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  1. hogwash

    Hops that create a Pineapple flavor

    While I've not used them personally but have had them in commercial beers, I get a lot of pineapple from galaxy hops.
  2. hogwash

    Ensure my yeast strategy is good here...

    If you're looking to re-use yeast, check out this thread:
  3. hogwash

    Beer styles / recipes for all grain rookies

    Biermuncher’s Centennial Blonde is an excellent recipe to start with and “Brewing Classic Styles” is a great book to help get familiar with how to put together recipes. Lots of tasty brews in that book too.
  4. hogwash

    NE IPA with fine hop from dry hop

    Probably a little green, that sharp hop flavor will mellow after a few days to a week or so. And as ong said, the particulate will drop out too. Jon Kimmich of the Alchemist has a theory that most hoppy beers don't hit their stride until 10 to 14 days after they've been packaged. I have...
  5. hogwash

    Tips for new brewers

    1. Yes but at least run it through a filter. 2. Depends on the beer. Most ales are fermented in the mid to upper 60s. Lagers are fermented at lower temps (I’m not a lager brewer so I don’t know specific temps). Secondary is not worth the effort unless you are bulk aging or trying to get a very...
  6. hogwash

    Coffee Stout help! Too much coffee!

    Fwiw, I just did my first coffee stout recently and for 5 gallons I did 3 oz of coarsely ground beans in a mesh bag, soaked in the fermenter for 24hrs ish and it turned out great. As for yours, I’m in the “let it sit and hope it mellows” camp.
  7. hogwash

    Celebration clone with WY1318

    I’m thinking of doing this for my next batch. It will obviously make a somewhat different beer. I’m thinking the body and the hops presence will both be a little softer and not as classic west coasty as with the Chico yeast. That being said, I’ve not used the 1318 before so maybe I’m off base on...
  8. hogwash

    How much hops y'all using?

    I recently did a 5 gallon batch of IPA using Zythos and Citra. I used a half ounce of Zythos for bittering, 1oz of each at 20 minutes and 10 minutes, 2 ounces of each as an aroma steep and 2 ounces of each in the dry hop. That's 12 and a half ounces and it was a great beer. That's fairly typical...
  9. hogwash

    Thermometer - Narrowed to these two

    I have a couple of the thermoworks that you posted. They are great. No experience with the other one.
  10. hogwash

    What would be your next improvement?

    Everything on your list, save for the grain mill, can be accomplished with minimal investment and all of them will improve your brewing. Personally, I would start with fermentation temperature control first. If you are sticking with ales then a water bath (rubbermaid tub from Target, etc. full...
  11. hogwash

    You know you're a home brewer when?

    When you feel kind of uneasy and incomplete when your fermentors are empty.
  12. hogwash

    Which hop would you swap out for Mosaic?

    I brewed a hoppy session ale this past summer that was great and I used Centennial, Simcoe, and Amarillo in equal amounts at 20, 10, 0, and dry hop. I'm bumping up the recipe to be a more proper American IPA and I've got a pound of Mosaic on the way and would like to use some of it. Which hop do...
  13. hogwash

    Water Treatment

    Try acidulated malts. Should only take a few ounces to bring your ph down.
  14. hogwash

    Keg Conditioning & Carbonation

    My carbonating schedule usually goes like this: leave it on the gas at 30 psi for 2 days, cut it back to serving pressure (relieve the pressure in the keg first), let sit for 4 or 5 more days then tap that sucker. All while in the kegerator.
  15. hogwash

    What is your favorite bittering hop for IPAs?

    I'm with mer-man, Apollo.
  16. hogwash

    The mechanics of dry hopping

    The pellets will float too. I have a keg dry hopping now with about 6 ounces of pellet hops and ended up using 30 marbles. Probably overkill but I've had em float with as many as a dozen marbles.
  17. hogwash

    The mechanics of dry hopping

    Dunk it in some starsan. FWIW, pantyhose works really well for containing hops too. Better than a muslin bag, in my opinion, and i think cheaper.
  18. hogwash

    My beers named after your posts

    Is The Saison Craze Out Of Hand? Imperial Dry-Hopped Blueberry Coffee Saison Opening mason jars of yeast nightmare pumpkin ale - for Halloween, of course. (edit> oops, that was a post from yesterday)
  19. hogwash

    Wanting a quick turnaround American Brown Ale

    I'm late to the party but for future reference, Jamils Dirty Water Brown is an excellent American brown that can be turned around pretty quickly.
  20. hogwash

    Partial Mash IPA

    I would bring that mash temp down. I do most IPAs around 148 to 150 but I like them dry.