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    Grainfather Pro fermenter dry hopping

    Can anyone please tell me their process for dry hopping in their Grainfather Pro fermenter? Ive never done dry hopping and am curious on how it works with this equipment and methods. Thanks in advance.
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    Grainfather glycol chiller issues

    Has anyone has fluctuation issues with the Grainfather glycol chiller temperature spiking and then cooling back to desired temperature? Grainfather has explained that this is due to inversion And setting the temperature lower than 6 C. I explained to them that my temperature is set above this...
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    Oktoberfest fermentation

    Update: guess there was a small leak where my Plaato valve connects to the rubber stopper. Sprayed some starsan around it and found exactly where it was coming from. Once i put a new stopper, bubbled right away.
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    What are you drinking now?

    Nothing right now. I know a little early in the season but heading to store to pick up some pumpkin beers!
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    Grainfather pro fermenter stopper size?

    Does anyone know what size rubber stopper the Grainfather Pro conical fermenter uses?
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    Oktoberfest fermentation

    I guess patience is a virtue.The fermentation has really taken off. I have a Tilt in the fermenter and the gravity has started to lower gradually. Thank you to all for the suggestions.
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    Beer faucet internal rust?

    The rust appears in the smaller piece, i think its called a beer shank? Are these interchangeable as well?
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    Oktoberfest fermentation

    I brewed an Oktoberfest almost 48 hours ago and have not seen any airlock activity since I initially pitched the yeast. After a few too many homebrews on brew day, i pitched my Wyeast Oktoberfest Lager Blend mistakenly at 87 degrees instead of the optimum temperature of 48-58 degrees. I did...
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    Beer faucet internal rust?

    Hello everyone, I recently noticed a metallic taste in my kegged beer. For good measure i took apart my beer faucet with ball lock disconnect and noticed that there what looks like rust has appeared inside the faucet. I soaked and cleaned with PBW but it looks like it is still there. What does...
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    Carbonating a blonde ale in keg

    Ok thanks. That helps clarify things. Appreciate the help
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    Carbonating a blonde ale in keg

    After the beer is carbonated to satisfaction, do you leave it at the psi it was set at to carbonate it (12 psi) or can I set it now and leave at 5 psi to pour the beer?
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    Grainfather Glycol chiller hoses

    Does anyone know where i can get a replacement red hose that connects from the Grainfather glycol chiller to the fermenter? I just like to have replacements for everything in case something goes wrong on brew day. I think it may be 3/8 ID and 1/2 OD but i may be incorrect.
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    Northern Brewer Apricot blonde ale

    I just finished carbonating this beer in a keg for 10 days at 8 psi. It's still not the carbonation I want. It has a foam head but it's not what I was expecting. Can anyone recommend a Psi and schedule going forward to get more carbonation in this beer?
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    Fermenting Temperature?

    Ive been carbonating it at 8 psi for 10 days now. It tastes great but I’m wondering how the carbonation turned out on your batches? With the purée added does it take away from the carbonation?
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    Grainfather pressure transfer

    I am trying to find which barb will connect to the Grainfather pressure transfer to the CO2 regulator. The 1/4 barb seems to fit to the tube but I am trying to find what the connection to the CO2 regulator is? It seems to measure 1/2 inch? Does this seem correct? Any help is appreciated.
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    Cleaning new silicone tubings

    How do you clean brand new silicone tubing? Can i soak it in PBW? If so for how long?
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    Carbonating a blonde ale in keg

    Thank you!
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    Carbonating a blonde ale in keg

    I wanted to know how long and at what psi should i carbonate a blonde ale in a keg? I dont want to force carbonate it but wanted to carbonate over a course of 5-7 days. Is there a chart out there or recommendation? Thanks.
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    Non standard gas line for Grainfather Pressure Transfer Kit.

    Would a 1/4 in barb suffice? I ordered a 3/8 in barb and it is way too big.