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  1. bweinel

    For Sale Complete Extract Brewing Kit - Raleigh NC

    Complete home beer brewing kit with accessories. Kit includes a 5 gallon high quality stainless steel brewpot, a 5 gallon primary fermentor / bottler, a 5 gallon secondary fermentor (carboy) both with fermentation locks. It also includes powdered brewers wash, thermometer, hydrometer, bottle...
  2. bweinel

    For Sale Variable Speed Magnetic Stir Plate w/flask and stir bars - Raleigh NC

    Variable speed magnetic yeast stir plate. Includes 2 magnetic stir bars and a 1000ml flask with stopper. $40
  3. bweinel

    For Sale New 10 Gallon Grain Mash Tun - Raleigh NC

    New 10 gallon stainless steel mash tun for grain brewing. This mash tun comes with a removable false bottom, cleanable stainless steel valve w/hose adaptor, and removable in-tun thermometer. This is a brand new unit which I have never used. Unfortunately I have to sell it due to medical...
  4. bweinel

    Finally I decided to post....

    Greetings to all, I'll admit that I have been reading this forum as a 'lurker' for years, but I have never jumped in to post anything. I guess I just didn't feel I had anything of real importance to pass on to the group. I've been home brewing for roughly 8 years (both extract and grain brews.)...