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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    Hey all. I haven't posted for awhile, or brewed for that matter, but I launched another couple of batches of xxxxxWEIN today and I think it's about time to dig out the gear again. Anyway, I wanted to share a couple of things I've been doing with the Apfelwein..... I've made probably 200...
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    I was just reading through some of the more recent posts - let me make a suggestion to those that are just bottling or that are 2 to 3 months in to their first batch - start another batch ASAP, it takes too long to make so don't wait around! For the money you can't beat this stuff at a party -...
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    I've been making Apfelwein for a few years now - great drink especially after about 6 months in the bottle. I've switched over to Pasteur Red yeast which seems to finish the Apfelwein off with a little more Apple flavor. Had a hankering to try something else so I brewed up 3 gallons of...
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    30 gallon brew day

    For you to like it that much you must have a nice that a plain traditional mead or something special? I just tapped in to my first batch of mead in 3 years, it's at about 4 months and so far so good. I'm going to TRY to hold out a few more months before I dive in any more, but...
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    What Brewing (or beer) Goodies Did Santa Bring You?

    Hey IBENAK, how was your W'07 clone? I just had a W'08 and wasn't overly impressed, but I loved the 07 and could use some help with a clone.
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    Water to Grain Ratio

    Interesting, maybe I need a new cooler.....well, I guess it was 30ºF outside the last time I brewed though.. ;) I'm just getting geared up for the AG brewing, I've done a couple dozen extract brews and a half dozen partials on the range in the house with pretty good success (to taste), but I...
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    Water to Grain Ratio

    I've got a question to build on this - if you utilize a cooler as a mash tun you'll undoubtedly have to make some additions to obtain/sustain your target temperature right? So how do you really maintain 1.25 qts/lb? On another note, mashing in a kettle will result in evaporation, so is it wise...
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    pH of 3 - got it, I didn't see that on the bottle, that should be easy enough to check and to keep an eye on.
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    I mixed up a couple of gallons of StarSan, does anyone know if there is a problem with just keeping it for use or does it.....well, go bad, for a lack of another term.
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    Who's brewing 20 Jan?

    I'm working up a Stout today if I can get my chiller and mash tun constructed... I'm still working PG but I move more towards AG every time I brew. I just got a larger kettle and I know this bad boy won't fit in the sink for an ice bath so my brewing world is changing slightly...
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    Serving Pressure

    Happy Birthday my friend! My experience with draft systems is very limited, I had a converted fridge for a while that my buddies and I kept stocked with commercial beer but it was typically light stuff, Bud Light and Coors Light - don't beat me up too bad, this was before I knew what real...
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    Joe's Ancient: Alcohol % ?

    That's funny, I have the same reaction. I drink beer in moderation and drink good quality wine pretty frequently - point being, I have a fairly high tolerance to alcohol, but Mead..............8 to 10 oz and I'm all smiles!! :) I've got a batch fermenting now, today makes 35 days in the...
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    Milk Bottles? For Racking? For Fermenting?

    Sounds reasonable to me - in fact it sounds like an excellent way to do some dry hopping to familiarize ones hop sense. I've been considering different methods of doing this myself. I've brewed a fair handful of recipes and would really like to get more in to designing my own brews, problem...
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    flat beer?

    Did you use any priming sugar prior to bottling or did you bottle straight from your primary? How long did you ferment?
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    Ultimate home brewery.

    Shoot man, that's a heck of a setup - I love those conicals.
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    Ultimate home brewery.

    I saw that!! $5k is fair chunk of money, but for a lifetime of brewing it's a great investment. The goal is in place, I'm aiming to have one this spring...:rockin:
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    Ultimate home brewery.

    I wish I wouldn't have seen this.....I've gotta have one of those!
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    First 12 gallon batch - Kolsch

    Hey Doc, New to the forum - nice to meet ya... I just bottled my first Kolsch and I almost drank a glass (pre-bottled) too - I couldn't believe the nice mellow flavor it had. Yeah, flat it was, but still pretty tasty...I can't wait for aging. I put together a brew tonight with the leftover...