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    High fermentation temperature for Wyeast 1318

    THE impact won't be favorable but if you let it Finnish and give it a dry hop it might mellow out. You have nothing to lose by letting the process Finnish and it might be decent!
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    Shout out to your favorite online brew store.

    More beer is 10 minutes away and good service!
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    Question about bottling wine kit.

    Dr Cad are campden tans a sulfite? I have a Merlot that I want to try for 6 months in the carboy.
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    Greenlee ruined my brew pot, looking at new kettles

    I would see if the wife will allow you to buy a burner and a pot so you can brew with ease. Now if you think that 10 gallon batches is the future then definitely buy a 20 gallon pot. !
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    smooth strong blonde

    K-97 isn't that German lager yeast?:confused:
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    smooth strong blonde

    It is not a hot alcohol, I had brews a couple of years ago that I lost control of in fermentation and what I taste is not that. I generally add a couple of lbs of pale and 2 more oz of crystal to the grain bill, I have played with crystal 40 and came up with a malt liquor substitute lol. I have...
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    smooth strong blonde

    My normal blonde is simple 9 lbs of pale 6 oz of 10 or 15 crystal mashed at 150 ish . it has a OG of 10.50 and a finish of 10.07 ish . I hop with Willaimette 14 gram FWh and 14 gram at 60. It is pretty nice and smooth easy drinker. I would like to make a smooth easy drinker that is say 7%...
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    I am making a porter for my friend , he liked the last one. This time we are changing the hops a little and adding flake barley to try to get more head without changing the flavor.
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    Termination of Fermentation Early

    You should raise your Mash temperature 3 degrees or change your yeast!
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    Yet Another Kettle Size Question

    This is a question that has no pat answers. !5 gallon kettle will make a10 gallon batch but you must watch it closely or you will have boil overs. If you like to relax and brew a 20 gallon kettle is the answer. why dont you pick up a 10 gallon kettle for small batches and a20 for the larger...
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    Help me decide wether to bottle or keg

    My 2cents, is for my own use the keg is better than sliced bread. now if you are sharing away from home consistently then would bottle.:mug:
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    Blonde ale no flavor

    If the goal is a maltier blonde, I would go with 8lbs two row,1.25 Munich 10 and keep the crystal 40 as it will bring malt flavor also. I would also change the hop schedule to .5 at 60 and then split the rest at 15 and one minute. Blondes should be lightly hopped. A blonde is a light beer in...
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    Am I shorting fermentation time?

    Your beer will likely improve if you do 2 weeks in the primary and then cold crash. If you are brewing Ipas and kegging then the difference will be small but if you are doing a dark beer and or something over 1.060 in starting gravity then you are more likely to notice a difference.:D
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    Trying to find the cause of a gusher infection

    Can you elaborate on how the calcium's needed, I seem to have the same issues when I do bottle, tho I usually keg.:mug:
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    Fermentation question?

    2 degrees a day won't hurt it after say day5 of fermentation. :mug: \
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    Feedback on old ale recipe

    I have never used Smoked malt but every post about it says a little goes a long ways. I hope someone else will comment. I believe that 2 or 3 ounces is what you want for a hint of smoke.:mug:
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    Dark English Mild

    Go with a proven recipe, then you can modify that. on my system your proposed grain bill will give me 10.55 or a little more that will be a 5 % beer.
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    My lovely 130° weather :) (best yeast options)

    Do you have a Walmart and a Home Depot and 40 dlls. Buy a Ice Cube by Igloo 60 qt. then put your carboy in the cooler add 6 gallons of water then go to Home Depot and buy the pink insulation board it is a foam board you will need 2 of these now cut the foam boards to fit on top of the cooler...
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    Drilling a mini fridge

    There are not any freon lines in the door. it is easier to modify the door also. :mug: