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    time for a deep-clean of the kegerator; what's your process?

    It's been awhile since I re-plumbed my kegerator with DuoTight fittings, and it's past-due for a thorough cleaning. I have 4 taps. I have a sump-pump keg washer to recirculate cleaning solution. What's the order-of-operations here? PBW, then BLC, then Star-San? Or can I skip the PBW? I plan...
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    Help Designing Infinite Seltzer Setup

    How do you re mineralize the RO water for option #3? Straight RO water doesn’t taste very good
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    Alternative to Reflectix - Everbilt Insulation

    I wrapped some of my kids outgrown sleeping bags around my electric keggle. Way better insulation than the bubble wrap. If it gets wort spilled on it, I run them through the washing machine
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    Who else hates ipas?

    I enjoy the occasional west coast ipa, but too many of the new ipas taste like geraniums to me
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    How long can we save Ale yeast in the fridge.

    Had not thought of the cell density effect until you mentioned it. I’ve had success culturing yeast from bottle conditioned commercial beers that were quite old My quart jars of slurry are of course much higher cell density, so they degrade faster? I keg my beers, but I wonder if it would be...
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    Evabarrier for a Sanke coupler kegerator?

    my sister bought a kegerator and draft tower for her back deck I'm trying to help her replace the vinyl lines and extend the lines about 5' from below the deck up to the counter / tower. I have EvaBarrier lines 4x8mm lines on my corny kegs, but I don't know if those would fit a Sanke coupler...
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    have you tried fermenting and serving from the same keg without transferring?

    What are you guys using to filter your wort out of the kettle?
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    Sugar water starter

    it can't hurt to build a simple starter with table sugar, if nothing else to "proof" the yeast and get them active again They won't "forget" how to consume maltose in a single generation; just don't make a habit of it for maintaining a yeast bank The other option is to draw off a liter of wort...
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    Sparkling Water Setup

    also, someone was asking about the adapter fitting to go from the main supply to the EvaBarrier line: This is what I used - it adapts the garden hose thread from my washing machine...
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    Sparkling Water Setup

    I do not. Was considering getting one, but then I thought if the pressure on the keg side is higher than the water pressure, yes the check valve will prevent the CO2 bottle from carbonating the house water supply, but it will also prevent the keg from refilling. I checked the gauge on my house...
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    Sparkling Water Setup

    hooked up my water supply and seltzer lid and ran into a problem. It's filling the keg (I can hear it slowly trickling in) but seems like the back-pressure is carbonating our house water supply! I'm wondering if there is not enough water pressure from the house supply to overcome the 30psi...
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    Dry hop with floating dip tube?

    those little wine-filter screens are really good at filtering out hops. I've never had one clog I don't bother transferring the beer to a second (third?) keg - I just leave the dry hops in for the duration and serve straight from the primary keg with a floating dip tube on the liquid line
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    Warm Fermented Lager Thread

    Two weeks in the kegerator does wonders on my warm-fermented lagers Total time is still way shorter since my basement is 60-65 instead of 45-50 for traditional fermentation schedule
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    Dissolved Oxygen Experiment- Interesting Finds with Beer Transfer Method

    What are the units on that graph? Is there any method in the user manual to calibrate the meter? I’ve never used one
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    Sparkling Water Setup

    I got that same Continuous Carbonator lid for my seltzer keg, but I'm just running EVABarrier through the wall of the kegerator straight to the outlet box, without the bulkhead or icemaker adapters
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    Yeast Starter Cooling Method

    My method to chill a starter is to never boil it in the first place! Clean water plus DME going into a sanitized vessel. Pitch in billions of cells of healthy yeast in a very small volume of wort. Contamination microbes don’t have a chance to take hold when the yeast have such dominant #’s...
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    making a starter with a partial package of dry yeast

    Fellow cheapskate and dry yeast enthusiast here. It’ll work. I draw off a liter of wort on brew day, and pitch 1/2 teaspoon of dry yeast in there. Shake the hell out of it to oxygenate, and keep it warm on a seedling heat mat. 12-18 hours later it’s at high krausen and I pitch the entire starter...
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    Pressure Canning Some Wort to Use for the Next Starter?

    I just runoff some of that day's wort to build a quickie vitality starter keep it on a seedling heat mat for 12-24 hours until I see a healthy krausen, then pitch the whole thing into the main batch
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    Why Isn't Anybody Making/Selling New Crates?

    look on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for used milk crates - they're around
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    what solution do you use to calibrate your pH meter?

    looks like there is a 5-year expiration date on the sachets. Sounds like 1x a month is the standard recommendation for calibrating? Basically works out to $1 per calibration I'm re-reading the user manual for my meter - the probe is warrantied for only 6 months, and I'm seeing recommendations...