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    Beer sour at bottling

    What I did for for a plastic bucket that produced vinegar beer: heat some water to about 150F and transfer to the bucket, dumping in a half cup of bleach as you go. Let it soak till it cools and replace the gasket in your lid. Also the transfer tubing is another possible issue. I prefer...
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    Who's grinding?

    A lot of folks here use a Corona Mill. I nearly bought one but folks here were telling me about the Barley Crusher being so much better so I went that route. It probably doesn't matter based on the efficiency numbers I see in this thread, but a Corona Mill is more of a grinding/milling action...
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    Had to crush grains with a blender, use the flour?

    Wow. I've never heard of that. I'm sure if you mention what state your in folks closer to you will chime in with better LHBS. The one i use is in Bethlehem, PA (Keystone Home Brew) and they've always given good crushes to the grains. You want a store that will not only crush your grains...
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    First ever AG today!!!

    It'll probably be one of the best beers you ever tasted. I know in mine i tasted malt flavor like i never had before. Good luck with how it turns out. And Congrats!
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    Need ideas for a hop schedule

    Okay screwed up. I realized I only used 7.5# Marris Otter (in addition to 8 oz 40L crystal malt). Realized it when trying to figure out how I missed my original gravity. I didn't bother with DME. How might this taste with an OG of 1.34? Oh, and what I actually did as far as hops go: Boil...
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    Need ideas for a hop schedule

    Thanks. I'll use 1oz ekg and 0.5 Northdown to bitter and aroma with fuggles!
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    Need ideas for a hop schedule

    Brewing this beer: lets assume I average about 75% to 80% efficiency: 8.5# Maris Otter 8 oz 40L Crystal Malt Mash Schedule: 80 min (start at 154, dropping to 150 degrees F over 80 minutes) Hop Schedule: You pick Yeast: Nottingham Ferment: 18 days then bottle at house temp - 70...
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    Brewing on a glass cooktop?

    They work good. That's what I learned to brew on. Not so much for a full boil, but for partial mash and extract brews, they work. It did take quite a while to get the 4 gallons to go though. I've gone as high as four gallon boils on mine, and had an additional 2 gallons on pots on other...
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    Absorbing 5 gallons of beer with dry hops?

    Nearly sprayed my computer screen with coffee when I read the OP in this thread. Seriously there are folks who make hop tea, but this would likely be far worse than that. It's all about balance. Yes you could drink a cup of maple syrup, but it's better on a stack of pancakes. Well, try a...
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    Well, that sucked...

    I read someone saying it was your first? Eh, i had problems with my first AG batch, and ended up making one of the best beers i've ever had... Even if it's not your first, 4.5 gallons isn't bad. You probably keep a 3# bag of DME on hand, so use that if you miss your gravity terribly. Missed...
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    2 year old beer safe to drink?

    Thanks guys. When I saw the first 2 replies I decided to serve it. It was a good beer. One of the guys that had it tried to convince me to brew for a living. It was actually this beer:
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    2 year old beer safe to drink?

    I have a 5% ale that's been sitting in bottles for 2 years. Safe to drink?
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    Help, did I stall fermentations

    They dropped to between 63 and 64 degrees from 68. The stout has been there 2 weeks with an OG of 1.038 if memory serves. By airlock going down, I mean the air keeping the airlock up went down; I do not believe liquid entered the fermenter.
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    Help, did I stall fermentations

    I had to switch to wood heat so I moved my fermenters to a room heated by a ceramic space heater. The temperatures dropped 4 degrees unexpectedly and the airlock of the stout went down. Did I stall my fermentations? What do I do? I wanted to bottle the Stout soon, and I want it to...
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    Forgot to sanitise the outside of my smackpack

    On my first brew I washed my fermenter and sanitized everything but the fermenter. Wow was I freaked out. But it worked out good anyway. Did you put your pack into the beer or just pour it in?
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    Missed Gravity - don't have LME or DME - can I make a new mash?

    Personally I would just leave it. Worst case scenario is you end up with a nice session beer that fits the profile you were going for in a 1.049 beer...
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    Favorite Session Beer No Longer Made!

    Tried contacting them after it was suggested. What I wrote and their replies are below--they really don't care for home brewers... What I asked "I'm a home brewer who does the typical 5 gallon batches. Recently I've switch to all grain brewing and become interested in cloning a beer. I'd...
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    questions with a couple beers I brewed

    I've got two beers fermenting. I want to know how/when to finish them. The first is the stout in my signature. It was a lighter grain bill with an OG of 1.038 and fermenting with Wyest 1084. I'm not going to secondary it. Assuming fermentation is done at 2 weeks can I bottle it? The...
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    cheap fermenter?

    Eh, I could rig something wood for the stand. But a 15 gallon conical that you put fittings on for $70 + what less than that for shipping, vs a $200 6.5 gallon PE conical that leaks based on reviews I've seen....
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    cheap fermenter?

    Any reason one of these cone shaped PE tanks can't be used as a conical fermenter?