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    Miller Lite Home Draft Dissected

    So I finally broke down and bought my first HD system, 3 days and 3/4 of they way empty. Luckly I have friends that will drink BMC. I am looking forward to trying it with my homebrew.
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    Planning my road trip across the nation, Beer Tour!

    If You take 20 back east and pass through Fort Worth There is Rahr and Sons Brewing.
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    Best improv bottle openers?

    Being the Urban Ninja that I am, I perfer to use my sword.
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    Coor's Disposable Keg = Party Pig?

    I am in fort worth and work in las colinas. do you still have any of them?
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    Bottles from local bar!

    I get all my fliptop bottles from a local bar. It takes about 2 weeks for them to save me up a case but i now have 10 cases of fliptops and it did not cost me anything. The local bar is always a great place to get bottles.
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    I was gone but now I am back.

    Hello fellow Homebrewers, I have been away for awhile due to personal issues in my home life and have also taken a break from home brewing. I has since resloved those issues. I got rid of SWMBO and now have my own apartment and can do what I want. I am looking forward to catching up on the...
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    Texas breweries need your help!

    I am a volunteer and part time employee at Rahr and Sons brewery in Fort Worth. This bill has been proposed in the past and has been shotdown. In the past this bill was proposed and sponsered by Sam Wright of Saint Arnolds brewery, the bill basically got swept under the rug. This time around the...
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    Guinness Gas in Houston

    I did a goggle search and this was all i could find in your area for you. i do not have personal experience with this company as i live about 4 hours away. with many beer gas places i would think that they would want you to use their tank, which would require a deposit. they may also request...
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    Adding sugar to your beer is NOT going to make it taste like freakin' cider.

    Rahr our local brewery out here has a beer called winter warmer. this beer is great and does not have a cider taste at all. they use 300lbs of cane sugar in a 50bbl batch this comes out to a little less that a pound per 5 gallons.
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    Chili. Beans or no beans

    And this is coming from a guy that calls hotdogs with chili sauce on them Texas Red Hots, although Louie's on Transit makes a good dog. I don't understand calling them Texas red hots they are not from texas, and it is not even real chili that is on them. I am not even sure that it is real ground...
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    Favorite WINTER beer?

    Speaking of Southern Tier have you tried their Creme Brulee stout? I had this last July while I was in the Buffalo area, all I can say is damn it is good. That being said my personal fav for a winter beer is Rahr's Winter Warmer and their Whisky Warmer. The Whisky Warmer is the same as the...
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    Chili. Beans or no beans

    Ok I decided to post this in the debate thread because i know for some this can be a big debate. Chili, beans or no beans. I want your input. Personally i am a no beans guy.
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    Am I a Prima Donna?

    i voted yes just to make it a tie. i like close calls
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    bordem killer

    I was hoping some people would check this out and wish to join, i get points for each person that joins. i have been playing this game since 8/2006 and really enjoy it. try it you might like it.
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    Bleu Cheese Vs Ranch

    I am not from buffalo but i am a purest. Wings should be fried not backed (out here in Texas very few places fry them) They should be naked, no breading. And they must be served with blue cheese dressing not ranch.
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    bordem killer

    I have been playing this online game for awhile now it is called the mafia boss. it is atext based roll playing game based on the mofia. if anyone wants to check it out here is a link. The Mafia Boss - Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game my name in there is Mad_Mick. If you decide to...
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    Can't decide what to brew next? Try this tool!

    Spiced English Brown with Scottish yeast. Now what is funny is i have this in primary right now, but i am using Nottingham. My winter ale is really an English brown spiced with orange, nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon.
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    Beef Jerky?

    i saw the one where he used a box fan and air filters to make it. are we talking the same episode?
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    Beef Jerky?

    I personally don't use any soy sauce in mine. i like to make a sweet and spicy. i do not measure anything just mix it till it taste right. salt pepper garlic powder cyanne pepper honey wistershire sauce tabassco sauce hickorey liquid smoke and apple juice. soak for strips of london...
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    Chocolate: How to add?

    If you have a central market near you they might have them i know mine does