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    Illinois Chicago: Kegerator, 2 Perlick tap tower

    Hey HBTers, haven't posted on here in a while as I haven't had any time to brew in ages :(. The kegs are sitting empty and I figure it's time they go to someone who will actually fill them up. Looking for 500 for the whole setup, see the details here...
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    STC-1000 problems

    Oops, was not hooked up to actual neutral wire. Tried to delete this thread but am not sure how. sorry!!
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    STC-1000 problems

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to wire up an STC-1000 directly to my Frigidaire FRC445GB kegerator. It's all wired up (terminals 7 & 8 interrupting black hot to blue neutral), but it won't seem to keep the compressor on. You can hear the relay switch and the compressor kick in, but it instantly...
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    In Montreal- 3 Keg Kegerator- $500

    I actually haven't had any time to brew since I left Montreal, but now that I'm settled into my new place in Chicago, I'm looking to pick up a some kegging equipment (thus the reason I'm trolling the classifieds). Good luck with the sale and with the new school!
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    In Montreal- 3 Keg Kegerator- $500

    Hey, I built that! :). Hope it served you well!
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    Weldless fitting for a water heating element in an aluminum pot?

    Only the element and the steel (not stainless, so it's on the outside) locknut are from HD. All other parts are from Grainger or McMaster. I liked this method because the bushing is permanent and with an element wrench you can remove the element very easily for cleaning or replacement.
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    Weldless fitting for a water heating element in an aluminum pot?

    If you scroll down a bit on this page: thread I explain how I did it to my aluminum boil pot. Part numbers and everything!
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    Read this before you buy from

    I had the exact same experience. Order didn't ship until a month after my card was billed. That entire time he kept saying that one part or another was backordered and would be there the next day and my order would ship.... but it never did! Good products, no complaints about that, but I would...
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    Electric kettle with PID control

    Check e-bay, you can find many SSR's there
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    Love TSS2 Dual Stage Temp Controller

    Anyone use one of these for fermentation control? They're only about 15 dollars more than the TS single stage controller, and I was considering using it to control the fridge compressor and a light bulb inside at the same...
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    Canadians: local temperature controller source?
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    HERMS -- wort lost in tubing?

    I usually just give a couple of good blows with co2 to clear the wort in the coil and tubing. Works perfectly.
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    hi from Montreal

    I prefer Bootleggers to Chope a Barrock, the prices are usually much more fair. Check out for other brewers in montreal.
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    Help with Wiring PID Control Box...

    I used this schematic for a 240vac circuit: but I ended up only using 1 SSR to kill one leg of the element. I do have a switch earlier in the circuit to kill both legs of the power. Color coding on that is not right, and it's definitely not done by an electrician. Please please exercise...
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    Help with Wiring PID Control Box...

    Are you using a 120 or 240vac circuit? Also, you're going to need a SSR with that PID.
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    Spigot install mistake

    I would try mcmaster part 9396K285 and some 3/4 ID 1 1/8 OD washers might work.
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    Man Did I Get Jacked....

    I paid 30 dollars CAD as well at my LHBS... I know there's a place that does it cheaper, but it's nearly impossible to get to without a car.
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    Looking for a good kettle without dropping $100+

    I have a 60 quart aluminum stock pot from instawares. It was the cheapest one they had, but it's very sturdy and I haven't had a boilover yet.
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    Brewing with electric questions plus ideas

    For 7 gallons my 4500 watts is too vigorous. I duty cycle at 80%. It comes to a boil very fast and I'm sure it would be fine for 10 gallons
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    Beer Engine on Ebay works like a charm