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    Stuck Fermentation w/ 1056

    yes :D I'm just giving you a hard time, but here is my FWIW: Only culture yeast from bottles that is hard or impossible to obtain otherwise. 1056 is readily available in both liquid and dry form from anywhere you can buy brewing supplies. Also, never raise the temp of your beer to 180...
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    Stuck Fermentation w/ 1056

    Mashed at 170, pitched yeast from 4 Sierra bottles (which aren't even bottle conditioned, but are krausened), racked to secondary at 1.037, and now are considering raising beer temp to 180...honestly man, I hate to say this, but you should probably stick to buying beer.
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    IPA trouble: fermentation, flavor

    Not sure what you mean...
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    IPA trouble: fermentation, flavor

    It probably tastes light and hoppy because you made a beer with a 1.050 OG and 135 IBU's!!! I wouldn't worry about it now, but next time use 9 or 10 lbs of LME for a big IPA like that. I agree that there is really no need to transfer to secondary. And I know everyone on here says you need...
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    Yeast Nutrient in a starter??

    Has anyone used the White Labs WLN1000 Yeast Nutrient? It says to add 1/2 tsp per 5 gallons, but if I add it to a starter, do I add a full 1/2 tsp based on the overall beer volume, or do I scale back based on the starter size?
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    Hefeweizen FG under 1.005

    I know it was an extract batch, that's why I added the "in AG" qualifer. I've probably used Wlp300 more than any other yeast besides 001 and I certainly have never seen it go 90%. His reading is either off significantly or he got some wild yeast in there.
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    Hefeweizen FG under 1.005

    If it tastes alright, it's probably not really at 1.003 and I would calibrate your hydrometer. If it is really at 1.003, then something went wrong, and it probably doesn't taste right. To calibrate your hydro, fill your flask with distilled water at 60*F and make sure that it reads 1.000...
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    Question as to how big of a starter do I really need?

    BTW a 4/11/11 best buy date equals a 12/11/10 production date. White labs dates are 4 months, not 3, after production. So, you actually may have needed to make a bigger starter
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    Water chemistry Primer questions/advice

    171 ppm of chloride and less than 3ppm of sulfate is not going to make a very good apa or ipa. IMO in those beers you need higher sulfate ratio
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    A Brewing Water Chemistry Primer

    If I take a mash PH reading, and it is too high, ho0w much lactic acid would I need to add in order to get it into range? Is there a formula or equation?
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    Right, but if you design a beer that is 100% malt and sub out a portion of the fermentables for lactose it does effect abv. For example, if he had a stout recipe on beer smith, and deleted some of his base malt/extract and added lactose to reach his OG, then less fermentables = lower abv.
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    umm...changing the FG DOES effect abv. If he had brewed a 1.060 stout that had no lactose, the extra fermentables would raise the abv.
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    Tart taste after awhile....why

    An off flavor that gets progressively worse could be the sign of contamination. Check your cleaning/sanitation practices and replace anything plastic (bucket, racking cane, transfer tubing) if you're really worried about it.
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    dry hopping during fermentation

    Certain esters are created by dry hopping while the yeast is still active. The information came from some study that was funded by sierra nevada i think.
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    dry hopping during fermentation

    There have been studies done that show specific qualities are obtained from dry hopping during the end of fermentation, while the yeast is still active. These qualities are impossible to get from the hops if you add them after fermentation has complmeted.
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    Kindof IIPA and slow fermentation

    First off, your culprit is a combination of too much crystal malt and transferring off the yeast too early. If you wish to dry hop with fermentation still active you should wait until it is 2-4 gravity points away from terminal gravity. That is a pretty hot ferment temp as well but that is a...
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    pro brewers' flameout procedure

    Great topic. I've been wondering a bit about this as well. I can tell you that I just listened to the Firestone Walker Union Jack episode of Jamil's Can You Brew it podcast and this is what they do: Oh, I should mention that Union Jack, Firestone's IPA, took gold at GABF 2 years in a row...
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    Firestone doesn't have a German style hefeweizen that they sell in stores. They have made them before though for their tasting room. Solace is not a German hefe
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    Need help looking for stir-plate online.

    I don't feel like trying to build one, because I'm sure that a professionally built one will be more efficient than my first attempt. Does anyone have a recommendation for an on-line site that has ones that work well?
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    Black and tan: Good pale ale to use?

    Do an English Bitter