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    Imperial Black Barleywine Saga

    Highly relevant detail: subsequent "double imperial oatmeal stout" experience suggests that while most ale yeasts ferment into the low 60s or upper 50s, WLP099 FileSystem-ChecKs off to bed when it falls below 65. Popped the last bottle in October (sorry FD) with the partner who moved, her other...
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    Emulating Bourbon Barrel Aging

    So, I'll reread, but are we talking tapping into The Bout and the Bother, or more broadly?
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    Thanks. Can anyone recommend a hop for pine without grapefruit?
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    From sewer to beer can

    Get BMC on board. Average person: "B/M/C is brewing with treated sewage now?!" Environmentalist: "B/M/C is brewing with treated sewage now!" Beer Lover: "B/M/C is brewing with treated sewage now!"
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    S’mores Recipe

    Anywhere from 64-68 should be fine as long as you have good temperature control. Do not, for the love of your god or analog of choice, let S-04 ferment "warm." Unless you actively enjoy driving by refineries in states that don't enforce public health regulations. Frankly, my first impulse is...
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    Saflager S-23 at Ale Temperatures

    Ancient thread, but for anyone else who's following in my footsteps on warm-fermenting S-23: I've made tropical stout recipes with S-23 twice now. The first time was all S-23; I split the batch in 3, 1 fermenting on my kitchen counter in Sacramento in March (so...72-75ish ambient), one...
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    Okay. So if someone, hypothetically, might be working from the perspective of "hops can have flavors other than grapefruit" (*pauses for suspenseful-dramatic chord*) it probably will just muddy the waters?
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    So, I'm looking into adjustments to make to my brown IPA recipe. I thought about chinook, which I remember as "piney," so I googled "chinook hops flavors" and am getting results in the vein of either: or Which is correct?
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    Distilling to get non-alcoholic beer?

    Boiling your beer is going to have a deleterious effect on its flavor, aside from the legalities.
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    IPA burnout

    Three words: "Ick Measuring Contest." Must be hard to brew over there, since by this logic the only possible states for your beer are either frozen solid or boiling. :rolleyes:
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    IPA burnout

    ...and just ignore the chicken-and-egg problem.
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    IPA burnout

    Cool story, bro. Now can you at least envision why someone with a more refined palate might feel frustrated going to restaurant after restaurant after restaurant and finding that their only food options are: 1. any of 12 dishes smothered in habaneros, 2. soggy french fries, and 3. maybe...
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    2 x 2 16 gauge - OK for 15+ gallons?

    ....what is it you're afraid will happen, with only the three supporting members?
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    0/4 brewing

    Yeah, brewing's gonna be easier now that we're out of Summer (after Summer and Summer) and into Half-Assed Fall/Spring Kinda Thing. Also, did I read correctly that you dropped a hydrometer into a pot that had just had runoff lautered into it? I think they're constructed of relatively...
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    Wyeast 2112 - Anyone Else Get Strikingly Tart Flavors?

    Just bottled a graf made with Wyeast 2112. Was shooting for something in the vein of "caramel apple porter." The FG hydrometer sample had some harsh flavors which I attribute to the cluster hops, and a striking tartness. I haven't encountered that flavor before, except in the second batch...
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    Question about alcohol and brewing time - pregnancy

    I'm not a doctor, but based on my understanding alcohol's effects on developing fetuses are dose-dependent, just like its other effects. It sounds like you've been trying to be conscientious, so I'd assume you're not gulping gallons of the stuff. I would suggest 1) talking to a doctor, 2)...
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    IPA burnout

    Sam Adams' Winter Assortment this year has zero IPAs or related hop bombs. In fact, it has their Boston Lager (given), Winter Lager (given), and the rest is an English holiday ale, two bocks, and an oatmeal stout. When I first saw it at Target and read the package, I had some small sense of...
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    "Standard" Beers Every Brewery Should Have

    Though, damnit, I'm gonna need 6 different yeast strains for it. Hmm.
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    Didn't pitch, it's fermenting. ???

    In that case there's at least a chance you may be getting the yeast you pitched in the last batch, which is a +1 for wait and see.
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    you still use hops in your beer?

    Late to the party here, but given the actual trends in commercial offerings, you'd have been better off trolling with "Do you STILL use any ingredients other than hops?"