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    Oaking second run/false wine

    Would this be any help?
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    can i use any type of wood to age whiskey?

    Never ever ever NEVER use red oak. BLECH!!!
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    LaCrescent Sport?

    Correction - the Frontenac berries ARE beginning to get a little blue to them but only a small percentage and it's hit or miss, whereas all the berries on this possible sport are uniformly dark blue already. A week ago, no discernible difference with the other LaCrescent clusters. - Tim
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    LaCrescent Sport?

    It's been awhile since I posted anything on Homebrew Talk, many "life" reasons why but here goes... I've been growing grapes for a number of years. Decades, actually. Anyways, a few years back I added LaCrescent to the vineyard. Whenever choosing a new variety I always limit my purchase to one...
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    Help selecting a still Worth a look, the quality is first-rate and I've never had better customer service from ANYONE. It's not the only one I have, but it's my favorite. And I'd go electric, 4500 watts (13-gallon pot still) seems more controllable than 5000. They can tell you the...
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    Beta X grapes

    What yeast, Yooper?
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    where to buy cider apple trees

    Good ones already posted, here's another (I cannot comment, haven't bought from them yet):
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    Fermenting in a Mini-Keg?

    I did a search, didn't find an answer. I have ready access to fresh (pasteurized) cider most of the year. I usually make apple wine in larger amounts (5-15 gallon batches), but for experimenting with small batches of hard cider I was wondering about using the small mini-kegs, not the Heinekin...
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    Pumpkin preperation

    OK, it's now after "next October" -- so???? How's it taste?
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    HBT Peace Sign?

    OK, I exited, came back on still using IE, now it's back to the mug. I was just wondering for a while there if this place had gone to the - well, whatevers. :) There is balance in the Force again. yeah right. :D
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    HBT Peace Sign?

    yes, but still no idea why it's taken over/replaced the HBT mug on my system.
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    HBT Peace Sign?

    Weird, I use IE......
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    HBT Peace Sign?

    Just curious here - for as long as I've been around this site, it's always been the beer mug for the symbol, in my favorites as well as on the site. Granted, it's been a couple of days or so since I was last here, but today I click on my favorites and the mug's been replaced by a purple peace...
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    Maybe stupid question, but what makes a beer a "double" or "triple" beer?

    ...and hovering suspiciously near the undefined realm of division by zero.....
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    Sugar alternatives in must (Pure maple syrup)

    Why, shucks -- you're welcome. ;) Yes, that's a good reference source. You really can't go wrong with Cornell's stuff. I tap maples and make syrup; long story(ies) for some other time, though. I have to agree with my sister that the recipe that I used did indeed taste like a really nice...
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    Addressing a few myths...

    yeah, be careful about your use of the word "must" since it's a wine-related term, not beer. :D:D:D:D:D j/k. Good list. Also add the one about --->
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    One for the Homebrew Mythbusters: Re-Cooling?

    lol! only about 5 or 6 or more hours away by water, maybe 2 by road, but hey neighbors is naybores. :) I like Alexandria Bay, still have a few friends up that way. A few more in Ogdensburg, very close to where the Oswegatchie flows into the St. Lawrence. One couple, close friends of mine that a...
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    Storing DME

    I wouldn't think of disagreeing with you at all, I hope I didn't come across that I was. The good news is, unless his business is deemed by Washington as "too big to fail," the market will eventually deal with him: Punish, or Reward. Looks like he gets the Big P (in more ways than one!:D). I...
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    Storing DME

    LOL!!! Well, heh- yeah, um, I guess I have a different take on "close" -- Both of the "nearby" LHBS's are a bit OVER 30 minutes away! oh well. I just thought of them as close, partly because I enjoy the beautiful drive(s), partly because I'm like a little kid going to the toy store, maybe a lot...
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    One for the Homebrew Mythbusters: Re-Cooling?

    oops, I did go way off topic didn't I? :o OK, to bring it back ---- Those hefe's were superfreakinwowzablammofantastic! Even better than they look. And the Apfelfein which is actually more of a "wine" wine was compared, by my baby sister, to a "nice Sauvignon Blanc..." IN YO FACE!!! I RULE...