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    Anyone try randy mosher's Christmas ale?

    Thanks for sharing! I have only tried his Belgian single recipe so far. I really enjoyed it. I need to start brewing some of the others.
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    Craziest thing you have put in a mash or boil

    I'm surprised no one has tried a bacon and molasses combo. Maybe that should be my next experiment.
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    brewed Jamil's American IPA recipe today

    I had similar issues when I started and I just adda pound to the base grain each batch and I hit my target OG. You might just have lower efficiency. Around 60-65% is my guess. It will only cost you an extra buck or two for the additional grain. Also, you should check out ray Daniels book...
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    Culturing yeast from a bottle, my Experiences

    Thanks for the write up. I am harvesting yeast from Bells two hearted ale right now. Stepping up the starter in anticipation of brew day.
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    Anyone try randy mosher's Christmas ale?

    I never got around to brewing it. Let me know how it turns out! As to the priming I would add the normal amount of priming sugar unless there is frrmentable sugars in the liquor potion. Good luck!
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    Sparkling ale recipe

    I don't have the book in front of me, but Randy Mosher's book radical brewing, I think that's the name, has a couple of sparkling ale recipes. Never tried them though.
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    Big Beer, When to Bottle?

    I would also add that Brew Like a Monk recommends a cold conditioning period of a couple of weeks (I think it is that long) at lager temps (30s-40s) after primary fermentation and racking to secondary for a period of time. Personally, I just brewed one and left it in the primary for a couple of...
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    Decoction brewing : Does it change the taste of beer a lot ?

    Check out Denny Conn's website. He talks about experimenting with it and not tasting a result with the extra effort. However, other people I have heard swear it makes a difference. I have never done it. Gordon strong suggests using a no-sparge approach to maltier beers like bocks that...
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    Hop extract question?

    Thanks for sharing. I only use jpp pellets. It is interesting to read your results. I read that Pliny the elder uses hop extract to reach the target ibu without getting too much vegetal taste.
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    Lager Fermentation Question

    Sounds OK except your starter sounds a bit unorthodox. I think most people use light dme, myself included. Do you use a stir plate or any other method to help your starter along? I usually use a 2L starter on lagers and see fermentation within 24 hours. I would give it a few more days and if...
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    Using washed yeast to prime belgian dark strong kosher?

    Thanks. That's an idea. I just liked the idea of using the same yeast from fermentation. I know it won't really impact flavor. I'm just trying to avoid shelling out 7 bucks for another vial of yeast. I'm thinking I may wing it with the washed yeast unless someone else thinks its a bad idea...
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    Using washed yeast to prime belgian dark strong kosher?

    Hey guys, I have some washed yeast I saved from my Belgian dark strong that I was going to pitch at bottling to help carb the bottles since it has been in secondary for so long and then I cold conditioned it. Do you think the washed yeast will be enough? I was contemplating a starter but I...
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    no krausen with robust porter

    I just brewed a robust porter from brewing classic styles. I used WL001 that I washed from a previous batch and made a starter the night before. The airlock is bubbling like crazy, but I have never brewed a dark beer before so I didn't know if this is normal for dark beers or maybe using the...
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    Austin, TX area (Round Rock)

    Keep at it man. I have 4 AG batches under my belt and I can say it gets easier every time. As far as dough balls, I just stir really well and don't have any problems.
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    dry hopping affecting color

    I brewed the pale ale recipe from "brewing classic styles" and decided to dry hop (never have before). Dry hopped in secondary for 4 days and some hops came out of the paint strainer bag. The beer tastes good but the beer has a slight brown color to it instead of an amber yellow. Anyone...
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    Never ending WL570 Fermentation

    i didn't check consistently. I will take a reading tomorrow and see what I get... Thanks.
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    Never ending WL570 Fermentation

    So I bought the Belgian Noel AG kit from AHS and brewed it up. Hit OG of 1.09 and pitched stepped up 2L starter of WL570. After a VERY vigorous primary fermentation for 7 days I took a SG reading and hit 1.022, which is the target for this beer. I racked to a secondary and the beer has been...
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    1st All Grain on RIMS Brew Rig

    Nice rig. If you go to the all grain forum there are some sticky threads on commonly asked questions. I batch sparge, but I just take a gravity reading after running off from my mash tun. Then I use ray Daniels handy formulas to see if I am going to hit my og. If not, then he tells you how much...
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    New Brewer from Chesapeake, VA

    Welcome to the hobby! I'm up in Fredericksburg va. Careful, it's addicting!
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    Cold crash question

    I had your exact same question today when I was bottling a lager. I just assume it is OK but have never heard otherwise. Today I let it sit into he basement for a bit to warm up before pitching in the corn sugar mixture to bottle. I'll be interested if anybody chimes in with empirical...