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    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    Count me in for the drawing :)
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    Ranco ETC111000-000 controllers

    I just see little red x's on the pics - and I really cannot afford to screw up the wiring and blow these things up.
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    Ranco ETC111000-000 controllers

    Okay - thanks - If you have a picture - it still makes it a lot easier. They do say that 1 picture is worth 1000 words. THanks Andrew
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    Ranco ETC111000-000 controllers

    Greetings, I am posting this in the equip thread, but if it needs to be in the keg thread please move it. I have just purchased a controller etc111000-000. I am comfortable putting the thing together, but I really do not know what I need to buy to get the thing working. If some of you...
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    Reverse Keg Carbing?

    I usually just connect the corny to the gas line - set it to my dispensing pressure - and leave it for 2 - 3 weeks - the brew will be carbed well enough by then. It also gives the brew some time to "rest" before you drink it. Kilroy
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    Do I need a dual CO2 regulator?

    I once thought that too. I now have a converted CHest freezer with 5 kegs ( and a 5 head regulator) I also have my smaller 10lb CO2 tank, and I am getting another 3 regulators for that so that I can force carb my other kegs that are not in the kegerator. goto and look for co2...
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    My Keezer Mod

    The only problem that I see with your Setup - ALL THE KEGS ARE EMPTY!!!!!
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    Man Did I Get Jacked....

    I was paying about $18 US for my 10 pounder. Going through about 1 a month, it was pretty silly. I am now renting a 50 pounder for $6/month and that included the 1st fill. It is $25 to fill it when it empties. The economics made sense to me, so I did it. Sure I have this bloody great tank...
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    Multi Regulator Problems

    Ok - I will try more hose on the Soda Water, The taps are located right above the tops of the keg That shows pics The Glasses - are probably at 40 - 50 degrees, my kitchen is pretty chilly in the winter, they are definately not as...
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    Multi Regulator Problems

    The pressure guages are 0-30 bought from the kegman. All brew is force carbed at the dispensing pressure till done, usually about 2 weeks in the kegerator.
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    Multi Regulator Problems

    Greetings - I have a 5 regulator dispensing setup (6 if you count the reg on the tank). I picked up the regs from American Scientific, and hooked them up in the same way that many others have on the site. I have a 50lb tank that I rent, and it is set at 30 psi, and then that comes into the...
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    hooking a paintball bottle to a keg

    Question on this setup - can you regulate the pressure coming out of the paintball cylinder? cause this would be a nice setup for when I drag a keg to a party - the idea of tossing a 50 pound tank into the car is not too appealing. Taking a 3 gallon keg camping with a setup like this - makes...
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    Old CO2 Regulator - Is it good or should I get a new one?

    That regulator looks like it is an O2 regulator - not a CO2 regulator. I think that the fittings are different, to stop people hooking up the wrong tanks ect.. for example hooking up a CO2 tank to a Hospital that is pushing out O2 (for example). So you probably want to check on that. Kilroy
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    How to Take apart a corny? With cool find.

    Unless it is stamped with Coke's branding - you could just cleanit up with a paint stripper chemical - Goof Off or something like that. Kilroy
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    Club Soda / Soda Water

    Thank you for the reply. I guess I will just keep it at 30Psi till I get an extra long beer line for that keg. Kilroy
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    Bought my Sanyo this morning...

    Similar freezers can be found at Lowes & Home Depot's all very reasonable prices. Just remember that when you get a freezer - you will also need a temperature controller. Kilroy
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    Club Soda / Soda Water

    Greetings, I have a keg of Water that I have force Carbed at 30 psi. Works great and it holds the carb well. I am dispensing at 30 PSI too. Do I need to dispense at 30 psi or once it is carbed can I lower it to a more reasonable 10-15 psi? Thanks Kilroy
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    What Sanitisers and Cleaners are used.

    Orfy, you might add Potassium Metabisulphate to that list too - I know that it is predominately a wine chemical - but as a sanitiser - works bloody miracles Kilroy ADDED
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    A surgical nurse takes up homebrewing...

    As a Winemaker, I use Potassium Metabisulphate to sanitize everything. Have it in a spray bottle, and I literally just spray everything (hands included) that touches my wines. Carboys and Buckets get a quart or so dumped in and then swished and swirled around a bunch. Touch wood, I have never...
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    Haier Fridge for 75 bucks?

    Buy it - but do not try to make it cheap. if it takes you a year to build then so be it - buy a new piece each month, till you have everything - then build it - otherwise you will spend more and more upgrading. Take it from me - I did that - cost me 2x as much. Kilroy