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  1. SKBugs

    First time brewer — bung and airlock popped off

    Re-bung the bugger and don't worry. My bungs always slip out. If you have your sanitisation processes right then smash the bung down. The CO2 from the fermentation will take care of any O2 in the fermentation chamber. And if your ABV is above 10% then bacteria won't be a problem either - the...
  2. SKBugs

    Some bottles overcarbonate and some don't

    Thanks all, I think spunding would be bad idea lol. I suspect it is my PET bottles, as both gravity readings came out the same. I will try the priming sugar for the batch now, as suggested. I was worried about oxidation, but it's probably not a major issue if i'm drinking it sooner rather...
  3. SKBugs

    Some bottles overcarbonate and some don't

    Why does this happen? My beer ferments out no worries, and i use the 750ml PET bottles. I add 2 carbonation drops to each one and fill up to just above the neck taper. 1/3 of my batch is being lost. Help please.
  4. SKBugs

    How long do you drain your sac

    There’s a post on here where a fella basically uses 2 pieces of ply and a couple of clamps/vices to squeeze the bag. A bit of controversy about the whole bag squeezing thing tho. For that amount of grain would a batch sparge be better maybe? Certainly take less time
  5. SKBugs

    How long do you drain your sac

    I love this idea.
  6. SKBugs

    Left my fridge open!

    Haha. Thanks mate, very generous of you. Ok, so I’m a bit more comfortable with it now. Still new to this business. Thanks so much all
  7. SKBugs

    Left my fridge open!

    I pitched to packers of Lallemand’s Abbaye. Needless to say it’s taken off like a fricken rocket. I’ve brought it back down now to ~62
  8. SKBugs

    Left my fridge open!

    I accidentally left my fridge open after pitching a 5 gal Belgian Ale. It spent the best part of maybe 14 hours at 86 f. Is my batch ruined? Does anyone have any experience as to suggest what may happen and if I can salvage it. [emoji31]
  9. SKBugs

    New guy questions

    Chuck in the honey and water and stir/shake the living heck out of it. Add the yeast. Next day add the nutrient. Keep it in 16-20 c (68-70) for a month. Rack to a second container. Wait for a couple of months and bottle. It’s all good. Don’t sweat the small stuff until you get the big stuff. Enjoy
  10. SKBugs

    First batch of Mead questions

    Seriously! I didn’t get it, but the difference in letting it age is remarkable. I initially drank my mead within 6 weeks coz, you know, it was %12 and giddy up. However I now leave it age in a gal carboy for at least a year before bottling. Bulk aging is said to be better and I’m not able to...
  11. SKBugs

    Should i back sweeten with........

    If this is your first batch what are you comparing it to? Is your base mead going to be ginger with chai tea that has been stabilized and then backsweetened? It’s all good really, but just start with getting a traditional mead right first, so you can understand the relationship between the...
  12. SKBugs

    Aging Mead Question

    Yep. Age it. 6 months + Kegging is fine BUT once it’s in the keg you have to drink it. If it is 5 gal of %15 mead? Boy, no matter how it tastes, that’s a lot of booze to be drunk. I would totally recommend carbing/conditioning in bottles - but you will probs need to add yeast to each bottle as...
  13. SKBugs

    Black Deathberry melomel

    It’s kept its colour well. Great job. Waiting for things to cool down a bit where I am. Thanks for updating
  14. SKBugs

    Copper immersion chiller question

    Definitely the way to go. Thanks heaps
  15. SKBugs

    1 gallon biab?

    I have a quick question about scaling down to 1 gal in regards to the hops. Should the hops be scaled as per the same ratio as the grains? It looks like quite small amounts in some cases it seems
  16. SKBugs

    Copper immersion chiller question

    G’day all, I picked up the above from a bloke off the net. The quality of the chiller looks pretty good but it’s got slight discoloration and marks on the copper tubing that looks a bit grubby. I was wondering whether a boil would clean it or some mild dishwashing detergent maybe. Does anyone...
  17. SKBugs

    Re-fermenting mead

    If you re-pitch new yeast will the preciously added stabilizers still affect fermentation?
  18. SKBugs


    Brewer’s Friend
  19. SKBugs

    Mango mead - sweet or dry?

    I add according to taste in the secondary. There are some who take small samples and scale up, but I’m not really that accurate. I just add a dash, wait a day and taste. It usually doesn’t take too much to dial it in to the taste I want.