some say silicon is fine for long term storage, others say it isn't. Edited to add: Here's another... Otherwise, glass is your best bet. You can also use mason jars with...
  4. jimmayhugh

    Is anyone making hand sanitizer?

    There are several calculators out there that will allow you to input the values you have and calculate the strength/volume/ ratio...
  5. jimmayhugh

    Distilling infected beer

    This goes down the same path where bullet is the same as round, clip is the same as magazine, etc. Words have meaning, and the proper use of a word makes the idea you're trying to convey more precise. Beer's wort is whiskey's wash, and knowledgeable people use them appropriately. Rather than...
  6. jimmayhugh

    Distilling infected beer

    Called a "Sour Mash" with Bourbon, and "Dunder" with Rum. Still done on purpose, so technically not contaminated, which is "having been made impure by exposure to or addition of a poisonous or polluting substance."
  7. jimmayhugh

    Distilling infected beer

    The correct word is "aged" which is something they do on purpose.
  8. jimmayhugh

    Distilling infected beer

    Between the boiling and the higher ABV product produced, I doubt that any biologic entities would survive. If it's a highly-hopped beer, the hop oils may carry over and affect the taste, but not the antibiotic efficiency.
  9. jimmayhugh

    Pull Through (dimpled) TC Ferrules for Soldering Prototype Stuff

    You can also silver solder a 1.5 TC RADIUS FACE SOLDER FLANGE from Bobby at I've done this several times on kettles that I felt might split if I tried to dimple them. Plenty strong and no worries about splits.
  10. jimmayhugh

    What was your biggest mess up when doing a homebrew??

    Forgot to put my false bottom into my mash tun. I pumped in the strike water, stirred in the grist, started my RIMs, and clogged the entire system with grist. I managed to drain the wort, scoop out the grain, clean the pumps and tubing, put in the false bottom, wort and grain, and re-start the...
  11. jimmayhugh

    What is your favorite Yeast?

    A lot of folks use Red Star DADY which is commonly available, I like Fermpro917, other folks do just fine with beer and bread yeasts. It's all a personal choice.
  12. jimmayhugh

    How to Distill (book like how to brew...)

    True this... I use glucoamylase in all of my washes. Most of my recent washes have been either DME/Dextrose or Rye LME, and they all settle out below 1.000 with gluco.
  13. jimmayhugh

    How to Distill (book like how to brew...)

    If you stress the yeast with a higher ABV, it can cause more fusel by-products (also called congeners, heads and tails) that can cause off-tastes. Better to keep your SG at around 1.090 unless you're making fuel.
  14. jimmayhugh

    How to Distill (book like how to brew...)

    I've done a few distills, either with low-hops beer, or an unboiled all-grain wash, and all the above is true. I never fill my boiler more than two-thirds full, use an anti-foaming agent, and lower the power applied to the boiler. A full, roiling boil is not required.
  15. jimmayhugh

    How to Distill (book like how to brew...)

    So, basically a boilermaker...
  16. jimmayhugh

    How to Distill (book like how to brew...)

    Skip the hops in the batch meant for distillation, the various hop oils can carry over into the distillate, and do not improve the flavor.
  17. jimmayhugh

    How to Distill (book like how to brew...)

    The Compleat Distiller Making Pure Corn Whiskey Designing and Building Automatic Stills These three books, and my years of making beer, were instrumental in my pursuit of the hobby. Highly recommended.
  18. jimmayhugh

    Soldering Stainless steel

    I got tired of aligning and getting a 2" tri-clamp securely onto my keg boiler, so I added a tri-clamp ferrule with just a little sanding, cleaning, flux, and solder. I checked for leaks, it works perfectly...:ban:
  19. jimmayhugh

    Torpedo kegs

    The Beverage Factory's Brite Tank is 15.5 gallons, costs a little more and there's shipping added, but I have 3 of them and am very happy with them. I drilled and silver-soldered a thermowell onto the TC cap of each, and have used them for a number of brews. I also like them since I no-chill by...
  20. jimmayhugh

    Condenser question

    When I started playing with this, I was the same way. I've learned to slow down, turn down the heat, and let things happen naturally. I get better results if I take my time.