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  1. Nukinfuts

    What are you going to drink during the Super Bowl?

    Crooked Letter Mystery Romp :ban:
  2. Nukinfuts

    Any Veterans on this Forum?

    USN Retired 1987-2007 First 10 yrs a AD (Jet engine mech) various VA,VFA squadrons Cecil Field, Fl. VP squadron Mountain View Ca Last 10 yrs MA (Police) Force protection. New Orleans, Gitmo, Baghdad
  3. Nukinfuts

    Beer Wedding gift - Need New Orlean's Help

    I'm in New Orleans and willing to help, if I can. I read your post several times and I am still not sure what you are asking for. Maybe I missed something.
  4. Nukinfuts

    Drink with a Celebrity

    I have had a few over the years between Los Angeles, Jacksonville and New Orleans (some chit chat or in a really small dive bar) with Motley Crue, Poison, Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead) Rod Stewart, Molly Hatchet and few members of Lynyrd Skynrd, Brian Howe (Bad Company), Cuba Gooding, Nickolas...
  5. Nukinfuts

    Favorite bottle opener?

    Mine too.. It does take some practice though
  6. Nukinfuts

    New from Gainesville, Fl.

    Welcome and GO GATORS. I lived in Hogtown for a while. Great place loved it.
  7. Nukinfuts

    Where are you going for vacation?

    Just returned from NYC. A few other people had the same idea.
  8. Nukinfuts

    New Military Brewer!

    Welcome to the site and brewing. Thank you for your service to our country.
  9. Nukinfuts

    Show us your Kegerator

    Man. Seeing all these beautiful kegerators tears me up, as I have zero talent/creativity to build my own. Off to Home Depot I go, no matter what the cost I'm gong to build one. Nice work to all.:mug:
  10. Nukinfuts

    3 Tap Holiday Keezer

    Beautiful. You make it look so easy. Really nice work. What kind of wood is the outside finished portion?
  11. Nukinfuts

    Neighbors From HELL

    Guess I am lucky. I get along great with both my neighbors. I have a key to their house and they have key to my house, ect. We are good friends and help eachother out. Only issue I have is that one guy mows his yard twice a week, which causes me to mow mine three times a week so it always looks...
  12. Nukinfuts

    I made good... No great beer

    I love brewing, but my beer taste like crap everytime. Congrats
  13. Nukinfuts

    New Orleans Suggestions

    I second everything above. I don't know how old you are, but The Bulldog is a young college crowd. Lager's International Ale House is better for my age (45). Real good beer selection. The Irish House on St. Charles is nice. Cresent City Brewhouse. Mortons Steak House on Canal St, Deanies Seafood...
  14. Nukinfuts

    What do you do for a living?

    Probation/Parole Officer. Plenty of job security in this area. :ban:
  15. Nukinfuts

    Anybody use bottled water instead of boiling the additional 2 gallons when brewing?

    Just for the record, I have always used the gallon jugs of spring water to top off. However, the last batch I used the gallon jugs of distilled water. Have to wait and see.
  16. Nukinfuts

    Imperial Stout Imperial Bastard Stout

    Yea, fermintation is crazy on this one. I love the taste, but for some reason this beer gives me a headache after only a few and a worse one the next day. I think it is too strong for me. I want to brew it again, but how do I lower the alc%? I followed the instructions to a T, and let it...
  17. Nukinfuts

    Motorcycle Fanatics, show your ride(s)

    My bike is a bit old, but it still kicks azz and is a beast to ride. Only problem is the nut that connects the seat to the handlebars. :D CR500
  18. Nukinfuts

    It is going to happen!

    Thank you for your intended service to our country.:mug: Retired Navy myself.
  19. Nukinfuts

    What are you listening to (music!!!) right now? Embarrassing or not... share

    Listening to the entire collection of TRIUMPH. :rockin:
  20. Nukinfuts

    California Honeymoon- Destination Advice Needed!

    I vote for San Francisco, my hometown. Sure miss that place.:( Haight/Ashbury, ahhh good times.:fro: